Monday, 23 March 2009

What we are all about...

Squeaky Bleeps is a brand new music blog written by a small clan of DJs from the UK. We're hugely passionate about the music we like, and we want to write about it.

It seems that in the past couple of years, more and more blogs have sprout up since the rise of blogs such as 'Palms Out', and are just out there to spread free MP3s to everyone. Regardless of whether they have permission to do so or not, some choose to not even review the music before they release it, which is rapidly creating a blogosphere of music, without taste and without the boundaries of reason. Fortunately there are those great blogs out there (e.g. Data Sapiens, TechFunkManifesto, Noiseporn) who give a good crack at everything, and rightly deserve the respect they have. Here at Squeaky Bleeps we will try and offer you a place to catch the latest underground music, but also to hear about why its causing such a stir. We'll be uploading guest mixes from ourselves and hopefully from fellow DJs alike, talking about the hottest new releases and tracks from up and coming artists and producers, and try to create a unique new perspective on the music you want to listen to. Our main aim through this blog is to help other blogs and artists to push for a more professional and coherent relationship with the music industry.

If we have in some way helped out an artist by featuring their material that has in turn helped them go on to become signed by a major or indie label then we could consider our job accomplished.

We will be going live from April 1st, with a series of posts to wet your appetite's. In the meantime, over the next couple of days you'll be seeing a few posts from all the writers here at Squeaky Bleeps, including a little bit about what they will be bringing you and an exclusive short mix of tracks that sums up their taste in music.

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