Saturday, 30 May 2009

dMon Artist Feature

Hey all... got a real exclusive post here for you all on a DJ/Producer from the land of the Celts... yes Scotland. He's originally from DC, yes Washington D.C., but is now based in Fife... you'll have to ask him why he chose that move... I'm just as baffled as you. Anyway, back on topic.

dMon Aka Dan Matthews is new on the scene and is really turning heads with his fresh take on the disco/electro scene of old splashed some progressive gems, and the new heavier side of Dubstep with everything in between that I'm very quickly beginning to refer to as Crack House. His may Mixtape 'Mayceface' has been really turning some heads... the first twenty minutes alone is golden, and the mixing with Waters of Nazareth and Deadmau5's Complications is sublime! If he's not using three decks, then someone give him a platinum encrusted medal! Listening to this mix feels as if you've been taken on an entire 8 hour raving marathon journey complete with the warm-up Electro, the mid night Jackin' Rave and the come-down Dub. The mixtape is down below on soundcloud, which you can download for FREEEEEEE!!!!!
He's currently a resident DJ at a night in Fife called Bassface, which I hear is new talk of the town, so if you're near the area then I suggest you check it out!

Planisphere pt. 2 - Justice 
Penis vs. Vagina (Lies in Disguise Remix) - Partyshank 
Happy Up Here (Boys Noize Remix) - Royksopp 
D.A.N.C.E. (Justice Remix) - Justice 
Dance in Dark - Proxy 
DVNO - Justice 
Waters of Nazareth - Justice 
Homecoming (Discotech Remix) - Kanye West 
Waters of Nazareth (Erol Alkan Remix) - Justice 
Complications - Deadmau5 
Interzone to Golden Skans - So Me 
Stress (Live) - Justice 
Stress - Justice 
The Funk Phenomena - Armand Van Helden 
Big Black Spider (Les Petits Pilous remix) - Anglo Satellite 
We Are Your Friends (Scottie B, King Tutt, Samir Remix) - Justice vs. Simian 
We Are Your Friends - Justice vs. Simian 
What (Dub) - Jack Beats 
Bodies Hit The Floor - DJ Sega 
Stinging Nettle - Count and Sinden 
Eastern Jam - Chase and Status 
Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult 
Hammertime - Rusko 
If Ya Can't Beat 'Em - Reso 
Dead and Gone (feat. Justin Timberlake) - T.I. 
Against All Odds (Dubstep Remix) - Chase and Status 
Sunglasses at Night - Corey Heart 
Where's My Money (Caspa Remix - Jack Beats Re-Edit) 

We've been lucky enough to snag his exclusive new remix of Boys Noize's Shine Shine, which I feel is a truly epic melodic masterpiece.

Also get over to the dude's MySpace page, where you can catch some of his original material, which is truly quite sick if I do say so myself!

Guns Don't Kill People... LAZERS DO BITCH!

As promised to Ben by the man Diplo himself last weekend at the Bugged Out/Mad Decent Soundsystem party (which we have a review of, coming soon), the famed Major Lazer T-Shirts are now available to pre-order via the Mad Decent Store. However, you do need to buy either the CD or 2x Vinyl version of the Major Lazer album to get the t-shirt... damn you Diplo... ;)!

To be honest, I'd happily pay up to £100 for one of those shirts if I had the money!

Major Lazer fever seems to be sweeping the world faster than a deadmau5 iPhone App, and with remixes of Hold The Line and the club banger Pon Di Floor surfacing daily at the moment it's surely going to be the dance record of the summer... unless of course The Count & Sinden or Crookers have anything to say about it.

Get over to the store in the link above and support the fine work that Mad Decent are doing at the moment, or head over to their Beatport page and support them in the way you know how peeps!

Also here's the legendary remix of Pon Di Floor currently being played to shit by everyone at the moment, get on it... donk, donk, donk!

Friday, 29 May 2009

The Bleeps Week #3

This week I've got some real treats for you, and some huge bangers that have been making a lot of noise on the rave circuit of late, partly due to their disgusting sounds, but mainly because they fuck with your head!

Yet to drop on Diplo's Mad Decent label, I heard this a few weeks ago but was a bit undecided on whether it would do justice on a louder system. I was truly proved wrong at the Bugged Out! london party at the weekend, when I heard the tune played at least twice. The only way to describe how this tune feels would be to cover your head in blood and jump into a swimming pool of baby great white sharks. It's one of those sounds that is too disgusting to be real. I bum it!

First premiered on Radio 1 a few months ago, this is another remix that I was undecided on until I heard it on a big system, the first being the same night as the Jack Beats remix above. Its a return to the Crookers I fell in love with in their remixes of The Whip's Trash and Chemical Brothers' Salmon Dance. Purely good bouncing dancefloor fun, which has surely to send the duo to new heights!

Not an entirely new tune, its been around for a few months, but its the power of it when placed with the right tunes that can transform that good set into something special. This edit's more techy synths add to the already minimal feel, which take you on a real sensual Journey.

I may have just pinched this from the Noiseporn dudes, but I really could not resist. It's not typical Noisia as this is a bit more Housey than their previous DnB and Dubstep work, but it's really caught my eye as something oddly melodic, including samples from Justice's D.A.N.C.E.; I can't really say anything more than, what a banger!

Finally after months of waiting we are finally being treated to new Boys Noize material, which has been premiered in his DJ sets over the past couple of months. Starter is due to be released on his label on June 22nd with Jeffer on the B-Side, and the new album is aparently due to follow at the end of the year. I tell you, this tune is fucking unreal! It makes Justice and Daft Punk look like their still in kindergarden.

Monday, 25 May 2009

SUPRA1 Artist Feature

This week we've got the Supra1 lads representing Poland, with an interview, mix and a couple of tracks.

