Thursday, 29 October 2009

Introducing... Mele

Mele has actually been mentioned on the pages of this blog before, albeit under a different pseudonym and style - Duncestep. Since then Krissy seems to have matured massively musically, with the tunes on his soundcloud showcasing a whole new 2step/dubstep/funky vibe to it. Since the Duncestep tunes we've posted up before, this sound has clearly evolved - I can hear hints of El-B and Roska in Dancer's percussion. This is clearly the right direction for Krissy, his tunes have already got radio play on Kiss and remix requests from the Count & Sinden. So it's an honour to have a quick interview with this producer, and a mix at the end.

SB: The tunes you made under the name Duncestep seem a lot different from your new material, what is the reason for your change in direction?

M: I found the whole fidget house thing really boring, and there's only so far you can go with it I think. Plus i was really getting into guys like Douster, L-vis 1990, Geeneus, Roska and guys like that, and I just thought it was such a fresh future sound. Fidget, with the exception of Bill Eff, Lee Mortimer and a couple others, just sounds dated right now, so i thought I'd stop. My new direction is more of a house/garage mashup thing, although I'm still into the really hard big basslines, which hopefully comes through in some of my newer tunes sometimes.

SB: Which producers and DJs are you feeling right now?

M: There is so much good music right now! Everyone's not sounding the same to a degree, its really exciting. L-vis 1990 is one of my favourite producers, plus he is helping me out with testing my tunes and giving me good advice. Douster is 100% doing his own thing and I just love his stuff. Who else... Mowgli, Bill Eff, Hot City, French Fries, the list goes on, loving alot of the stuff thats out now!

SB: What about your 5 favourite artists of all time

M: Liam Howlett/The Prodigy - First dance album I heard as I was a massive hip-hop head.

Switch / Solid Groove - He got me into house, an absolute legend!

Herve & Sinden - I still love their stuff, Sinden played one of my tunes on Kiss FM recently which was a proper dream!

Audio Bullys - I love their sound and I still play a lot of their old stuff whenever I play out.

DJ Premier - My favourite producer of all time, I'm a massive hip-hop fan! He's definitely influenced my style.

Enough chat, now for some tunes:

Latest tracks by krissymele
Gucci Vump - Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (Christian Martin Remix)
Doc Deneeka - Swine Flu
Greenkeepsers - Planet (Bill Eff Remix)
Crazy Cousinz - Bongo Jam (L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok's refix)
Shab Ruffcut - New York
Balearic Soul - Ole (Dub Mix)
Jeff Doubleu - Woman
Rythem Rockerz - Rock the Disco(Jackinori CoCo dub)
Highbloo - Ouchhh !!!
Mele - Cranky
Chop Chop Chop Chop - Disco Chop
Diplo & Buraka Som Sistema - Inna De Ghetto (Remix)
Diplo - Blow Your Head (DJ Eli Remix)
Kry Wolf - Mucky
Speakerjunk - Outside
N.A.S.A - Gifted (Steve Aoki Remix)
L-Vis 1990 - United Groove

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Krafty Kuts - October 09' Promo Mix

In my opinion there is no one in the breaks scene that is mashing up music in more of a fun way than the legendary Krafty Kuts. With now what seems like more Re-Rubs than Kissy Sellout has Kissy Klub Edits, Krafty is bringing the funk back into breaks, and whats more important is the speed in which he has pulled it off.

You can tell from this mix that's he's not afraid to drop in the odd electro banger with a wee breaks makeover either... take Raven and Get Down and The Dozens as prime examples, and if that's not good enough for you I witnessed with my very own eyes him dropping Plump DJs remix of Dave Spoon's Lummox this summer at BCM in Magaluf... yes that's right, the same BCM that is also home to 'clubland'. I'm talking about the chav-fest Clubland, and not the real clubland that is Ibiza by the way.

Anyway, here's the mix... make up your own minds, but bear in mind that this DJ is still from the same stagnant breaks scene that the Plumps themselves left last year.

