Monday, 18 October 2010

Aka Aka Roar Blog

The more observant of you will have noticed that my posting on this blog has become rather infrequent of late - I will still be posting on here, but am also writing on the blog for my night in Brighton: bi-monthly garage/dubstep/wot-u-call-it/UK funky knees up Aka Aka Roar. Our blog is kicking off, with exclusive interviews from Braiden and Girl Unit, as well as new music, classic tunes and lots of interesting bits and bobs. Check out the blog here:

Those of you in the South West of England would be mad to miss our next party - flyer and more details below.

The latest Aka lineup has just been announced – Ikonika, Guido, XXXY, P45, Paste and Ben White on 26th November. Door tax is just £5 advance/ before 12 £6 NUS / £7 after. Facebook event here.


Keep your eyes peeled for our special Limited Aka T-shirt's on sale exclusively at 412 in Brighton town all through the rest of October and November – bag yourself a T, exclusive Aka residents Mix CD and £2 off entry all night on the 26th!

All for the bargain price of £10!!!

Get on it AAR

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

October Charts

Our monthly list of tunes in our collection that we think are worth their weight in gold.

Vesper's Chart
#1 // Youngman // One & Only (Prod. Benga)
#2 // Roses Gabor // Love Sick (Prod. Redlight)
#3 // Subscape // Just Coz
#4 // Mz Bratt // Selecta (Greenmoney Remix)
#5 // Samo Sound Boy // Taking It All (Melé Remix)
#6 // Benga // I Come From London
#7 // J-Wow // Fogo/Spark (Canblaster Remix)

#8 // Breach // Fatherless (Doc Daneeka Remix)
#9 // Magnetic Man // K Dance
#10 // 
Kashmir Kid - Return To Bombay City

Ben White's Chart
#1 // James Blake // Don't You Think I Do (Darling Farah Remix)
#2 // Drake ft The Dream // Shut Down
#3 // Terror Danjah // Upton Lane
#4 // The Count & Sinden // Addicted To You (Lone Remix)
#5 // Terror Danjah ft. D Double E // Undeniable
#6 // Velour // Booty Slammer
#7 // Girl Unit // Wut
#8 // Julio Bashmore // Footsteppin'
#9 // Slackk // Eski Clicks
#10 // Zombie Disco Squad // Hobo

Monday, 4 October 2010


First off apologies on purely the lack of content from us since the start of July. Ben was in Greece for the whole of July and August, and I've been running a weekly club night since the start of July and have been working in the week every day up in Notting Hill (London). Sometimes you just want to come home and chill, it kind of felt like it would be a chore to blog, and that's not what I got into it for.

So enough of the excuses, let's just say that Squeaky Bleeps is back and better than ever. I'm only gonna be bringing you one post per day from today, but I promise that they'll all be worthwhile.

Also if anyone fancies jumping on the writing team, then please your more than welcome, just hit us up on the email...

I thought for this first mix I'd simply post up a couple of mixes and some tracks that I've been feeling over the past couple of weeks. Please, enjoy them as much as I have.

The first mix comes from one of my favourite UK producers of the past few years, Raffertie. Consistently one step ahead of everyone one else in his field when it comes to pure sonics and revolutionary sounds. This mix was compiled for Grimme5 last month and has been on constant repeat for me ever since. I recently caught him in Fabric's Room 2 a few months ago for the first time and was blown away by the pure energy he puts into his sets from start to finish, minus the stale red leicester.

Raffertie // Isle Of The Blessed
Ikonika & Optimum // Ampersand
Raffertie // Bread & Honey
Taylor // CMB (Raffertie Remix)
Dark Sky // High Rise
Untold // Angry Hat
George Lenton // I Get
Subeena // Wishful Talk (Ghosts On Tape Remix)
Lo:Tek // Let Me See U
Raffertie // A Stranger Sort Of Emptiness
Raffertie // They Pecked Off Her Nose
Raffertie // Rank Functions (Ital Tek Remix)
Photomachine // Technicolour (Raffertie Remix)
Raffertie // Horse Flesh
Damu // Mermaid
Raffertie // A Breath That Finds You
Boxcutter // Allele
Raffertie // ▼▲

Visual Acuity (as it's actually known) is to be commended by Squeaky Bleeps as a true and serious contender for Track of the Year, no messing.
Raffertie has spent the whole summer locked away in some sea-side studio crafting his new sound, and he's chosen the perfect moment to start up his own record label, which will be called Super. He summed it up like this...
"Super is a contemporary and forward thinking label. I really don't want, if at all possible, to start naming genres and styles and things like that, because what I really want is for people to formulate their own ideas about what Super is. What I can say is that we are endeavouring to embrace every nuance and subtlety of the UK underground scene. Every artist that we are releasing has their own distinctive sound and I think those releases will speak volumes more about our label’s stylistic direction than anything I could put into words."
▼▲ (clip) by raffertieproductions

Next up we have SBTRKT who recently guest mixed on Mistajam's Radio 1Xtra show, a very prestigous position for this young producer and one which I thought would be quite unlikely, so kudos to Mistajam for this opportunity.

A fantastic mix showcasing up and coming material for SBTRKT on Numbers, as well as new hits from Benga, Terror Danjah and Mt. Kimbie... Well worth a listen.

SBTRKT Guest Mix For Mistajam BBC 1xtra by sbtrkt
Jessie Ware & SBTRKT // Nervous (Numbers) 
SBTRKT // Deep Sea Creature (n/a)
Benga // I Come From London (Tempa)
Humanleft // Arnaud & Bernard (50 Weapons)
Cosmin TRG // Liebesunde (Rush Hour)
Mr De // Whoneleeone (Electrofunk)
Seiji // The King (n/a)
Headhunter // Prototype (Modeselektor Remix) (Tempa)
Terror Danjah // Power Grid (Hyperdub)
Pearson Sound // Wad (Hessle)
Mt Kimbie // Carbonated (Hotflush)
Girl Unit // IRL (Night Slugs)
SBTRKT // Fright (Numbers)
Greenmoney // Suh Mi Stay (Karizma Remix) (Fools Gold)
Altered Natives // Restless Natives (Eye 4 Eye)
Joe // Claptrap (Hessle)
Distal // Tortellis Slave (Embassy Rec)
Boy 8 Bit // The Keep (This Is Music)
SBTRKT // Step In Shadows (Young Turks)

Finally I thought I'd leave you with a few free cuts, I'm a bit pressed for time on going into the tracks in more detail, which is slightly annoying, but I'd rather you got some new sounds in your ears than nothing at all, so grab these little nuggets.