Thursday, 27 May 2010

Dubbel Dutch - Throwback EP

Tuesday saw the release of one of the most anticipated releases in quite a while for me in the shape of Texas based Dubbel Dutch's new Throwback EP on Palms Out Records.
Following on from his awesome Trollsta EP, which saw a great remix from Round Table Knights, it was back to basics and a straight 3 track affair this time around.

A highlight for me, and certainly many others is the colourful and transient Deep Underground, old skool and garage influences all over this one, with that charismatic modern Bass edge.
What really impresses me about Dubbel Dutch is his drum programming... it electrifies his tracks and really brings them to life when layered with the sub bass. I have no doubts about how huge this track would sound on a well built system.

There is such a powerful relationship between the synths and the vocals in this track, it really took my breath away the first time I heard it.
I've uploaded Deep Underground as the second featured tune for my JustPureVibes YouTube channel, which you can see above. Please support Dubbel Dutch if you're feeling the tune in the best way possibly by buying his great EP. You can grab it from iTunes, Beatport and Juno Download.

Also from the archives is this top Dubbel Dutch mix for Discobelle from February, get on it!

4 Hero //Humans
Health // Death (Darling Farah Remix)
Lol Boys // Cloudy
Vvv // Traverse
Esko // Shook
Egyptrixx // Everybody Bleeding
Rishi Romero & Dj Flava // Highly
Sam Tiba // Barbie Weed
Dubbel Dutch // Deep Underground
Wicked A // A Nie Dvamata S Bobi Piem Kafe (Ramadanman Refix)
Pearson Sound // Wad (Dubbel Dutch Refix)
Nguzunguzu // Got U
Baobinga & I.D. // Tongue Riddim [Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Marcus Price // Var E Näääken (Bok Bok Mix)
Distal // Grape Donut

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Small update...

A short update for everyone... Googlemail has now been changed to Gmail for the UK, so we've changed our email address accordingly. Anyone wanting to get in touch with us about content or such... please hit us up at...


Slater & Lime... Creepin.

Trouble & Bass... probably my favourite label about. 2010 is proving quite a year for the NYC based label fronted by heavy bass connoisseur, Drop The Lime. The recent launch of their Heavy Bass Champions of the World series of releases has already contributed towards 11 releases so far this year, and there's another six to come before the end of July... busy busy busy!

Fresh from a studio collaboration from Drop The Lime and adopted son of the family AC Slater comes Creepin... a fiery, fire breathing monster of a tune, layered perfectly with vocals from Drop The Lime and a Gothic piano solo.

It was released yesterday via Trouble & Bass and is available from Beatport, iTunes, Juno Download, Amazon and Boomkat... get on it!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Masters At Work

Got some awesome new material for you today, so sit up and pay attention carefully.

American house duo Masters At Work ruled supreme over the American house scene from 1990 onwards - today we've got two of their finest remixes for you. MAW's remix work was simultaneously miles ahead of it's time in production terms, and at the same time stand up to this day as classic house tracks. First up is their dub mix of Anane's Walking On Thin Ice. If 2009 was the year of the seasick synths (copyright Dan Hancox) then this Masters At Work mix from 2006 has to be the track that started that trend, albeit 3 years early. A rolling house beat coupled with Anane's vocals, the track wears it's grime and UK funky influences proudly, coupling all 3 genres with a skill that many producers can only hope to achieve.

The MAW mix of their own Nuyorican Soul project, which strived to combine real musicians and genres as diverse as latin, jazz, disco, house, funk goes for the same winning formula. This mix may come from 1996, but the beat owes as much to UK funky as the Thin Ice dub, capturing that same rolling vibe to it. Classic diva vocals courtesy of Jocelyn Brown are combined with a proper big room piano chords hook - this is pure house vibes, and it goes off in the dance big time.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Mix Monday (slightly late)

Hey Hey... I hope everyone had a great weekend! Sorry this is slightly later than usual, but I was enjoying the sun so much today that I really couldn't bring myself near anything involving the internet or things technical. However, Let's get to it.

First up is another mix from the one they call Melé from Toddla T sitting in for Mary Anne Hobbs last week... a short 20 minute mix, that packs more bite than bark... serious tunes a plenty! The mix into Crash Bandicoot and then into Baltimore Clap is deadddddly!

French Fries & Manaré // Dirty Blonde
L-Vis 1990 // The Bird
Seiji // Basslips
Outlander // Vamp
Canblaster // Jetpack
Randomer & Fife // Slum City
D1 // Pitcher
Wiley // Crash Bandicoot
Benga // Baltimore Clap
Douster // A Mi A Loco
SFR // Kwaito Mandla
Timzed // Alone In The Dark
Skepta // Rescue Me (Melé Remix)

Next up is a great UK Bass/Garage/Funky/House mix from Gram, which I've been playing quite a lot in the past few days. Tight mixing and an awesome tracklisting. Gram is 20 and based in Bournemouth and is currently promotes the night Colors Shapes Sounds, which if to be based on flyer design alone, looks fantastic. He's also a resident for On&On in Bournemouth, no mean feat. Check him out, big things to come from this man I'm sure.