1. Krafty Kuts - Intro
2. Riton & Primary 1 - Who's There (Acapella)
3. The Dozens - Fake Blood (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
4. Tim Healey - Bring It Party (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
5. DJ Gant Man - Juke Dat Girl - Nadastrom Remix (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
6. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel - Armand Van Helden Remix
(Krafty Kuts Re-rub)
7. Dizzie Rascal - Bonkers (Acapella)
8. Will Bailey - Hit The Club (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
9. Major Lazor - Pon De Floor
10. Don Diablo - Blow (Acapella)
11. Black Noise - Rocking It (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
12. Starkillers - Bitch Ass Tricks (Adsorb Edit)
13. Deekline Feat Tim Healey - Don't Smoke (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
14. Krafty Kuts - Children Of The Night
15. DJ Blaqstarr Feat feat Rye Rye - Shake It To The Ground (Acapella)
16. Proxy - Raven - Kazey & Bulldog Remix
17. Autodidkat - Ghetto Nonsense (Acapella)
18. Tim Healey & Tomcraft Feat DJ Assault - Electro On The Floor (KraftyKuts Re-Rub)
19. Jack Beats - Get Down VIP Mix (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Baobinga - October Promo Mix

Big stuff from you here in the form of one of my favourite Producers of 2009... get locked to Baobinga!

1. Zero 7 - Medicine Man (Cooly G RMX) - Atlantic
2. Bubblez - Loser - Devotional Dubz
3. Baobinga - Ride It - Build DUB
4. MJ Cole ft Serocee - AO (Zed Bias RMX) - Prolific
5. TRG - Tribal Flex - DUB
6. Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club (Bok Bok & Greena RMX) - DUB
7. Baobinga ft Rubi Dan - Raggipahop - Monkey Steak DUB
8. DJ Sneak - Get Da Ho (DJ Mes RMX) - House Guest
9. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor - Mad Decent
10. Andrea Lai & Madox - Smoke King (Baobinga RMX) - DUB
11. Redlight - Kid Soldier - DUB
12. Baobinga - Make It Drop - Trouble & Bass DUB
13. Skepta - Sweet Mother - Boy Better Know
14. Jamson & Viper - Urban Hero - Relentless
15. L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (Baobinga & I.D RMX) - Mad Decent DUB
16. TRG - Strobe Lick - DUB
17. Killa P & Rossi B - Police A Come - DUB
18. DJ Znobia - Me Batem (Baobinga & I.D. RMX) - Enchufada
19. Dexplicit - Shut It Down - DXP
20. Taz Buckfaster - Half Man, Half Trout - Rwina DUB
21. Baobinga & I.D. - Tongue Riddim - Build DUB
22. Wedge & Shadz - Running Away (Guido RMX) - If Symptoms Persist DUB
23. Dorian Concept- Trilingual Dance Sexperience - Affine Records
24. Moving Fusion - Atlantis (Bad Company RMX) - Ram
25. Baobinga & I.D. - Jah - DUB
26. The Dream - Hit It On The Road - Def Jam
27. Busy Signal - Up In Her Belly - VP Records

Introducing... Jam City

It's been very rare in the past few months where I've jumped at a new Producer and gone... "fuck I want his synths, his skills, his hard drive and his babies", but this may well be coming true with the Funky upstart of Jam City. Potentially a huge new talent making big noises in the Dub/Funky scene at the moment with support from the likes of Fact magazine and Bok Bok's legendary blog Lower End Spasm, where his mix below was featured.

"House Music is in a state of flux" says the young new producer, aiming to take the UK Funky (I'm talking about the one that doesn't include Crazy Cousinz in it) to huge new heights. His deep routed tribal, almost psychedelic productions are starting to create real waves in the deep foundations of the scene... hense support from the emerging legend that is Bok Bok.

It's hard to ignore the inspiration of Hyperdub in his productions and his mix
for LES, and certainly you can feel the roar power of Zomby lurking beneath the basslines... but there's something else present in the percussion and melodies of this individual; a soul like breeze of energy that I've not come across since I first listened to breaks gods, Plump DJs.

As a man who is clearly very clued up in his knowledge of the current Bass-scene, in his feature with Fact magazine he went to comment on how the Grime scene lead his inspiration away from the closet Detroit-Berlin techno scene and branched out into the atmospheric soul of Funky.
“After Grime everything suddenly exploded at once for me and I started buying and DJing deep house and techno records (although I was normally playing them at 140-50bpm). That's what initially attracted me to what was happening under the umbrella of 'UK Funky' - this return to the deepness and sexiness of those glacial synth washes and female vocals and a sense of emotional resonance.”
There is something very striking about his maturity and understanding of his scene that really radiates through his work... please take my advice and check this dude out.