SB: I know your first break was to do with the Trouble & Bass Crew, Drop the Lime especially, do you want to explain how that came about?

S1: Last september T&B held a remix contest for one of Little Jinder's songs titled "Polyhedron". Anyone on the internet could take their best shot at it and so did we. That's how the Polyhedron remix came about and the T&B guys liked enough to make it a winning track (along with 2 or 3 other remixes). After that they asked us to do another remix for Blackfinger which turned out nice as well, and we've been working with Luca & Patrick of T&B ever since. Really happy about it!

SB: I hear a lot of varied stuff in your mixes - techno, funky, dubstep, wonky, house. Of the productions you've done so far, you've definitely touched on some of these genres - can we expect more techno/funky style tunes from you in the future?

S1: We don't plan exactly where we want to go in our production - we're mostly just doing what we feel at the moment. Same with our mixes and DJ sets - we like to mix and match, drop some funky, drop a little techno or play the whole set at 140 bpm. 
We're surely not gonna go straight techno or straight funky in our production but try to take influences from these or other genres instead to come up with whatever tickles our fancy at the moment.

SB: That Rookies track on your myspace, is that a hint that we can expect some original material from you guys in the near future? Is it going to be on T&B aswell?

S1: Yes original material is definitely coming, that's what we're working on right now. It will be released as an EP on T&B (tentatively sometime after the summer ). Don't think the rookies track will be on it though as it was more of a "good-bye" to a sound that we really liked (and still like) but felt was already explored enough too. Have to try doing things a bit differently. 

SB: I know you guys ran a clubnight called POW! in Poland, and some of the lineups and videos I saw of the night looked amazing, wish I lived a bit nearer! How did you get involved in POW!, is it still going on? That Crazy Cousinz video especially looked fucking heaavy.

S1: Yeah we started running POW! just a few months ago as felt like we lacked a regular , monthly event that would appeal to those digging a little deeper than the mainstream. And you're right about Crazy Cousinz, it was one of the sickest nights we've ever had, no doubt. Flukes and Play are amazing producers and DJwise they really know where to go in their sets, they can read the crowd so well.

SB: I think you've got to be the only polish producers/DJs I know of, are there any other Polish DJs/Producers doing it for you that we should keep an eye out for?

S1:Yeah people like Jacek Sienkiewicz or Marcin Czubala are simply mindblowing, you should definitetly check them out. Our mate Zeppy Zep is the one to keep an eye on too. Partywise Sorry, Ghettoblaster run probably the most succesful night around, if ever in Warsaw you should definitely check it out. 

SB: I've since checked out some of these producers, and I'm now repping Poland for life!  Zeppy Zep and Jacek Sienkiewicz are going to be big for sure.

SB: Who are your top 5 producers for 2009 and what are your top 5 tracks at the moment?

S1: 5 producers for 2009 ... think Dexplicit might be quite a surprise. UK House people like Karizma or Geeneus. Starkey's working on an album. Plus Drop The Lime obviously - watch his LP hitting shelves soon, it's gonna be a huge release !

5 tracks would be Sarantis feat. Warrior Queen - More Than Money ( Starkey Remix ), Crazy Cousinz - Inflation, Sticky - Jumeirah Riddim, Julio Bashmore - Around and Geeneus - Saturday. 

SB: You've played with some amazing people in the past year or so, acts like Artful Dodger, Dexplicit, Crazy Cousinz, Joker, Bok Bok & L-vis 1990 and s
Sinden. Who was your favourite?

S1: It's really hard to say as each and every was a little different. Artful Dodger were so much fun. Dexplicit was live... Played with him twice, both shows were really raw and crazy. Crazy Cousinz, oh my days. Just youtube it. Joker is in two weeks time ! Looking fwd to it. Bok Bok & L-Vis were really solid and tight. Sinden was quite special. It was in Budapest, last year in one of the sickest venues we've played in. His set was massive too.

SB: What're your biggest musical influences, both dance music and non dance music?

S1: People like El-B or Dr Dre, Early Roots, A tribe Called Quest, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Tomasz Stanko, Bugge Wesseltoft and the whole jazzland recordings crew, but also all the swedish electro pop easy listening stuff ... 

SB: Musical influences dead on there... Especially El-B, that Roots of El-B compilation on Tempa has to be one of my releases of the year so far.

First track is the lads remix of Polyhedron by Little Jinder - the first track to get them noticed by DTL and the T&B crew - its a reet dubstep banger, with some killer female vocals vibes and possibly one of the best breakdowns I've heard in a while.  Been a favourite of mine for so long now, make sure you get on this!

Next up is a lovely piece of bouncy house - channeling some proper wonky vibes and a lovely bumping 4x4 beat.

Make sure you also get your ears round their mix for the Stealth night.  It's got a bit of everything - dubstep, wonky, funky, techno, house, fidget.

1. Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit 
2. Lil Silva - Seasons 
3. Afefe Iku - Mirror Dance 
4. Hard House Banton - Grrrw 
5. Egyptrixx - Origins 
6. Gemmy - BK 2 The Future 
7. AC Slater - Calm Down 
8. SUPRA1 - Rookies 
9. Joker - Digidesign 
10. Mikix The Cat - Freeze ( Starkey Remix ) 
11. Little Jinder - Polyhedron ( SUPRA1 Remix / DTL VIP ) 
12. Cardopusher - Grasshopper 
13. Caspa feat. D1 - Victoria's Secret 
14. KP & Envyi - Shorty Swing My Way

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Great Scott - The Grand Conspiracy EP

Got a great exclusive for you right here in the form of a big-beat fueled masterpiece from a dude who calls himself Great Scott, who's just released his new EP entitled The Grand Conspiracy. Check out his MySpace, where I was pleased to see he draws some influence from Junkie XL, The Crystal Method, BT and Hybrid... kudos to you sir!

