Monday, 12 October 2009

Club Candy

Ok so I've not been a very productive soul of late on this blog... partly due to my internet problems, but also due to my PC/Laptop problems and such... but all sorted now though, internet is finally being fed underground to my house and then wirelessly to my bedroom, and I feel all happy inside! Plus expect at least two posts a day from here on in... bar the odd day where I feel so incapable of turning on a computer that it would be literally impossible! Plus some big news coming your way this week!
Enough of that though for now... to the tunes!

Blondie - Call Me (dangerDAN Remix)

I've been realy impressed of late with this producer... he's been knocking up some really good remixes and this is no exception to that accolade. He's somewhere between the subtlety of Solo, the vocal and percussive prouess of Alex Metric and the funk of Simian Mobile Disco... some original work would be much appreciated next dude!

Muse - Supermassive (Dizkomusic Remix)
Something a little bit different to what I'd usually play out or post on here, but I'm gonna give it a whirl at a house party on Wednesday out of the original and see how it goes off. I'm a big Muse fan so this hitting my inbox was a breath of fresh air... epic donks aplenty!

The Count & Sinden - Mega (Schizofonics Remix)
I came across this track via a Mr. Sellout recommendation on his show after these guys played before him @ the legendary Sankeys in Manchester. If I'm brutally honest, if the original of Mega wasn't such a funky hit then I'd wish this version had been the one Count & Sinden had made themselves... the percussion is sharp and the bassline is brutal but not overpowering.

Emalkay - When I Look At You (Sduk Remix)
Well the original is out today finally on Caspa's Dub Police, after months of it being rinsed to death in the clubs, but here is a fantastic re-work... more of an edit or a VIP than a remix, with some superb added atmospheric synths that add real depth to the mix.

NT89 & Distrakt - Pumpin (Beatau Cue Remix)
Beatau Cue are literally smashing it at the moment... they're two remixes of Pon De Floor and they're remix of Peanuts Club we're huge! This is rather tasty also, but I've found its kind of hard to mix into if you're aiming to build volume during a set... more of an interlude tune... but a banger nonetheless.

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