Jam City - Clocktower [sample]

Jam City - Funked Out [sample]

Jam City - What I Think About You Dub [sample]

1. B.Calloway - Swimming
2. L-Vis1990 - United Groove (kingdom remix)
3. DJ Gazzeto - Gazzeto Eskhaleni Zone 1
4. Bookworms - African Rhythms
5. DJ Gukwa - Terminator Returns (Jam City whirlpool edit)
6. Jam City - What I Think About You dub
7. Gremino - Shining
8. Jam City - Runnin Yr Mouth
9. DJ Quest - Devils Bay
10. Endgames - Ecstacy (Jam City Refix)
11. Respite - Hundreds and Millions (Jam City edit feat. Natasha)
12. Jam City - Underpass Limiter
13. Surface - Falling in Love (Jam City Edit)

Monday, 26 October 2009

Club Candy

Its that time of the week again... where we all arise early in the morning and ask ourselves, why the hell did we drink that much at the weekend??? A question I ask myself more often than not, usually on a Tuesday morning as well... uni is bad, very bad! On to the BIG tunes...

Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (Harvard Bass Remix)
Ok so I've been looking forward to this tune for absolutely AGES... my favourite DJ of the year being remixed by my current favourite remixer... it's a bit of a personal favourite.
Was I disappointed... absolutely not! This is what the Rave 2.0 scene of the last few years promised so exclusively and it's been delivered in buckets in spades, the bass is shocking!

Foamo - Wardance (Last Japan Edit)
Last Japan has recently been living the high life supporting the likes of Jack Beats and Skream in recent months after an early 2009 featuring hot productions and his unforgettable In For The Kill edit. He's now back with a new edit of Foamo's snarling club banger, sporting more bass than should be technically possible... believe me, this is sick!

La Roux - Quicksand (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
Now this isn't 100% DJ friendly, but for small gigs it should be fine! The leak came just at the weekend from our firm friends over at Noiseporn. I'm dubious as to whether this is a recent remix from the man or an old project that's been leaked. However that should not distract from the fact it's a huge piece of music, the synth and percussion work is amazing.

Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine (Greenmoney Porn Bootleg)
Hot hot stuff here from the Greenmoney DJs who've after a hugely successful 2009 which included gigs at the Warehouse Project and Fabric's Room 2 announce their intent for the big time come 2010. Bass and bongo's aplenty, this is a purebred anthem to ignite the senses.

Hess Is More - Ssshhhh (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)

Zombie Disco Squad are one of those rare techno producers that you just can't pigeon hole. Once considered a part of the bloghaus scene, they quickly outed themselves as a force to be reckoned with, that had nothing to do with what Bloghaus was all about. They are worth much more than that and this remix proves that fact

Friday, 23 October 2009

Hexadecimal... in da mix.

A great treat for you here that just reached my inbox... glitchy pumping bombs aplenty from the master of the funky bass, Hexadecimal. Please check him out and visit here to buy his material.

01 Hexadecimal - Rock it like this [CDR]
02 Draax & Seavers - Rude Boys (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub) [Against the grain]
03 Stanton Warriors - Good Vibrations [CDR]
04 Mr Snook - Message from Dread [Broken Robot]
05 Iltone - Dun [Dusted Breaks]
06 Iltone - Rise & Fall [Dusted Breaks]
07 Access Denied - Remark [High Grade]
08 Crackers & Jam - Big up Girl [Upstart Music]
09 General MIDI - Absinthe (Hexadecimal mix) [Distinctive]
10 Circuit Breaker vs B-Phreak - Droppin This (Stephen Cole vs Matthew McCurry mix) [Dead Famous]
11 EK - Exit Enlightenment [Dead Famous]
12 Elite Force & Meat Katie - Believe [Used & Abused]
13 Access Denied - Other Side [KDB Breaks]
14 General MIDI - Audio Assualt [Distinctive]
15 EK - Speak Your Grind (Hexadecimal & Delirium Funk mix) [Dead Famous]
16 Neurodriver - Robofunk [Broken Robot]
17 Far Too Loud - Dancefloor Destroyer [Funkatech]
18 Hexadecimal - This is it [Sound of Spectrum]

Thursday, 22 October 2009

New Mix - October goodness

Just finished this up - recorded live in one take on CDJs, so excuse any booboos. Would have liked to get a bit more of a mellow start in, but was under time constraints for this one, as I'm submitting it for a few competitions etc.

