Saturday, 28 March 2009

Jack Ya Body

While the other three dudes are 'hard at work' on their intro mixes, hehe, I love you really lads... I thought it would be a good idea to just crack on with the blog and present you with our first artist feature on R!M!E.

R!M!E has been causing a stir lately on the blogs after his remix of Fake Blood' s 'Mars' was somehow snapped up by the man himself and used in his Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. He also churned out a great re-work of Altern8's Frequency last year. However, its his recent original work that I'm most interested in.
His newest track 'Shakedown' was recently let loose on Noiseporn, and Jack Ya Body was let loose last week by TheLaptopLads, yet I believe we're the first blog to release his Dub version of the track.

The man himsefl was kind enough to send over his work and a short bio to us...

Based in Sydney I’ve been into music in one form or another for as long as I can remember. Initially taking an interest in new wave and indie and artists such as lcd soundsystem, soulwax and joy division, I soon bridged the gap into electronic music. I started learning music theory and playing guitar and bass well over 5 years ago and started producing seriously a few years ago. I draw influence from genres including house/hip hop/baltimore and electro. I also draw influence from artists such as Detboi, Herve, Diplo, Jack Beats, Trouble and Bass Crew and Rico Tubbs, among others. I love to get behind the decks, although have limited myself in playing out and have been trying to establish myself as a producer before anything. I've also remixed Fake Blood's 'Mars'
, which originally I only made as a bootleg that I never thought would leave my hard drive or be heard again... until the other week.

Fake Blood - Mars (R!M!E Remix) (ZShare)

Also make sure the check the man out over @ his Myspace, which also has links to some exclusive mixes by the man, and a new remix just up!

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