UK Bass-ed Mix by GRAM

Kowton // Stasis (G Mix)
Ramadanman & Midland // Your Words Matter
Tina Moore // Never Gonna Let You Go (Kelly G Dub / GRAM Edit)
Four Tet // Sing (Mosca Remix)
Joy Orbison // Hyph Mngo (Mike Monday Remix / GRAM Edit)
Human Life // In It Together (Acid Girls Remix)
Altered Natives Vs MAW // Work Out (Miami Edit)
D1 // Pitcher
Girl Unit // Temple Keys
Shortstuff // A Rustling
Ramadanman // Glut
Africa Hitech // Blen (Remix)
Pariah // Orpheus
Andrea // You Still Got Me
Deadboy // Long Way 2 Go

Last up we have Rinse FM's Crises... the third edition of his Underground Step mix series. A fine tracklisting I'm sure you'll agree. Taking things a little deeper and darker than I usually go with this blog, but I'm all about something different.
Crises hosts a show on Monday on Rinse... 11am-1pm, lunch hour listening. Please check out his show.

Guive & Lone Ranger // New Start
Dom Hz // Dub Dicipline (Synkro Remix)
LV & Errol Bellot // Globetrotting
Spherix // Screwloose
Rob Sparx // Soundbwoy (Cocoa Tea)
L-Wiz // Girl from Codeine City
Z Audio // Ninja (Unknown)
Radikal Guru // Dub Down Babylon
Ringo // Wiseman
Digital Mystikz // Cay’s Crays Dub
Juju // Half Ounce
Tes La Rok // Livin Fire
Data // Leaves
ST Holdings // Joka Smoka (Unknown)
Quest // Stand
Indigo // Premonition
Parson // Empty Houses

Friday, 21 May 2010

Squeaky Bleeps #006... Haido

Morning all... I'd like to present you with the 6th edition of our exclusive mix series today... Coming all the way from the Dublin based one man party... Haido.
Over the past year I've really come to respect Haido... or as he is known to most Aidan... an awful lot. He's some what of an elder of musical inspiration for quite a few people who as I do, post regularly on the Erol Alkan Forum. A voice of reason, and a mind of purely golden musical taste and knowledge. If this man can't make you dance, then I suggest you locate the nearest test flight of an Arian V rocket and strap yourself to its exterior, because you are not welcome on this planet.

As a regular booking for underground techno/electro night Transmission in the heart of Dublin, Haido has managed to form himself a wide spectrum of respect an admiration for his varying sets and strive for new music. With recent guests including the likes of Shadow Dancer, The Filthy Dukes, DJ Feadz and a live performance from none other than The Subs, Haido has experienced his fair share of high profile gigs.
Dublin is vastly becoming a shining beacon of musical culture and expression that has seen the likes of Lorcan Mak and the Schizofonics rise to prominence in the past year, and Haido is right in the thick of it all.

I'm very pleased to present to you this mix, usually our mixes come out all guns blazing and are an all out, in your face sonic orgasm. However, Haido decided to flip the script here and present to your a more thought-out affair. An awesome tracklisting that hints at one of the most precious arts of DJ'ing in this day an age... the art of experience and the understanding and knowledge of what really makes up a quality mix.

We present to you... Haido.

UNKLE // Heavy Drug
Plastikman // Ethnik
Tiga // Overtime (Motor City Drum Ensemble Tape Dub)
Eli Escobar // Glass House
Nalin & Kane // Beachball (Joris Voorn Remix)
Paco De Moor // Long Live
Mr Knall Peng // Banana
Idiotproof // Gorilla (Siriusmo's Ass Of The Baboon Remix)
Edu K // Dos Gusanos
Talal & Zoi // Silky King
Miss Kittin & The Hacker // Frank Sinatra
Hot City // If That's How I Feel
Schizofonics // Bourettes (One-Off Edit for haido)
Ralphi Rosario // You Used To Hold Me (Curtis Vodka Remix)
Erol Alkan and Boys Noize // Lemonade (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33's Remix)
DJ Miki // Desire On (Total Freedom edit)
Human Life // In It Together (Acid Girls Remix)
Them Jeans // Tips
Joe And Will Ask? - We XXed Florence's Rusty Pig

Also if you're feeling this mix, then please head over to Haido's Mixcloud page and listen to his wide variety of musical collections.

Mindflow... switching it up.

Recently had this top video sent to my inbox from Mindflow... a Dubstep/Drum n Bass outfit from Norway.
Now first things first, there are no huge drops to send your brain into complete meltdown or any catchy hooks that will inevitably get boring after being played too often.

However, what this track does do is stand up as a kind of social statement for what the current state of dance music is right now. I mean without sounding too elitist and underground... and instead, speaking for the majority of people's taste in today's dance scene. We've had the wobbles, they're about as cool in 2010 as crocks have ever been, and now we're going through a sprouting of 'funky' drum patterns and more hypnotic basslines. Tunes that kind of hard back to the early days of Techno, rather than the heights of Acid-House which were more prevalent in tunes during 2008 and 2009.