Plenty of house, funky, dubstep, techno and bmore in there, plus big love for the Night Slugs + Pipedown crews! Going in hard for the UK right now.

Ben White - October Mix 


Ben White // Waves

Renaissance Man // Rhythm

NROTB // Droplet

Robin S/ Santero // Show Me Love (Wookie Edit)

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize // Waves

L-Vis 1990 // Zahonda

Mount Kimbie // Sketch On Glass

Hess Is More // Shhhhh (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)

Tomb Crew // Western Jam

Benga & Coki // Night (L-Vis 1990 Remix)

Diplo // Bay of Figs/Ward 21

Drums Of Death // Got Yr Thing (Starkey Remix)

A4C - Unnamed Mambo

Momma's Boy // Give It Up

Emalkay // When I Look At You (Sduk Remix)

Count & Sinden // Mega

Sduk // Dapper Derek

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Free OG EP!

Today Manchester DJ/Producer OG (Owain Griffiths) has decided to make his old EP available for free download to celebrate the release of his new EP.

OG has notched up remixes for Emmet, Roots Manuva and even one of Biggie Smalls.

His new EP "Bubbling" is chock full of grimy bass, tight rhythms and a spacey vibe, out tomorrow on Midnight Minus Two.

Being compared to the likes of Future Sound of London and the prodigies of chillout breaks, Hybrid is no easy accolade to live up and to be fair he's quite a new kid on the block, but it doesn’t really seem to show in his material. Merging beats, rhythms and melodies from dance music that were around a long time before he was, with influences of broken beat, glitch, ragga and the huge heaviness of old school dub sound systems this EP should seriously mash some heads!

You can listen to the new EP here, and download the old EP from here.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tobius Doppleganger... anyone?

Wow now that's quite some name for a DJ... I wish mine was as eye catching to be honest!
Anyway to the point of why I'm actually writing this post and it comes in the form of more free tooooons! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Hottwerk Records boss Tobias Doppelganger has been steadily building an awesome reputation as one of the UK’s most exciting DJs/producers, decimating dancefloors all over from Benicassim Festival to the Ministry of Sound, alongside such heavyweights as Tiga, Jack Beats, Scissor Sisters, Riton, Hadouken!, and many others. With Mixmag recently comparing him to Herve, the future looks set for Tobias to take his game to a whole new level...

A very cheeky little tune here, sampling MJ, and called Mombasa, it certainly put a smile on my face amidst the sinking doom that is the British transition into Winter... Boo!

Official remixes for Tronik Youth, Relation, and a high profile re-release of a 90's dance classic are due out later this year, so expect big things! He's recently put out his EP Rotters Delight, which achieved 8 out of 10 in iDJ Magazine and a glowing Mixmag review; this success follows 2008’s acclaimed Blood EP (with Sam Russo). Both links direct you to the purchase of the EPs... please support this dude!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Club Candy

Big big tunes for you once again this afternoon... revell in them!

Jack Splash - I Could Have Loved You (Sinden Remix)
Currently recieving much love on the radio waves and from DJs the world over is the new remix from Sinden, which takes on a new UK Funky/Synth-Pop element to his 'World-Music' sound. I've always been a fan of Sinden's vocal work in his remixes and the percussion really works well in this one... a sure dancefloor banger!

The Big Pink – Dominos (Switch Remix)
I've been a big fan of the original for quite some time now... it's sad but rare that I get excited about a new band with Florence & The Machine and these guys being the stand outs for me this year. Switch obviously can do no wrong in my eyes. The arrangement could be a little better, but on the whole not a bad effort squire.

The Beatles - Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Initially intended as a DJ tool for their festival performances during the summer, this glitchy bass-bomb was conceived on a laptop on hte road by the duo to use as an opener to their set following the mighty Deadmau5. The idea was to try and keep the crowd for as long as possible... they really don't need to try!

Now I'm not usually the one for blogging tunes that intend to be released, but this has been legally passed to other blogs, so I'm going to make an exception for another fine remix from the one and only Style of Eye that I shall be seeing for the first time @ Ministry of Sound on Saturday! Big stuff!!!