There's been a few reviews knocking about on the web point towards a negative backward thinking mind in the shape of leading tracks Defcon and Theorists. However, these tunes have proved hugely refreshing to my ears, I've always welcomed producers who look to the old big-beat scene for inspiration among the ever Electro sounding Nu-Breaks scene at the moment. I personally love The Rogue Element and Plump DJs, but they have of late been guilty of neglecting a scene which they in ways helped to shape.
It's always pleasing to hear those old skool synths beat through the breaks, which what what you get in heaps and bundles on Defcon. Back in the B-Boy heyday what was always appealing to me about The Crystal Method, was their simply uncanny ability at mastering the Clavia Nord and make it outshine the 303, in a way that no one else could possibly attempt to. Theorists for me hints at everything I loved about the old scene, and it takes the best out of people like The Beastie Boys and splashes them with Fatboy's beats, but with the vocalist selection of TCM. This EP is one of the most original releases I've heard this year so far and well worth the price.

You can grab Theorists featuring Raga Nibo below, and if you're diggin' the sound then please head over to beatport and help support the man by purchasing Defcon or the whole EP here... I promise you won't regret it!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Jack Beats - The EP..... RELEASE IT!

Ok, so my anticipation level at this moment in time is going through the roof right! I've just found this video on the Erol Alkan forum and on Jack Beats' myspace and I need to share it with you.

Disclaimer: This video contains scenes of Unidentified Fucking Obscenity..... ;)

Be prepared to hit be by that K-Hole Bass

Within this video includes possibly one of the biggest underground bass churned goodies of the year... in Jack Beats - U.F.O, which is the leading track on their new EP scheduled for release soon (actually, scheduled for release sometime in the near future that I don't know about!) on Herve's Cheap Thrills label... along with a new mix of 'Get Down'.

Put this one in your diary if you haven't already done so!

Jack Beats are playing along side Armand Van Helden, Evil Nine & Riton this sunday at Matter... get along to it if you can!

Weekly News 20th May

Bit of a quiet week so far here at SB, but that's about to change - got an absolutely jam packed Weekly News for you, with new releases, new mixes, and upcoming events.

Toys R Us again this friday, at the massive Fridge in Brixton.  DJ action coming from me, Niyi (keep an eye out for his next single, Amelia, with remixes from me, Cobra Krames, Ben Mono and many others), Goldielocks (live), Unicorn Kid (live), My Panda Shall Fly, Dick Turpin, Nova and last but definitely not least... Bassline hero Dexplicit! This is possibly the most excited I've ever been about DJing alongside someone... And all of that for £7.50 advance or £10 on the door.  Check the facebook event here

Mad Decent Soundystem @ Bugged Out this Sunday at Union Car Park - ought to be an absolutely massive night, tickets are £17.50 in advance from ticketweb.I've already grabbed mine, so don't hang around!  DJ lineup is absolutely massive - Diplo, Skream, Fake Blood, Boy 8 Bit, Mumdance, Crookers, Riva Starr, Nic Sarno, Hannah Holland.  Check further down in this post for a bit more news on the Mad Decent front...

Last week was also absolutely huge in terms of events - we had Night Slugs with Terror Danjah, Egyptrixx and the residents on Thursday and FWD with Kode 9 all night long on Sunday.  Terror Danjah absolutely killed it with his exclusive Grime set, big up to anyone who reached for it! If not you can grab a tune below.

(Hosted by the Lovely Curb Crawlers Blog)

Although an exam on Monday prevented me from hitting FWD, I've heard amazing things about K9's set - and managed to find a half an hour recording that made me very jealous of anyone who made it.

High Horse at the new (and greatly improved) T-Bar was also a real hit on Friday night - the Blogger's Delight team (Skull Juice, Casper C)'s new night is getting off to a real start - guests include In Flagranti, a Turbo showcase with Noob & Matt Walsh.  High Horse is a weekly night, every Friday, at T Bar and I recommend you get down there - if not, then at least check out this mix they did for Fact Magazine:

FACT Mix 48 - High Horse  [Alternative link




Haventepe - Re-Uptake [Baum]
Jackmate - Male Kicks [Philpot]
Maurizio - 4.5 [Maurizio]
Literon & Ovatow - Permutation 1 [Frantic Flowers]
Nick Hoppner - Makeover [Ostgut Ton]
Pitto - Feelin' (Dub) [Rejected]
DJ Madskillz - Down The Rabbit Hole (2000 & One's '90's Re-Edit) [100% Pure]
Alton Miller - Inner8 (Literon Remix) [Rize Radical]
Dot - Kinda Strange [Moon Harbour]
Markus Fix - World Clock [Cecille]
Christian Burkhardt - Dos [Love Letters From Oslo]
La Pena - Tool 3 [La Pena]
Sascha Dive - Untitled [Deep Vibes]
Brothers' Vibe - Revolution [SOM Underground]
Jesper Dahlback - The Real Jazz [P&D]
Blagger - Strange Behavior (DJ Koze Remix) [Perspectiv]
Plez - Thing For You (Factory mix) [Plezure]
Slowhouse - Untitled [Slowhouse]
Da Rebels - House Nation Under A Groove [Clubhouse]
Kris Wadsworth - High Roller [Hypercolour]
Schatrax - Restless Nights [Schatrax]
G-Man - Quo Vadis [Styrax]
STL - Something Is Raw [Something]
Ame - Ensor [Innervisions]
Santiago Salazar - Arcade [Macro]

Another reason I didn't make it down to FWD was that I was locked in to the Pipedown TV Launch, which was a massive success!  Connecting the dots between dubstep, grime, funky and everything else between, the mixing was class and despite the Pipedown crew's claims that the visuals looked crap, I was well impressed (although that may be more of a reflection on my knowledge of VJing/ all things visual than anything else.)  You can stream the audio and video from here, Iplayer style, or just download the audio below:

Download the show.