I've been known so far this year to begin to get fed up with the almost over-used piano melodies of this new decade (we can thank Doctor P for that)... whatever this decade is going to be called... the Teens?
Yet, I've become rather fond of this track over the past 24 hours. It's straight up, no strings attached, summer fun, and for that reason I had to give you a heads up. Come the middle of the summer I might be so sick of pianos that I'll be ready to drop them all on a Morris Morinas in a fit a rage... But for the time being, lets all go out and buy a boombox, pop a few days, go down the park and have a good old knees up... anyone with me?

With heavy support from the likes of Annie Mac Mistajam, Caspa, Kissy Sell Out, Rattus Rattus, Flux Pavillion, Starkey, AC Slater and rather surprisingly Oneman... Switched be will released along with remixes from DC Breaks and Cutline on We Will Never Say Die. You can grab it on 7th June on Wax and 14th June Digitally... booya!

Also, here's a FREE 320 of a Mindflow remix which the kind man himself recently gave away via his myspace... enjoy!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Colin Perkins... in the mix.

A great new mix for you here from one of Dublin's rising stars of the underground scene by the name of Colin Perkins, who helps to run a array of quality nights @ The Good Bits... he recently booked Boris Dlugosch, top work! You can find details of all upcoming nights from The Good Bits Facebook Profile.

He recently compiled this mix for Arveene's Transmit radio show on Spin 1038, Dublin.
A great tracklisting... you can grab it from Mediafire or Soundcloud below... worth more than a download, or two ;).

Colin Perkins - May Transmit Mix by Colin Perkins

Kormac // Show Time
Justin Martin // Get Low
&Me // Youth
Ante Perry // I Am So
David Keno // Upside Down
Consistent // Ain't No Bump
Mark Broom // Supersnout
Tomas Barfod & Fredski // Mr. Fleurquin
Late Nite Tuff // I Get Deeper
Munk // La Musica (Shir Khan Remix)
Hickup // Hickup Theme
Mowgli // Panacea
Kleinschmaeger Audio // Audio 3
Kink // Existence

Shakey Bismarck

Two of the finest nights in London right now have to be Dollop and Trouble Vision, so when residents for those two nights come together, along with Snap, Crackle and Pop residents, and yours truly representing Squeaky Bleeps that makes it a party not to be missed. Shakey Bismarck is taking place this Saturday at Southwark Playhouse on Shipwright Yard, a couple of minutes walk from London Bridge. The full lineup is below, and tickets are £6 before 11/NUS/advance and £8 otherwise. You can get the tickets here.

The night runs from 10:30 to 3 and should be a right laugh. Seeing as I don't get to play in London as much as I used to these days, a rare gig is always a pleasure, so see you down the front! Check this mix from Lemmy Ashton, a nice mix of french house, techno, disco and house bits - Lemmy produces too, and his Cocktail track is a nice disco banger - well worth checking out, fits nicely into warm up as well more peak time style sets.

Cocktail by lemmyashton

HYLU and JAGO feat. Zico (Trouble Vision)
BEN WHITE (Squeaky Bleeps)
CARLOSI (Snap crackle and pop)


Quick heads up for you here...

Fatherless is a new track by Ben Westbeech (aka Breach) which is getting massive support from people like Shortstuff, Joy Orbison and Oneman, and is forthcoming on Ramp. Audio below, but the T Williams remix (no audio for this yet) is huge as well.

Pure Vibes...

Hey all... this isn't a new contributor to the blog... it's still Lee, just under a new username as I've got a new googlemail address.

Anyway... just wanted to give you all a heads up on a new YouTube channel I've setup, by the name of JustPureVibes. Basically, it's just me posting up new tunes I'm into to help promote them a bit, and support the artists. Music with Soul and Character is the name of the game.

My first featured tune comes via a new project from AC Slater and Udachi, called 92 Eternal. They've come up with a fantastic tune, titled The Feeling, and they handed it over to their good friend B.Rich, and under his new Kastle alias, he came up with this nugget of absolute gold.

You can also head over to the Just... Pure Vibes facebook page to keep up to date with all the tunes I'll be posting... it will probably be around two tunes a week, depending on what's about and what not. I hope you enjoy the tunes coming your way, but for the time being, enjoy this fantastic new blood from Kastle.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Mix Monday

A new week, and some new mixes. Booya!

Something a bit different to kick things off, Skeet put this together for the guys over at MishkaNYC as a bit of a roll back to the 90's, and believe me it goes. Nuff autotune, catchy hooks and crisp beats to last you a lifetime. This one is a summer barbecue classic, no messin!
"I really really love 90s R&B. It’s kinda fucked up really but when I was 13 I used to clown my mom for listening to Kellz and ask her to put on Green Day or something. These days I’m hiding my Dookie CD when friends come over and bumping Brandy while I drive to the studio. Maybe I’m getting old? Maybe I’m finally appreciating the genius that is Darkchild? Either way when Ea$e asked me to do a Мишка mix I knew right off the bat the only way to come was to come sexy. I tried to put a mix together of everybody’s favorite 90s R&B sexy time anthems. So hopefully you’ll like, if not burn a copy and give it to your mom, even if she hates my stupid DJ name she’ll hopefully like the mix, haha."

