Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Introducing... Jam City

It's been very rare in the past few months where I've jumped at a new Producer and gone... "fuck I want his synths, his skills, his hard drive and his babies", but this may well be coming true with the Funky upstart of Jam City. Potentially a huge new talent making big noises in the Dub/Funky scene at the moment with support from the likes of Fact magazine and Bok Bok's legendary blog Lower End Spasm, where his mix below was featured.

"House Music is in a state of flux" says the young new producer, aiming to take the UK Funky (I'm talking about the one that doesn't include Crazy Cousinz in it) to huge new heights. His deep routed tribal, almost psychedelic productions are starting to create real waves in the deep foundations of the scene... hense support from the emerging legend that is Bok Bok.

It's hard to ignore the inspiration of Hyperdub in his productions and his mix
for LES, and certainly you can feel the roar power of Zomby lurking beneath the basslines... but there's something else present in the percussion and melodies of this individual; a soul like breeze of energy that I've not come across since I first listened to breaks gods, Plump DJs.

As a man who is clearly very clued up in his knowledge of the current Bass-scene, in his feature with Fact magazine he went to comment on how the Grime scene lead his inspiration away from the closet Detroit-Berlin techno scene and branched out into the atmospheric soul of Funky.
“After Grime everything suddenly exploded at once for me and I started buying and DJing deep house and techno records (although I was normally playing them at 140-50bpm). That's what initially attracted me to what was happening under the umbrella of 'UK Funky' - this return to the deepness and sexiness of those tunes...like glacial synth washes and female vocals and a sense of emotional resonance.”
There is something very striking about his maturity and understanding of his scene that really radiates through his work... please take my advice and check this dude out.

Jam City - Clocktower [sample]

Jam City - Funked Out [sample]

Jam City - What I Think About You Dub [sample]

1. B.Calloway - Swimming
2. L-Vis1990 - United Groove (kingdom remix)
3. DJ Gazzeto - Gazzeto Eskhaleni Zone 1
4. Bookworms - African Rhythms
5. DJ Gukwa - Terminator Returns (Jam City whirlpool edit)
6. Jam City - What I Think About You dub
7. Gremino - Shining
8. Jam City - Runnin Yr Mouth
9. DJ Quest - Devils Bay
10. Endgames - Ecstacy (Jam City Refix)
11. Respite - Hundreds and Millions (Jam City edit feat. Natasha)
12. Jam City - Underpass Limiter
13. Surface - Falling in Love (Jam City Edit)

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