I've been searching for this track for quite a while now... and thanks to superb fellow music blog Funkism... I've been treated to it finally! No there are no renditions of a said "motherfucker", but simply quality tech-house incased in a case of pure wow-bass. Turn this up loud!

Bonus Track:
Chemical Brothers – Saturated (WoW It’s The L.A. Boxers Remix)
My favourite remix of the week comes from the L.A. Boxers... who funnily enough hail from Los Angeles... original I know. Don't let that fool you though as this is the best 'rework' I've heard in quite a while. Now, it's not that different from the original, but to alter the original would be a crime of the greatest magnitude... so just sit back and appreciate it's brilliance!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Introducting... Black Noise

I've been a bit quiet on the front for artist features lately, but this next one is definitely worth the wait! An exclusive remix and an exclusive mixtape for you all here Black Noise... so heads up!

Brent, Kieron and Dave (better known as Aquasky) have released over 100 12's and 5 LPs of various styles of music on various labels. With an open minded policy towards music they have led the way in many styles over the years and have built up their own record label empire. With 4 labels already under their collective belt they felt there is still room for another label with a slightly different flavour.

Passenger and 777 have been running for 7 years and are at the forefront of the 'harder' Breakbeat sound. Sonix and Incident were initially set up 4 years ago as a vehicle for Aquasky's D&B projects, Sonix was for full on club tough smashers while Incident covers the Jazzier aspects of D&B.

And now Aquasky are proud to present Black Noise!

Signed to Norman Cooks' label Southern Fried and with one EP already released and a big hype surrounding the trio... the remixes of Diplo & Laidback Luke, Trevor Loveys, Young Punx and Crookers have been flowing out well of late and a new EP titled EP2 is due to be released digitally tomorrow! Here's the video to the lead track of the new EP and please head here to buy the damn thing!

I'm very happy to be able to hand to your hard drives their remix of the Crookers' latest work Business Man featuring none other than Wiley for free... as well as their latest new mixtape... which my speakers told me earlier today is "damn filth".

Crookers ft. Wiley & Thomas Jules - Business Man (Black Noise Remix)

Here's the October 09' mixtape from the boys, please deliver it to you bassbins wrapped in a cuddly blue bow... play nice now.

1: Miike Snow 'Black & Blue (Andy George & Jaymo Mix)'
2: Ladyhawke 'Back Of The Van (A1 Bassline Mix)
3: Black Noise ft. Lex-One 'Jackin My Fresh'
4: The Young Punx ft. Count Bass D ‘Ready For The Fight (Black Noise Mix)'
5: Will Bailey 'Hit The Club (Mighty Fools Mix)'
6: LMHMKMKM 'Fukk Off (Disco Of Doom Mix)'
7: Beni 'Fringe Element (Alex Gopher Mix)'
8: Sawgood 'CTRL Ur Brain (Calvertron Mix)'
9: Audio Fun 'Dirty Gold (Tonka Mix)'
10: Black Noise ft. Murs 'Looking Fly' - Accapella
11: Tom Staar 'Erm'
12: Kid Cudi 'Make Her Say (Afrojack Mix)'
13: N.E.R.D 'Time For Some Action (Nom De Strip Mix)'
14: Crookers 'Put Your Hands On Me (Black Noise Mix)'
15: Black Noise 'JUngle Iz Em'

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

DJ White - DJ AM Tribute

Now... I dont know much about this dude... only that his scratch skills on Serato are awesome! Mr. DJ White if you're seeing this... please you need to make the switch to proper club music... I genuinely see a future Craze or Diplo in you!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Oh Shit... it's the Illest EP!

Yes that's right! Oh Sh*T! Top top EP for you today with big support from LA Electro duo whose recent remix of 'Eye of the Tiger' reached No.1 on Hype Machine... swines! With big support from the bass-master Kelevra, this is definitely one for you're hard drive.

Anyway let's get to it! The new EP with from MC Messinian who recently toured with Outkast is split into two parts and features remixes from the likes of Ishe, JackBOT, Bit Funk, DJ Hero, Night Drugs, Joman, DJ Dunno and DJ Vanish. A lot to take in then... with Part 1 released on Oct 6th and Part 2 on Oct 10th... here's a few sneak peaks of what to expect!

NineLives The Cat... releases album!

Got some awesome news here in the shape of free material from the one and only NineLives The Cat who as a vocalist has jammed on tracks for the likes of Rico Tubbs, Rennie Pilgrem, Madox, Rob Reng, Beat Assassins and even the mighty Justice...