Aaliyah // Never Comin Back (Intro)
Donell Jones feat. Left Eye // U Know What’s Up
Janet Jackson // Love Will Never Do (Without You)
Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z // Heartbreaker
SWV // I’m So Into You
Janet Jackson // Escapade
Aaliyah // One in a Million
R. Kelly // You Remind Me of Something
Usher // Nice and Slow
Tevin Campbell // Tell Me What You Want Me to Do
London Jones // Save Our Love (Remix)
Inoj // Love You Down
K.P. & Envi // Shawty Swing My Way
Shanice // I Love Your Smile
En Vogue // My Lovin
PM Dawn // Set Adrift on Memory Bliss
112 feat. Notorious B.I.G., Ma$e and Puff Daddy // Only U
TLC // Baby, Baby, Baby
Keith Sweat // Twisted

New Boy 8 Bit mix for you this week, featuring solely his own tunes and a couple of remixes from others.

Boy 8-Bit Promo Mix May 2010 by boy8bit

Les Gillettes - Pompeii (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
Boy 8-Bit - The Cricket Scores (Memory Tapes Remix)
Boy 8-Bit - Bulbs Burn out (Obi Blanche Remix)
Mandy Vs Bookashade - Donut (Boy 8-Bit REmix)
Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine (Run Hide Survive Remix)
Boy 8-Bit - The Keep
Boy 8-Bit - We Move By Night to Avoid Detection
The XX - Crystalised (Boy 8-Bit Essential Mix ReEdit)
Boy 8-Bit -Restricted 18 Part 1
Boy 8-Bit - The Cricket Scores (Boy 8-Bits "Its not Cricket" Remix)
Boy 8-Bit - Wolfen (Jokers of the Scene Remix)

Finally finishing up on a big tip from Ben here... a great new mix from the man be Jamie of XX fame. Stamping his presense and his musical influences all over this mix. Summer time.

Electrelane : I Only Always Think
The Streets : Streets Score
The XX : Crystalised (DarkSky Remix)
Silentone : Beat For
Rossi B & Luca : Jah No Dead
Clubroot : Lucid Dream
Darkstar : Aidy’s Girl Is a Computer
Burial : Unite
Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason : Lo-Fi-Ve
Joy Orbison : Hyph Mngo
Skream : Trapped In a Dark Bubble
Silentone : DUB PLATE 1
Aardvarck : One1
James Blake : Sparing The Horse
Boogaloo Crew : Hedgehog Sound
Zomby : Expert Tuition
Deadboy : Heartbreaker
Bad Autopsy : Psionic Terror
Cooly G : Narst
zed bias : To the left (test)
MJ Cole feat. Serocee : AO (MJ’s Open Your Gob Dubb)
DJ Champion: Motherboard
Bertrand Dupart : Ketokole (Boddhi Satva Ancestrial Mix) Fantastic Mr Fox : Plimsoul
Emvee : Glitch Dub
Dorian Concept : Trilingual Dance Sexperience
Silentone : You’ve Got No Love (Feat. Nigh)
Egypt : In The Morning (Original Club Mix)


Tune... that is all. Featuring... Big Space & Spoek Mathambo.

Introducing... Skeeze

Quick heads up for you all here on a new London MC by the name of Skeeze. A top lad who also tours as Flatline's MC, who you might know from their Hollow Dub tune, which I featured on my mix from Janaury Mix.

Spitting over beats from Wiley here... I foresee a big future for this man.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Introducing... Melé

A little bit of Sunday listening and a big heads up for you here. A producer I've been following for the last 6 months with great interest. He's been producing for something like the last 5 years, and has been getting support right across the board from Tomb Crew to Toddla T and Jaymo & Andy George to Sinden... who recently signed him to his new label.

One of my favourite tunes I've been rising since the turn of the year is a wee UK Funky remake of the classic No Scrubs by TLC... called Digits. Very vivid memories of my early teens and the mainstream Garage crossover I grew up listening to on a daily basis. He was kind enough to give the tune away for free on his Soundcloud a few months ago, I suggest you check it out, sharpish!

Melé - Digits by Mele

I've recently been getting up to speed on some of his earlier releases, most notably his remix of Ruffcut's Hustler after hearing Nick from Tomb Crew playing it Kissy Sell Out's recent all day party at Vibe Bar.
Something a little different from the man, a lot of energy, but a whole lot of fun. I really recommend that remix, which you can catch on Juno here and preview below.

Shab Ruffcut - Hustler (Melé Remix) by Mele

He was also kindly asked by one of my favourite bands New Young Pony Club, to remix their new single Chaos at the turn of the new year, and he laced his 2-step/Garage/Funky stamp all over it to dazzling effect. He really worked Tahita Bulmer's vocals into his mix very well and created something of dazzling beauty but also colourful and uplifting.

