Monday, 5 April 2010

Introducing... Asian Trash Boy

Now, I'm not usually a fan of the whole over-hyped electro-rock scene that was being rinsed to death over in the US during 2009. This scene kind of lost my interest around the time that Justice got big over there, and it's slowly turned into a bit of a joke in my opinion.

I'm not trying to be a music elitest snob, but some of you must get what I mean. It was amazing when Waters of Nazareth was released in 2006, but, you know when it gets a bit overplayed, and ultimately bit boring.
When dance music turns into a head-banging mosh-fest, like say, Bloody Beetroots, then my interest in squarely lost unfortunately.

The only producer that came out of that era with any sign of credibility was Shinichi Osawa for me. It's not that I don't like that kind of music anymore, far from it. I'm always up for it from time to time, but I don't want to hear it when I'm out in a club anymore.

Anyway enough about my ranting, I just wanted to share with you a mashup from a dude I think is making the right kind of noises at the moment.  Quite a full on attempt, but I feel also leads on to give us an idea that this producer from France, has a little more style and substance than most. His mashup bootleg of Bloody Beetroots and Daft Punk is spot on. They're both tracks that will be looked back on in years to come as pure classics, and he's managed to keep things away from a distortion fest and instead focus on a more musical tip. Good on him.

AeroBeetroots(2) by Asian Trash Boy

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