I'm a huge fan of a track he featured on with Beat Assassins titled 'Generation MTV', which was released on Mofo Recordings last year. As a producer he's released a string of hot releases, most notably his 2006 12" on West Records titled 'Bouncin' off the Walls', which featured a remix from Tom Real & The Rogue Element on the flip-side.
He has just released his debut album on UK label Diverted Traffic titled Are We Dead Yet?

We've got an exclusive track available for you from the album to wet your appetite... one of the title tracks on the album... Dead City. A real peach of a tune that focuses on a whole new angle from what I've been used to from the man before. Take a listen though... and if you like what you hear... head here to buy the album.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Squeaky October Charts

Vesper's Chart

#1: Riva Starr - I Was Drunk (Douster Remix)
Made To Play
#2: Boys Noize - Kontact Me
Boys Noize Records
#3: DJ Zinc - Nu Sound
Bingo Beats
#4: Fake Blood - Mars (Jack Beats Remix)
Cheap Thrills
#5: A1 Bassline - 8oh8
Southern Fried
#6: Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes (Tomb Crew Remix)
Trouble & Bass
#7: NT89 & Distrakt - Pumpin (Beatau Cue Remix)
White Label
#8: Alvero - Make It Funky (DJ Punish Remix)
White Label
#9: Bok Bok - Ripe Banana
Dress 2 Sweat
#10: The Toxic Avenger - The Fall (Switch Remix)
Scion AV

Ben's Chart

#1: LE TIGRE // Hot Topic
#2: L-VIS 1990 & BOK BOK // Night Slugs (Dress To Sweat)
#3: LUNICE // One Of Me (LuckyMe)
#4: FLORENCE & THE MACHINE // You've Got The Love (The XX Remix)
#5: WOOKY VS ROBIN S // Show Me Love (Santero's Wookie Edit)
#6: BUSTA RHYMES // Gimme Some More
#7: IKONIKA // Sahara Michael (Hyperdub)
#8: BOY 8 BIT // Baltic Pine (GreenMoney's Baltic Porn Bootleg)
#9: RIVA STARR // I Was Drunk (Made To Play)
#10: JEFF MILLS // The Bells

Club Candy

Ok so I've not been a very productive soul of late on this blog... partly due to my internet problems, but also due to my PC/Laptop problems and such... but all sorted now though, internet is finally being fed underground to my house and then wirelessly to my bedroom, and I feel all happy inside! Plus expect at least two posts a day from here on in... bar the odd day where I feel so incapable of turning on a computer that it would be literally impossible! Plus some big news coming your way this week!
Enough of that though for now... to the tunes!

Blondie - Call Me (dangerDAN Remix)

I've been realy impressed of late with this producer... he's been knocking up some really good remixes and this is no exception to that accolade. He's somewhere between the subtlety of Solo, the vocal and percussive prouess of Alex Metric and the funk of Simian Mobile Disco... some original work would be much appreciated next dude!

Muse - Supermassive (Dizkomusic Remix)
Something a little bit different to what I'd usually play out or post on here, but I'm gonna give it a whirl at a house party on Wednesday out of the original and see how it goes off. I'm a big Muse fan so this hitting my inbox was a breath of fresh air... epic donks aplenty!

The Count & Sinden - Mega (Schizofonics Remix)
I came across this track via a Mr. Sellout recommendation on his show after these guys played before him @ the legendary Sankeys in Manchester. If I'm brutally honest, if the original of Mega wasn't such a funky hit then I'd wish this version had been the one Count & Sinden had made themselves... the percussion is sharp and the bassline is brutal but not overpowering.

Emalkay - When I Look At You (Sduk Remix)
Well the original is out today finally on Caspa's Dub Police, after months of it being rinsed to death in the clubs, but here is a fantastic re-work... more of an edit or a VIP than a remix, with some superb added atmospheric synths that add real depth to the mix.

NT89 & Distrakt - Pumpin (Beatau Cue Remix)
Beatau Cue are literally smashing it at the moment... they're two remixes of Pon De Floor and they're remix of Peanuts Club we're huge! This is rather tasty also, but I've found its kind of hard to mix into if you're aiming to build volume during a set... more of an interlude tune... but a banger nonetheless.