This week saw the release of his new EP titled Bombay out this week on Mixpat... featuring new tunes Bombay, Flexi & And of the Sun with remixes from Heavyfeet, Nadastrom and French Fries.
Epic funky business. Bombay is definitely my favourite tune, featuring a sample also found in Will Bailey's Hustlin n' Scratchin. Flexi takes on a more Garage influenced vibe with some awesome warped bass and top vocal samples, while And of the Sun takes on a more 2-Steppy-Soca trip, the sort of thing you'd expect to hear on an Ace Ventura soundtrack. Maybe. Good vibes and a great breakdown half way through. Your pick of the remixes comes from French Fries... simply put, pure Saturday night party music.

Melé - Bombay EP by Mixpak

You can preview the EP above and grab it from Juno here. It's a great EP, so please support Melé in the best way possible if you're feeling his work.
Melé recently did a guest mix for Sinden's Kiss 100 show, which you can check out and download below courtesy of the Mad Decent blog, a great tracklisting and featuring Melé's up and coming release Mugged... one of my picks of the whole year that one... and my all time favourite M.I.A track XR2.

Melé // Bombay (Nadastrom Remix)
Roska // Squark
Jeremih // Birthday Sex (Martelo B-More Funky Remix)
Dubbel Dutch // Deep Underground
Doc Daneeka // Bumblebee Riddim
Mia // Xr2
Melé // Mugged
Seiji // Yesman
Deadboy // If U Want Me
Geeneus // Congo
Jammin // Kinda Funky
Redlight Ft Roses Gabor // Stupid
Ku Bo // Sumanita (Daniel Haaksman Remix)
Terror Danjah // Air Bubbles (Brey Remix)

He recently did a great remix of The Count & Sinden's jungle epic Strange Things, which you can grab courtesy of The Fader... bigups!
Also, finally a heads up on one more Melé tune, which was recently released as part of the second edition of Hervé's Ghetto Bass series. Grab that from here Another great tune from the man, featuring a top vocal sample, which sounds somewhat like the lead singer from Crystal Fighters... I'll try and chase him up about that. Anyway, happy listening, and keep a tabs on this man, he's heading for an immense second half to 2010.

Dancer - Melé by Mele


A new night kicks off in London on Tuesday - the Blowout launches at Camden's Proud Gallery on Tuesday 18th May.

Radio 1's Mistajam headlining the night - entry on the night is a measly £7 in advance (straight from the Proud website) and £8 on the door. Check the facebook event here.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Hudson Mohawke in the Mix

Hudson Mohawke's excellent Butter LP was one of my favourite album releases, and the vinyl doublepack was a perfect combination of art and music (check my review of the album here). Having not heard anything from HudMo since the album, the clip of his Wiley remix that has been floating around the interwebs this week has been doing it for me in a big way.

We've now got a new mix from the man himself, which he did recently for Ras Kwame on Radio 1... showcasing plenty of new material from the man himself as well as Swindle and Theophilus London. Tracklist and download link for the mix below

Mr Flash – Domino Part 1
Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay
Hudson Mohawke – Keys
Swindle – Daredevil
Supa Nova Slom feat. Jay Electronica – True and Living
Hudson Mohawke – King Kong Beaver
Big Boi – Shutterbug
Consequence – Let U Live
Hudson Mohawke – Power Ruby
Theophilus London – Understood (prod Hudson Mo)
Wiley – Electric Boogaloo (Hudson Mo remix)

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Introducing... Faisal.

Got a wee heads up for you today and this is a quick post as I'm realllllly busy this week, but here's a couple of great tunes from an Erol Forum friend and top lad by the name of Faisal. He suffered somewhat of a setback last year when his hard drive failed and all of his samples/production work was lost.

He's steadily been getting himself back together, and the setback can't all be a bad thing, as he's managed to come up with these cheeky tunes. Clearly he's been hard at work since the turn of the year, and with current support from the one and only Kissy Sell Out as of later tonight on Radio 1, Faisal will certainly be moving in the right direction. Congrats, and please keep up the work dude.

Faisal - get down by faisal

It's not a style that I really post often myself on this blog, but these are some top tunes. Quite a different French house take to what I'm used to... but I'm a sucker for deep rolling basslines, especially when they're accompanied by the synths on Get Down. Quality stuff... and as for Faisal's take on Soulwax's of E-Talking, vocals, vocals, vocals... I love how everything drops off slightly before the drop too, unexpected and worthy of praise. The stereo width and the drumming production on this remix is also, spot on... Festival destroyer for 2010 for sure!

Soulwax - E-talking (Faisal remix) 320 mp3 by faisal

Download... download again... pass around, then download again. Massive.

Vinyl Week: Thursday

The penultimate post in our vinyl week is finally upon us - if you're new to this concept you can check out the previous posts at the bottom of this one.

On to today's post - Todd the God Edwards had to be included in this week really, the UK garage don played a pioneering role in the development of the genre, without even being in the UK. MJ Cole famously once said
'Todd Edwards started the whole UK Garage thing off without setting foot in the country. He was my biggest influence when I started making garage music.' Look Out was released in 2000 as part of the 'Prima Edizone' CD, and was one of the two new tracks on the record. Look Out channels a filtered disco vibe, marrying moody, off-kilter sounds with a sweetly aching vibe that draws you, mesmerised, into his sound. The dubplate mix does away with the vocals, drawing attention to the melodies and captivating drum programming that made Edwards so famous.