Joker – Solid State
Frisco – Man Down
Wiley – Hummer Activity
James Blake – Air and Lack Thereof
Eskmo – I Dream I’m Flying
Various Production – Trycycle
Sbtrkt – Rundown
Tayreeb – 123 Sun
Bullion – Get Familiar
Joker – Digidesign (OM Unit Remix)
Paul White – Alien Nature
Hud Mo – Oooops!
Kode9 – Black Sun
Shed – Wedged Chicken (Martyn Remix)
Footsteps – Green Light
Roska – Elevated Level
Seiji – Hohoho
Donaeo – Party Hard (Heatwave Refix)
Crazy Cousins – Bongo Jam (Skepta Remix)
DJ NG – Tell Me
Crazy Cousins – Inflation
Crazy Cousins – Love Shy Remix
Apples – Chantes
Young Nate – Wind It Gal
Lil Silva – Seasons
Ill Blu – Pull It
Starkey – Gutter Music VIP
Gemmy – Bass Transmitter
Zomby – Aquafresh
Sarantis – Focus
Burial & Fourtet – Moth
Jamie Vex’d – Radiant Industry
Joker – Do It
Maniac – Thug
Lil Silva – Funky v Pulse
High Rankin’ – Bubble & Squeak
Unknown – C•nt 3
Raffertie – Do That
Toddla T – Coin Off
Hud Mo – Still On It
Gemmy – Supligen
2000F & J Kamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is
Jakes – In Tha Place To Be
Mr. Lager – Tell Me
Radikal Guru – Kingston Town
Rusko – Soundguy Is My Target
Skream v Mavado – We Dem A Fick (Pipedown Blend)
Joker & Rustie – Playdoe
Man Like Me – London Town (Rudekid feat. JME Remix)
Chase & Status – Saxon
Newham Generals – Heads Get Mangled
DJ Oddz – Strung Out VIP
Choong Family – Adrenaline Remix
Darqwan – 3 Note Blue
Jammin – Kinda Funky (Wookie Remix)
Emvee – Glitch Dub
Twizzle – Skydiving (Greenmoney Remix)
Computer Jay – Epiphany
Tayreeb – Da Funk
Stenchman – Puking Over

In the new releases field this week, got a couple of special things for you - a lot of you may have already copped the new Don Diablo feat Example single from Palms Out.  Although the mixes (A1 Bassline, Doorly and a few others) were definitely doing it for me, I finally got the promo today and realised that actually Palms Out hadn't posted the entire package and there were two treats in there - the Spor mix bringing some proper heavy DNB action as well as a mashup with Aerodynamic that absolutely KILLS it.  You'll find them both below, now I've just got to choose which one to play out this weekend.

Don Diablo feat Example - Hooligans (Spor Remix)

Another new release this week is the third installment of the Rebirth Essentials compilation series. Peak-time tunes, pure dancefloor tracks, and a different vibe too, more eclectic, atmpospheric, balearic and electronic.  Top choices are Sei A's mix of Telespazio, the Audiojack re-edit of Hugo's remix of "Pump It" by Robytek vs Shield Feat Foremost Poets (confusing I know).  It out to be ought by the end of May, but until then check it out on Beatport.

Bit of news from me this week - I've got down to the last stage of the Union DJ competition, which means I get a set at the next Union @ Fabric.  If my set is judged to be the best out of all the competitors that night then I go to Ibiza with the Union boys this summer as well as playing at every UK Union event!  I've also got cheap tickets for the event, on June 1st with Pendulum, Killa Kela and a suprise Special Guest, so hit me up for details.

The other bit of Mad Decent related news is biiiig - yesterday Diplo posted up my remix of College by Asher Roth on the MD blog, so big up the Mad Decent crew for posting it!  Head over and check out the post, or you can grab the tune below:

Last but not least, I finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, so make sure you head over to my twitter and get following!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday Morning Hangover 5

Morning all... how are the heads?

If it feels like mine... then god bless you... you were smart and you were able to resist the urge to go out and party like a swine, and consume copius amounts of whatever it is that you consume, to assume 'the mode' in order to make it easy for you to 'party'. Alternatively if you ignored the advice of every health expert in the world, and did what I did on thursday night after handing in my last piece of University work for the year and decided it was a good idea to mix beer, cider, red and white wine, tequila and vodka, then also... GOD BLESS YOU!

I wrote this at around 6:30am after staying up all night to begin watching the 6th season of The West Wing that I put off for 9 months after the most ridiculous year of academic study I've ever had began in earnest. I'm just so glad that it's finally over and I can sit back and do something unconstructive (this word doesn't actually exist, but I was struggling to come up with something more 'appropriate' for the situation) without worrying if it's going to effect the size of my weekly collection money from the bank, after reaching the ripe young age of 75.

I decided to post some rather interesting tunes to let you lay back and listen to... some of it isn't even dance music, but I'm really in that strange kind of mood you get after staying up all night... the one where you don't give a fuck and just want to go to sleep, but also the one where you realise there are things to be done... even if it is something you usually enjoy doing.

Anyway, on with the purpose of this post, which of course be the purpose of this entire enterprise... music.

Enya - Orinoco Flow
This song featured on the Irish singer and composer's second album Watermark, which was released in 1988 and reached #5 in the UK. The album went onto sell over 11million copies and amongst other things is my mother's favourite album that she has a tendency to play every Christmas morning. There's also quite a sick mash-up with The Prodigy floating around on the internet as well if you give it a quick search.

Now my knowledge of Classical music is very limited at best, and probably the closest love I have for it reaches to Tubular Bells, so this is kind of an exception. Even though it probably has the best name for a song ever in the history of mankind, it is a rather beautiful piece if I do say so myself.

