Friday, 2 April 2010

Radiohead + dangerDan = Genius.

Hello there... I'm sure by now you're familiar with one of our most championed producers from the UK, who goes by the name of dangerDan. No? Well if you don't, then I suggest you first, go stick your head in a blender, dust yourself down, and come back eager to learn. Firstly you shall learn, how amazing he really is, and second what you've been missing up until now.

dangerDan has been turning upside down my concept of what uplifting house music is. It has always been a quam of mine that fans of Trance music seem to live in a world where Trance music is the only emotionally motivated form of dance music that has ever been created. It's not a dig at Trance per say, but it's something I've noticed quite a lot in the 5 or so years that I've really been following dance music.

Trance may have been more soothing that Drum and Bass, more accessible than Techno, and yes slightly edgier than early House music during it's hey day in the 90s, but it certainly has a lot to answer for in the current climate. I'll leave with you to ponder what you will about my statement, but let's not dwell on that, because I'm here to gift to you a real gem.

dangerDan has shown with his latest remix of Radiohead's iconic Kid A... that you don't have to make hefty heap of noise, for a journey to become and uplifting and spiritual one.
I'm not going to be stupid and give this kind of music a genre or a label, that's not what my job is... I am the mediator, you are the audience, you are to make of it what you will, and anyone who tells you any different, is a prized gypsy fart in action.
If you are not in some way moved by this piece of musical genius, then I suggest you forever leave this blog and never return.

I present to you, exclusively from Squeaky Bleeps... dangerDan's top remix of Kid A, in the quality and clarity that so many of you have been craving over the past few days. Currently riding high at #21 on Hype Machine, with current support from none other than Fake Blood and destined to become certainly one of the most eye catching remixes of the year.
You heard it here first, remember that.

Radiohead - Kid A (dangerDan Remix)

Radiohead - Kid A (dangerDAN Remix) by dangerdan_

This is by far not Dan's only remix, and I would urge you to check out his Soundcloud page where there is a wealth of other material for your fine ears, available for free from the kind man himself.
I have also embedded a couple of my favourites. His awesome remix of Little Boot's Earthquake, and two of his original productions, the powerful, Escape and the melancholy, but yet transient Mokini.

Little Boots - Earthquake [dangerDAN Remix] by dangerdan_

Escape by dangerdan_

Mokini by dangerdan_

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