Previous posts:

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Download this - Plan B - Greenmoney, Lil Silva, Seiji, Smutlee

Alex Phountzi (Greenmoney, Bugz in The Attic)'s Download This! night returns to Brixton's excellent Plan B venue this Saturday for another bi-monthly rinse out, that promises to join the dots between house, bruk, UK funky, dubstep and garage.

Headlining are the one and only GreenMoney, with Seiji, Lil Silva, Smutlee, Sambalanco all also in attendance. I'll be on hand to warm things up nicely and all round the night should be a big smash - last month's Download This saw Roska and Redlight smash Plan B and this one will be no different. Promo mixes from Smutlee and Lil Silva can be found below, make sure you're attending on the facebook event here, and most importantly of all get those advance tickets in here.

I'm particularly looking forward to catching Seiji's set - his recent Fact Mix was excellent, as was his recent self titled single Yesman/Elevator - both of those are well worth checking out, and if you haven't got your fill of Seiji yet then grab a free track from Seiji's website here - always worth keeping an eye on Seiji's website, lots of free tunes up for grabs up there!

Vinyl Week: Wednesday

So Vinyl Week has reached the middle point of it's 5 day stronghold (if you don't know what Vinyl Week means at this point you might as well give up, or just go here or here). What better way to celebrate the middle point of this acetate obsesssed period than by posting the ultimate vinyl geek's favourite genre.

A bit of Detroit techno for y'all today. I've babbled about Drexciya and Underground Resistance on the blog before (here if you were fortunate enough to miss that post first time round) so no need for introductions, just tunes - and Actuator is exactly that, a proper tune. A w0nderfully understated piece of dance music, UR leave the listener to fill in the gaps between those staccato claps and jittery synth stabs.

Keep yourselves locked to Squeaky Bleeps all week, got more rare vinyl goodness coming tomorrow!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Vinyl Week: Tuesday

Continuing the Vinyl Week theme I've cracked out a classic grime instrumental for you - Jon E Cash's War, instrumental grime at it's peak and best - brooding, discordant and rude. Menacing horn stabs creep over jittery rhythms show exactly why instrumental grime is so powerful! I haven't managed to track down a vocal cut of this

Monday, 10 May 2010

Mix Monday: Redlight

Now your probably getting a little sick of me babbling on about Redlight on this blog, but I'm going to carry on for the simple fact that he will turn out to be one of the defining stories of 2010 in British dance music.

At the end of 2009 he released his massive EP, titled Lobster Boy, which was then followed up last month with one of the singles of the year... Stupid, featuring one of the best new vocalists around in Roses Gabor. He's just produced a tune with Rusko, which has been included in Rusko's debut album on Mad Decent... Massive! He's just finished a residency stint on BBC 1Xtra's In New 1Xtra DJs We Trust, to focus on a string of new projects working with the likes of Kelly Rowland, Ms. Dynamite, Wiley and further work with Roses Gabor.

He's just compiled a fantastic mix for Fact Magazine, which includes a hefty swab of new dubplates from Redlight himself... including a new tune with Dynamite MC titled Weepers that Fact forget to ID for you all. There's also Roses Gabor's new tune Love Sick, produced by Redlight, which will feature on her upcoming EP... Check that tune out, absolutely huge, sickening groove.
There are also new cuts from MJ Cole, Doc Daneeka, Ramadanman and Champion... as well as a couple of cheeky exclusive remixes and edit's from Redlight himself. Catch his very interesting take on Tempa T's Boy Off Da Ting... one which will likely become one of the most sought after dubs of the year for many DJs, I'm sure.

I've tidied up the tracklisting a wee bit and added Skream's remix of Killa Sound, which is a blatant gaping hole in the list that Fact posted. That's not a dig at Fact, as they've got a lot of work on their plate ;)... I'm just quite anal when it comes to getting tracklistings right.

Redlight // Wat
Breakage // Hard ft. Newham Generals & David Rodigan (Redlight Special)
Doc Daneeka // Deadly Rhythm
Redlight // Stupid (Instrumental)
Redlight // Stupid ft. Roses Gabor (Vox Special)
Rude Kid // Jack Daniels
Zinc // Wile Out ft. Ms Dynamite (Redlight Special)
Benga // 1 & Only 1
D1 // Pitcher
Tempa T // Boy Off The Ting (Redlight Peace & Love Mix)
Redlight // MDMA
Rusko // Scarewear ft. Redlight
J2K // Don’t Let Go ft. Roses Gabor

Zinc // Killa Sound (Skream Remix)
Redlight // Weepers ft. Dynamite MC
Redlight // Stay With U ft. Dread MC, Omi & Serocee (Redlight VIP)
Roska // Squark
Redlight // Dubplate Slosher
Ramadanman // Glut
Redlight // Roller Xpress
Roses Gabor // Love Sick
Champion // Lighter
Redlight // Vibe Ride
MJ Cole // Thekla Riddim
Musha Man // Keep Up