I believe this is the original single version that was released in 1974 on 7" in the UK, which didn't chart amazingly over here, but it contributed to the album's 15 million album sales worldwide, which won Oldfield a grammy award for composition. It's perhaps one of the most iconic sounds you'll ever hear, which famously took its place as the theme song for 'The Exorcist' in late 1973.
I've also embedded a youtube video at the bottom of a performance of an extended version of Tubular Bells, that I believe looks to have been played from Somerset House, although I'm not sure what year it was.

This tune should be pretty well known to most of you by now, but incase some of you have still to check it out, then I thought I'd post it. Its one of my favourite tunes at the moment for just sitting back and relaxing to. One quote I remember my mate Mark said one time we were listening to it... "I'm not relaxing mate, I'm Faxing", bit cliche-y, but it was funny at the time.

Easily their most recognisable song and definitely my favourite, this is the perfect wind down song and sounds nice when accompanied with a tasty sunday morning bacon sarnie and daddy's sauce!

Hope you enjoy the tunes... and now I've officially finished university, expect a lot more content coming your way... including some very exciting news from Ben!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Duncestep Artist Feature

Got a really big artist feature for you this week, on Krissy Peers aka Duncestep. Hailing from Merseyside, Duncestep has been producing for about 4 years now, despite only being 17 years old. He started of messing around with hip hop, breaks and drum and bass until he was about 16, when he fell in love with house - all kinds of house by the sound of his productions! Duncestep is also a keen DJ, mainly hitting bmore club and fidget house. We've got three tunes for you today, one exclusive to Squeaky Bleeps as well as an exclusive Squeaky Bleeps mix. Get on it! All three tunes are absolutely massive - snappy beats, bit crushed synths, chopped up hip hop vocals and old skool rave flavas.


Wake up (Zombie Disco Sqaud Remix) - Raziek
DJ K-Swift – Boobie Thong
Divine Gosa (Switch Remix) - Radioclit
This Is Sick – Solid Groove
Laidback Luke & Steve Angello – Show Me Love (Afrojack Remix)
Armand Van Helden – Illin' And Fillin' It (Malente Monster On The Loose Remix)
Calvertron – Car Theif
Jaymo – Tuned In Live
Andy George – Big Dipper (Hijack Remix)
Everything Cool – Foamo
Baggy Bottom Boys – Jokers Of The Scene
Get Down – Jack Beats
Rock It Out – Ac Slater

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Best New Radio Show In The World!

Hey everyone... so... Wednesday... not exactly the best day of the week, the day when we are probably the most sober, fully recovered from the previous weekend, but still two days away from the next onslaught on the town... however, I now have a solution for you all!

If anyone is up for a Wednesday afternoon rave, then look no further than Pointblank FM, and their new DJ, who calls himself Kane.
He's on the decks from 3pm-6pm on Wednesdays, mashing up everything from 2 Bit Thugs to Jack Beats and AC Slater to Proxy.
He's also not a bad DJ either... some of the mixes I heard on his first show were simply stunning! I urge you to check out next week's show!
The show can be streamed via iTunes, windows media player, real player or WinAMP, and I'm sure the media player file would work perfectly well on VLC player for all you windows haters out there.
Here's a little bit about the shows history

Formed in 1994, Point Blank FM is the UK's longest serving house and dance music radio station whose main aim was to supply people with quality House music that no other radio stations, whether legal or pirate, were providing on the radio spectrum.
Soon it became clear, from the massive response from its listeners of all ages, that Point Blank was doing the right thing.
As the station has grown in stature and has progressed over the last decade, it has remained a predominately House music station. But now Point Blank Fm has gradually introduced a wider selection of quality music, including deep, soulful, funky, hard, progressive and tech house, electro and breaks, along with a blend of old school, funk, acid jazz and classics; thereby catering for all musical tastes.
Point Blank has always, and will always, continue to supply the listeners with the music that they want to hear, mixed by some very talented and committed DJs who put the competition to shame.
Point Blank FM has had some huge names in the business over the years (some going under an alias for legal reasons), which has further added to the already established name of Point Blank FM.
The station has continued to go from strength to strength over time, always striving to supply quality music in the most professional manner that apparently has made certain legal broadcasters envious!.

"We aim to continue giving you the station that you want to hear! Point Blank FM, the big station for the big listener!!!".

Here's just a few of the tunes I heard during his first show:

Kissy Sell Out (Jack Beats Remix)
Switch - This is Sick
AC Slater Feat. Lismore - Up Against The Wall
Proxy - Raven (Crookers Remix)
CJ Bolland - Sugar is Sweeter (Twocker Remix)
Crookers - Magic Bus
Jack Beats - What (Boy 8 Bit Remix)
His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong
Futureheads - Worry About It Later (Switch Remix)
TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Remix: Jack Beats Edit)

He also has a blog running, check it out!

Weekly News

New Brick Bandits Material

New material from the Brick Bandits crew has emerged this week on the Mad Decent blog - comprised of some of the biggest names in bmore (DJ Lokey, Mike V, Rob Threezy, DJ Sega, DJ Tameil, DJ Tim Dolla),
their last EP was on Mad Decent and it was BIG. Number Advisory, Robot Club Rock and The Chase had to be the stand out tracks for me. The new material sounds just as big as the older stuff, some classic bmore action creating proper heat on the dancefloor.

DJ Lokey - Get With This (Get Busy) (Link hosted by MadDecent Blog)

Mindie 3rd Birthday this saturday at 93 Feet East - live performances from Pillars of the Community, Adagio, and Nova . DJ action from Rattus Rattus + Klose One (Urban Nerds), Me, Dead Boy and Ordio Kid. Entry is £7 and you can check out the event here.

9-11pm GMT.
Pipedown TV. Live and direct.

