Monday, 5 April 2010

Mix Monday #13: Vesper

Now some people might say that #13 is unlucky, but I see that very differently, because today I'm presenting you with my own mix for April. Featuring a few exclusive tracks and my own picks for tracks I think are really gunning it at the moment.

It's the second in my Future of Funk mix series, you can catch the first in the series from both Soundcloud and Mixcloud if you're feeling the first one.

As usual I take things on quite an upbeat and full on approach and then towards the end tone things down... firstly working with some new bass, then onto a more housey tip, before playing some dubstep that I'm feeling at the moment, that isn't necessarily 'wobbly', but that has an edge about it.
I've been constantly trying to get away from the wobbly and 'filthy' infested side of dubstep for a few months now, and I think the tunes I've included go some way towards that. I wouldn't have included Spanish Fly for example, had it not had some cheeky salsa-erish edge to it :).
I love odd ball tunes, and anything with a tropical kind of feel to it, gets my vote every time.

I've uploaded the mix to Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Mediafire to cater for people's personal preferences... the main link highlighted in blue takes you to the mediafire download page and then I've embedded the other links, should you wish to go to them. Please give it a listen and most importantly, enjoy :).

Future of Funk #2 by VesperDJ

1. Douster - King of Africa VIP
2. Geoffrey James - Just Another Jack (Dizz Remix)
3. Sduk - Clunge
4. Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes (Tomb Crew Remix)
5. Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes (Foamo Remix)
6. Drop The Lime - Howling
7. Foamo - Jookie
8. Myd - Train To Bamako (Canblaster Remix)
9. Herve - Hot! Drum Attack
10. Foamo - Centavo
11. Sam Tiba - Barbie Weed
12. Mumdance - Sacrifice Riddim ft. Badness
13. Joker - Tron
14. BBE - 7 Days and One Week (Emalkay Remix)
15. J.Rabbit - Spanish Fly
16. Tom Piper & Blaze Tripp - Brrrap
17. Raffertie - 7th Dimension
18. Kastle - You Got The Love

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it... I've also done up some wee artwork for it as you can see above, as I hate posting up pictures of myself.
Although I'm trying to promote myself here, it's not just about me and my mixing, it's most importantly about the music... As is shown below in the video I've embedded of Hard House Banton's The Music, as a wee in joke I have with most friends who refer to me as, The Music Man.
You know who you all are.

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