May Mix

A new mix to kick May off from me - kicks off with some nice disco bizniss, moving up through some african house, gentler funky and grime, as well as new bits from James Blake, Swindle, Girl Unit and Guido. You can download the mix here, or stream it from Mixcloud below:

PRINCE // The Future (Mark Moore Remix)
THE SWISS // Bubble Bath (Knightlife Remix)
HOT CHIP // We Have Love
DJ MA1 // High Definition (Original Mix)
MURDZ // Dem Ways Dere
DJ MUJAVA // Sgwejegweje (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
NATALIE STORM & FOOTSTEPS // Play Di Ting (The Heatwave Refix)
C.R.S.T // Inside
JHELISA // Friendly Pressure (Into the Sunshine Edit)
SULLY // In Some Pattern
SWINDLE // Airmiles
WILEY // Ice Pole Remix
GEENEUS // Aquarius Remix
FOUR TET // Sing (Mosca Remix)
DARK SKY // Ghost Notes
GUIDO // Mad Sax


Friday 7th May: Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box w/ Duke Dumont (Brighton)
Monday 10th May: Aka Aka Roar w/ Pariah (Brighton)
Saturday 15th May: Download This w/ GreenMoney, Seiji, Smutlee (London)
Monday 17th May: Aka Aka Roar w/ Jackmaster (Brighton)
Saturday 22nd May: Shakey Bismarck w/ Dollop DJs (London)
Monday 24th May: Aka Aka Roar w/ Brackles (Brighton)
Friday 29th May: Blow w/ Format B, Phil Drummond, Holly Daze, Union DJs (London)
Saturday 30th May: Adventures In The Beetroot Field @ Lock Tavern w/ Funkineven live, Jam City, Reecha, Lego (London)
Sunday 31st May: Aka Aka Roar presents Room 2 @ Hospitality w/ High Contrast, London Electricity + SeasonFive residents (Brighton)
Monday 31st May: Aka Aka Roar vs SeasonFive w/ Furesshu + Snugfelix (Brighton)
Monday 7th June: Aka Aka Roar w/ Shackleton (Brighton)
Monday 28th June: Aka Aka Roar w/ Fantastic Mr Fox (Brighton)
Friday October 29th: Rhyme and Slang w/ Cooly G, ADHDJs, Vesper (London)

Vinyl Week: Monday

To celebrate the general election and me dusting off some rather elderly vinyl I thought I would rip some classic tunes and chuck them up here, one per day, for a week - to make things a bit interesting I'm going to try and post tunes that were never released digitally, and aren't available anywhere else on the internet... Exclusives like.

To start things off this AC Burrell UK Garage remix/bootleg of Bell Biv Devoe's Poison will do nicely - that classic breakbeat gets remade for the garage generation, with a lovely 2-step beat, a catchy organ hook and fantastic vocals.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Matthew Hiscock - New Mix

I've covered Matthew Hiscock on this blog before, his two past EPs were really solid, this English via Montreal producer makes quality 2-steppy goodness, and his mixes are always a treat aswell. Check the posts here and here for his last two EPs, and cop his new mix below - it's a top selection, kicking off with Kyle Hall's lush dubstep offering for Hyperdub, and it also includes my favourite Girl Unit production, the amazing Temple Keys which opened Girl Unit's recent mix, and heat from MJ Cole, Todd Edwards, Pariah and L-Vis 1990. Check the tracklist below, and get the mix here:

1) Kyle Hall - Kaychunk [Hyperdub]
2) VVV - Project Z [Fortified]
3) VVV - Project X [Fortified]
4) Girl Unit - Temple Keys [Night Slugs]
5) Matthew Hiscock - Berry []
6) Pariah - Orpheus [R&S]
7) Roof Light - Street Level [L2S]
8) Todd Edwards - I Might Be (MJ Cole remix) [Scion Audio/Visual]
9) Hissy Fit - Late Night On Parc Avenue []
10) Akua and Matthew Hiscock - Monsters (Make Believe remix) []
11) Matthew Hiscock - Outdoor Life []
12) Gucci Vump - Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 Remix) [Sound Pellegrino]
13) Matthew Hiscock - Oh Those Sexy Sweatpants []
14) Mutiny - Ya Self [Underwater]
15) Rusko - Woo Boost (Sbskrpt remix) [Mad Decent]
16) Joel Mull - Fantastisch [Underwater]
17) MJ Cole - Thekla Riddim [Prolific]

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Squeaky Bleeps #005 - Yeah!

Another special treat for you here with an exclusive mix from Australian prodigy Yeah!... there's something about Australian producers at the moment, and despite such a dosile population down there, they seem to churn out epic DJs like Essex does babies. It is slightly worrying, all these foreigners taking our jobs ;), but all the more refreshing when you find a DJ/Producer with as much potential as Yeah!

Yeah! was first brought to my attention a few months ago when he hooked me up with some of his remixes via his soundcloud page... since then, I've been steadily impressed with his output and the dynamics of his sound, so I asked him if he'd be up for getting a mix over to us.
Yeah!'s sound is one that I feel a lot of DJs these days strive to aim for, but always fall short in pulling it off. Big, bad tunes, with vocals to match, laced together with a precision and finese, usually only found in an operating theatre.