Once a month Sduk+cntrst are about to bring the Pipedown vibez, not just sonically, but visually too! Yes, you heard. Not only will you be able be able to hear but you will be able to see. This is 21st century radio. This is PipedownTV.

Expect an amalgamation of bass music oozed through the roughest of fruit blenders producing the most exotic concoction we like to call 'Technicolour-dayglo Melt with a topping of Gfunk sleeze.'

This week also saw the annual Radio 1 Big Weekender... The dance stage was as strong as ever, with Erol Alkan, 2 Many DJs, Pete Tong, Plump DJs and Annie Mac. Of those, I stayed up late enough to catch the Erol Alkan, Annie Mac and 2 Many DJs sets... The Erol Alkan set was absolutely amazing, best set I've heard from Erol in a while, and the Annie Mac was equally enjoyable - if a bit less subtle. Unfortunately the 2 Many DJs set was a tad formulaic, and was a bit too similar (read: identical) to the Creamfields 2008 set. We've got the Erol Alkan set for you below, make sure you check out the end: Blue Monday into Waters Of Nazareth alone is worth listening to.

This week I finished a new mix, for JAYOU - track is called Crack Hands, so I thought I'd post it up here and let you all get your hands on it. My mix channels a UK Funky vibe, with some mean subs and bass.

Next up we've got a mix that has been getting a lot of attention on some of my favourite blogs - Curb Crawlers & Lower End Spasm. I thought I would post it up as well, purely as it is well worth everyone's attention - the track-listing alone makes it one of the more exciting sets I've heard for a while, and the mixing is no different. Ben UFO, head of Hessle Audio, completed this mix for Fabric as a promo for Hessle's takeover of Room 3 @ Fabric on the 15th May. So if this pleases your ears then make sure you reach for the 15th, the lineup is BIIIG: Skream, Rusko, Patchwork Pirates and Jackmaster (Dress To Sweat) in Room 1, Fabio and other DNB big names in Room 2 and TRG, Ramadanman and Pangea join Ben in Room 3.


Greena - Maracay (Forthcoming Applepips)
Omar S - Busaru Beats (Sound Signature)
Aphrodisiax - Unfinished Business (Jus House)
Karizma - 33rd Street Anthem (Defected)
Unknown - Unknown (Unreleased)
Altered Natives - Rass Out (Fresh Minute)
Pearson Sound - Wad (Unreleased)
L-Vis 1990 - Hey! (Unreleased)
Brackles and Shortstuff - Sutorito Faita (Forthcoming Planet Mu)
Deep Cover Inc. - Deepin’ Side [NYC dub mix] (FX)
Ramadanman - No Swing (Unreleased)
STP - The Fall [T++ remix] (Subsolo)
Peverelist - Teachings (Unreleased)
Shortstuff and Mickey Pearce - Tripped Up (Unreleased)
Untold - I Can’t Stop This Feeling [Pangaea remix] (Unreleased)
Bump and Flex - Promises [Hardstep dub] (Urban Heat)
Untold vs. Tempz - Nextaconda (Unreleased)
Youngstar - Bongcat Riddem (White)
James Blake - Air and Lack Thereof (Unreleased)
Untold - Flexible (Unreleased)
Ikonika - Fish (Unreleased)
Mala - Hunter (DMZ)
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo (Unreleased)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Bangers & Mash Week 4

For Bangers & Mash this week I thought I'd put together a post to celebrate the release of the new Martyn LP Great Lengths.  Martyn has been one of my favourite producers in that kind of dubstep/techno/impossible to define genre for a while now, and I think this quote pretty much sums up his production style:  "Although it might sound a tad arrogant, I'd like to think of my music as 'Martyn music.' I try not to think of it as dubstep or techno, or house or drum & bass—it's not about genres, it's about music. This way I feel more freedom to make the music I want to make."

So to celebrate the release of Great Lengths (belatedly anyway, it came out in March), Bangers & Mash this week will be dedicated to tracks off Great Lengths.  If you like what you hear, then please buy the album here, it's on Martyn's own 3024 imprint and definitely deserves your support.

Martyn - Brilliant Orange

3 minutes of stupidly epic beatless synths.

Martyn - Right? Star!

An absolutely enormous bassline, this bubbley warm up tune has got to be on my favourites off the album.

Martyn - Far Away

Beginning with a heavily distorted voice reading out Martyn's imprint's name, 3024, and lush synths, this track soon dissolves into  a rolling beat driven track.

Martyn - Vancouver

The first track I heard off the album, Vancouver is an absolute stomper.  The pulsating bassline owes more to minimal and UKG than it does dubstep, and those funky shakers could be taken straight out of a UK Funky track.  A perfect example of why Martyn is so damn good - every track sounds like it's equally influenced by techno, minimal, Detroit techno, dubstep, UK Garage, UK Funky, the list goes on.

Martyn feat dBridge - These Words

Stunning vocals from dBridge - his tale of love and loss fits perfectly with those piano chords and funky beat.

Martyn - Hear Me

This track has enough smokey atmospherics to rival any Burial track, and those sub low frequencies manage to be velvety and dirty simultaneously.

Martyn - krdl-t-grv

A slow builder, but when those synths come in it makes the waiting more than worth it.

If I had more space I would have included so many more tracks - Bridge, Natural Selection, This Is Insanity.  Instead you'll have to buy the album and discover them yourselves.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Morning Hangover 4

I've been a bit rubbish with the Sunday Morning hangover recently - I keep leaving it to Sunday morning and hoping I'll have time to do it at work, and never actually managing, so as a special treat I prepared this one in advance, and did a nice mix for a change! Tracklist is below, and I've posted up MP3's of a few of the tracks for your aural pleasure!

Sunday Morning Hangover 4 - Mix Special

Dust Galaxy - Come Hear The Trumpets (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Reanimation)

This was one of the few BTWS Reanimations that were new to me when i finally got round to buying the Reanimations Vol. 1 CD last week, and it's such a shame that I'd never heard it before - it's now one of my favorite reanimations. If you like this make sure you support BTWS and buy the CD.

Moderat - A New Error

This track is off the new Moderat album (Moderat are the supergroup comprised of Apparat and Modeselektor), and is one of my favourite tracks off the album.

Hey You Guys - Circlesquare

There Is A Light - Helen And the Others

This is the side project of Kate from Shimura Curves, and with two other girls (one of them is called Helen, hence the name) they do amazing disco style covers of songs that everyone knows. On their myspace they've got covers of Golden Skans (Klaxons), Ghosts (Laura Marling) and Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand). Ghosts was definitely my favourite at first, but then Kate sent me over this Smiths cover, and it hasn't left my ears since. It definitely beats that Schneider TM Light 3000 cover, but it still has that nice bleepy thing going for it that the Schneider TM version did. The harmonies on the chorus get me every single time aswell.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This (James Rutledge Remix)

I've featured some stuff from Bombay Bicycle Club (well the lead singer, Jack Steadman) on here before (Let The Good Times Roll Remix?), and it's great to finally get some good remixes of the band that fit nicely into my sets. The Always Like This single also has Tim Goldsworthy (DFA) on the remix, but to my suprise the Rutledge mix is my favourite - a lovely slice of warm disco.

Ada - Maps (Michael Mayer & Tobias Thomas Mix)

Out of the many thousands of Maps covers and remixes, this has got to be my favourite. Which is kind of all I have to say about it... But that's saying so much I don't think i need to say anymore.

Filthy Dukes -This Rhythm (Emperor Machine Remix)

One of my CD decks started skipping a bit around this point... apologies for that.

Suckers - It Gets Your Body Movin'

Neu! - Fur Immer

I may be castrated by the entirety of the blogosphere for this but I sometimes prefer Neu! to Kraftwerk... And I think I'd even go so far as to say that they were more important in the formation of Krautrock than Kraftwerk... *ducks*. This 11 minute epic never stops driving foward, with Dinger's 4x4 drumming still sounding fresh today, and those multi layered guitar lines.

Godspeed You Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Weekly News

Exclusive Great Scott Track

First up this week we have a Squeaky Bleeps exclusive for you from Great Scott, of his new EP The Great Conspiracy.  The breakbeat producer has collaborated with Raja Wilco and Nibu for this track Theorists.  A proper slow burning hip hop style tune, this might not be our usual fare, but it's really caught my attention, and I've had it on repeat since I got it.  If you like Theorists, then head over to Beatport and support Great Scott by buying the rest of the EP.

Also got a couple of new tracks and a new mix in my inbox from Kitch 'n' Sync.  The Kitch 'n' Sync lads have been getting a lot of support from some big names, and rightly so - their own noisy brand of fidget is clearly influenced by speed garage, jungle, oldskool hardcore as well as house. The first tune, "Shack Out", is out on Electric Sushi and is already enjoying massive support on BBC Radio 1 from Kissy Sell Out, and also on BBC Radio 1Xtra from Mistajam.  Again its on a bit more of a chilled out tip, that is until the proper wonky synth kicks in.  

We've also got a wicked remix of Crystal Fighters, which is coming out on Kitsune later this month.


1.Steve Angello & Laid Back Luke - Show Me Love - AC Slater Remix 
2.Chris Isaak - Wicked Games - Chew Fu refix 
3.Slam - Lifetimes - Album Version (Soma) 
4.Andy George - Big Dipper - Hijack remix 
5.Double 99 - RipGroove (Ant Brooks & twisted Bits Ripped The Fuck Out Mix) 
6.Jackamo - Jacked Up Badman 
7.Bass Weazal - Break The Bomb 9respect To kenny Dope Mix) 
8.Snoop Dogg - Pump Pump - Aniki WMC Bootleg Mix 
9.Kelevra - Funkstick 
10.His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong 
11.Redman - I Hold The Crown (Gigi Barocco Remix) 
12.Breakdown -Play With It (feat. Whiskey Pete & Julz) (Gigi Barocco Mix) 
13.The Bulgarian - Air Bounce (Nick Supply Remix) 
14.Fragma - Memory 9B Rich Dub Mix) 
15.Steed Lord - Its What You do to me (Jack Beats Remix) 

This friday I'll be playing at the Club Shoo vs Music & Lights Secret All Night Party alongside My Panda Shall Fly, the Pipedown lads, entry is a fiver .  Clearly as it's secret I can't really say anymore about it... But if you hit me up on myspace or via Blogger I'll let you know more details.

Got a new track and a new mix for you this week - track is called Anything To Get A Kick, some nice wobbly bass, and the 
mix is just a new mix for May.

Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve - Before We Start, If We Start
Zomby - Daft Punk Rave
El - B - Serious
Tim Dolla - Number Advisory
Buraka Som Sistema - Aqui Para Voces (Brodinski Remix)
Douster - For Wierdos Only (Momma's Boy Remix)
Black Ghosts - Full Moon (Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix)
Bass Kleph - Helium (Mowgli Less'z More Mix)
Patrick Wolf - Vulture (Singleton & Stopmakingme Remix)
In Flagranti - Brash & Vulgar (Dolby Anol Edit)
Solo - Congoloid (Minimow Remix)
Moderat - Rusty Nails
Appleblim & Peverist - Circling
Martyn - Bridge
Appleblim - Girder
Green Movement (XI Bass Vapour Dub)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Bangers & Mash Week 3

This week I'm going to give you a quick guide to the man they call AC Slater. Probably one of the hottest producers in the world right now... he currently embarking on a European Tour, which includes a night @ The Egg on May 22nd with a few other UK dates line up also.