I'm immensely proud of this mix from Yeah!... any producers out there thinking about how to approach putting together a mix for a blog... remember to always throw in a curve-ball like Busta Rhymes' Get Down... that put a big smile on my face.

A perfect vibe from start to finish, an a banging intro, I urge you to download this mix... fantastic stuff.

XI - Ethereal Plus
Douster - King Of Africa VIP
Sekta - Jabbajaws ft. Spoek (Femme En Fourrure Dub)
Major Lazer - Bruk Out (Foamo Remix)
Congorock - Babylon (Dj Manaia & Alif Remix)
Zombies For Money - Numbra One
Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club (Yeah! Remix)
Daniel Haaksman - Kid Conga ft. MC Miltinho (Yeah! Remix)
Busta Rhymes - Get Down
French Fries - Coconut ft. Bambounou
Florence & The Machine - You've Got The Love (Yeah! Remix)

May Charts

Vesper's Chart
#1 // Roni Size // Lucky Pressure (MJ Cole Vocal Version)
#2 // Melé // Digits
#3 // Redlight // Stupid ft. Roses Gabor
#4 // AC Slater // Take You ft. Ninjasonik (Doorly Remix)
#5 // Diamond K & Al Ripken Jr // Hands In The Air (Bok Bok remix)
#6 // Foamo // Jookie
#7 // Rockwell D // Girls Meltdown ft. Gappy Ranks
#8 // Double 99 // Ripgroove ft. Top Cat (12" Vocal Version)
#9 // Motorpitch & Beware // Pororoca (Zombies For Money Remix)
#10 // DJ Rabano // Into The Woods

Ben White's Chart
#1 // Mujava // Mugwanti
#2 // Harmonimix // Sorry Ms. Jackson
#3 // Hot Chip // We Have Love
#4 // Four Tet // Sing (Mosca Remix)
#5 // Wiley // Ice Pole Remix
#6 // Prince // The Future
#7 // Jhelisa // Friendly Pressure (Into The Sunshine Edit)
#8 // Girl Unit // Temple Keys
#9 // Cajmere // Percolator
#10 // Swindle // Coffee
#11 // Nuyorican Soul // It's Alright I Feel It (Masters At Work Remix)

Thursday, 6 May 2010


I have one simple message for you today... VOTE DAMNIT!

Here is one clue, and one great song to brighten up your day :)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Tune Tuesday II (The Saturday Version)

So many good tunes floating around the interwebs this week that I thought I'd put up another Tune Tuesday post - check Lee's first one here, and in the meantime read on for some free music.

Kicking things off with A Prince track - Mark Moore's remix of the Future takes the classic Prince track and picks things up a bit, giving the track a great housey vibe. Moore keeps the vibe of the original, but underpins Prince's vocals with some lively piano chords and a housier beat. Classics often fall foul of remixes, but Moore's effort only improves upon this classic.
Next up Lady Chann jumps on Ward 21's classic Fyah Wyah bashment riddim - this one comes direct from The Heatwave blog, who always bring the funky/bashment/dancehall heat, and this track is no different. Lady Chann rides the beat in a brand new vocal style for the UK MC, and it sounds great. Perfect for the Bank Holiday BBQs!

Next tune comes from Putsch 79's self titled LP, put out by Clone back in 2004. A driving drum beat and arpeggiated chord sequences drive alongside this mutant disco/techno hybrid. Watch out for the bassline on this one, really comes out on a proper soundsystem!

Rihanna absolutely kills it on this track, and I've been waiting for a good remix for so long (TC's D'n'B effort left me cold, as did the dubstep and hip hop mixes I've heard), but Funkystepz completely flip it here, speeding up the vocals and combining them with a classically energetic funky beat and a bassline that recalls Niche era Bassline. Also worth checking is the Assasin mix of Rude Boy who bring a dancehall vibe to the table:

UK Funky producer Murdz has just put up a new Fatboy slim refix on his Soundcloud, which is seriously worth checking out - he flips that Funk Soul Brother vocal sample completely. That bootleg isn't up for download, but other Murdz track Dem Ways Dere is, and I seriously recommend you cop that - a perfect warmup track, this has been killing it earlier on in my sets with a nice stabbing piano line and string samples coupled with a beat guaranteed to draw people onto the dancefloor.
Keeping things garagey as usual, Matthew Hiscock who we introduced to you back in March here has two new tracks for your ears. Matthew is currently living in the States but is clearly paying attention to what's going on over here at the moment, these two tracks combine the pure energy and joy that UK garage represents, combining a soulful vocal sample with a drum beat that rolls along nicely.

Hissy Fit - Parc Avenue EP by matthewhiscock

Lastly a classic piece of Garage for you - this is another classic Bank Holiday BBQ call. Jhelisa's vocals sit nicely alongside a cheeky organ line and a 2-steppy beat in the Into The Sunshine edit of her Into the Sunshine track.