AC Slater (real name Aaron Clevenger) hails from Brooklyn, NYC and has been producing tunes since the early 00s, known for his hardcore beats, he set up Pitched Up Recordings which saw 5 vinyl releases, with his 2007 release Crowd Control making it onto Hardcore Heaven 3. However, more recently he's been a major part of the new Housey club scene, when he was commisioned to do remixes for the likes of Freestylers, Moby, Human Resource & Drop The Lime. He's most well known for his original tunes Bassline Time and Jack Got Jacked that was released on Palms Out Sounds Records, a blog for which he is a well known contributer. He's also gone on to establish another record label entitled 'Party Like Us' with a self titled release to launch the label, with Banger following suit shortly after. Although he has also kept up with his Hardcore roots, and released another three digital downloads last year on his Pitched Up label. Most recently he's released his dancefloor hit 'Rock It Out' and he's also been signed up as part of the 'Trouble & Bass' family.
The Slater has also been responsible for remixes of Drop The Lime's Hear Me, Hostage's Shake It, and the 2009 release of Show Me Love by Angello & Laidback Luke.
One of the most imprtant things to note about this dude, is his inclusion in Beatport's 'Top 6 artists to watch in 2009, not something that happens by fluke. Here's a short mix of tunes I compiled last night... enjoy!

1. Intro [AC Slater - Vertigo (Nick Supply Remix)]
2. AC Slater - Party Like Us (Original Mix/Udachi Remix)
3. AC Slater - BanGer (Drop The Lime Remix)
4. The Prodigy - Everybody Is In The Place (AC Slater Remix)
5. Steve Angello Vs. Laidback Luke - Show Me Love 2009 (AC Slater Remix)
6. Drop The Lime - Hear Me (AC Slater Remix)

Also Check out his mix for Fresh Out of Death and make sure you don't miss him on his European tour, he doesn't make it over the Atlantic very often, so make the most of it!

1. Djedjotronic - "Dirty and Hard" feat. Spoek
2. Deekline & Wizard - "Back Up" (AC Slater Remix)
3. AC Slater - "Rock It Out"
4. 4am vs Udachi - "Paypur"
5. Sepalot - "Go Get It" (AC Slater Remix)
6. Blatta & Inesha vs Congorock - "People"
7. AC Slater - "Nightshift"
8. Hostage - "Ain't No Man"
9. AC Slater - "No Party For Old Men"
10. Project Bassline - "Drop the Pressure" (Club Mix)
11. Retro Kidz - "New Era" (Kill The Noise Remix)
12. Mightyfools - "Amsterdam" (AC Slater Remix)
13. B. Rich - "We Ball Harder"
14. AC Slater - "Hello"
15. AC Slater - "Calm Down"
16. Stanton Warriors - "Precinct" (AC Slater Remix)
17. TC - "Where's My Money" (Caspa Remix - Jack Beats Edit) 

Writers Wanted!!!

Hey all... very quick heads up!

We're looking for a couple of motivated writers... into electronic dance music, with a bit of writing flair... we'd love to have a girl ideally who's looks like Sarah Main and mixes DnB and Breaks, but you can't have everything hehe. few small requirements:

- Must be a DJ, of some kind, even if it's only at Bedroom status.
- Mixes DnB, Trance or Techno.
- Has a good knowledge of the current scene.
- Is up for meet ups and cheeky raving sessions with your fellow 'blogging buddies'... Insert 'LOL' here.
- Any age... any gender.
- Is willing to post ideally twice a week.

Many thanks!

If you're interested get in touch via our email with a short bio and a 30min mix!

SB Crew

Friday, 1 May 2009

The Bleeps Week #1

Morning all... Another day, another post... and it's now officially THE WEEKEND!
Following on from last week's first Squeaks post... here's the first Bleeps post, aimed it focusing on five tunes that would typically be heard @ Fabric on a Friday night... down and dirty Electro, Breaks, Dubstep, DnB, and everything in between. Let's get to it!

This has been invading blogs over the past few weeks like a blood thirsty army on a crusade!
Just listen to that bassline... Jack Beats have done it again... I was never sure about the original... the breakdown just wasn't fitting for the drop, but this is booming insane, can't get enough of it!!! Be sure to catch them over the next month, they're playing @ Always Fridays @ The Egg tonight, and Matter on the 24th with Armand Van Helden, as well as a string of other dates over May and June in the UK.

Ok, ok, so this is old... but I needed to break it out of the 2008 closet and set it on fire once again... nothing gets me in the mood for a night out more than to hear those those bleeping leads and pulsating wobbly bassline. The purest tech-house banger out there, mashed up and given a whole new leash of life... if any of you (shame on you) have never heard this version before, then get right on it!

Here's a new one from the guys over at Noiseporn, possibly the best blog on the net!
I've only listened to this a few times since it was posted, but one thing that had an immediate impression on me was the kick drums, they are tonk! I could see this being played at an electro/breaksy night as well as at end of a Sci/Techy night. It reminds me of Shake It Down, just without that ridiculous synth. Honestly, this remix is the shit! Roll forward the techno revolution!

I've always had a bit of a thing for Myagi, and when his remix of TCM's High Roller was included in their 10th anniversary release of their debut album 'Vegas', I was officially in love with his sound. He's somewhere in between Dylan Rhymes, Elite Force, Plump DJs and Orbital all at the same time. Poising his breaks sound on techy beats and beautifully layered synths, and his basslines never fail to impress! This tune is no exception. Although the break is a simple one... its all about the synths on this one... especially the one you hear within the first 5 seconds.... tasty tasty!!!!!

Finally, possibly one of the most recognisable Dubstep bangers out there given a pure love or hate make-over by Prime Cuts. Personally I diggit, and the sampling of Jack Beats' What just gives it that extra sickening edge... "You fackin' prat!"... ahhhhh this is getting so abused when I next play!