Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sepalcure - New Hotflush

Scuba's Hotflush imprint can do no wrong right new - the Scuba LP was an absolutely cracking release, as were their Mount Kimbie remixes EPs, and the upcoming Mount Kimbie album is no different, packed full of quality tracks. Their 25th release to this date comes from Brooklyn based duo Sepalcure. Their music is a tightly woven blend of tribal dub, soulful rhythms and skittery two-step vibes. Their debut release on Hotflush, the Love Pressure Ep is a skillful combination of bassey hard hitters and 90's house vocals, melding neon synths that echo Detroit techno and wooden beats that owe as much to the Berghain as they do Brooklyn.

Appleblim played for us at Aka Aka Roar on Monday in Brighton, and Every Day Of My Life sounded absolutely massive - one of the highlights of his set. Spacious atmospherics and a massive vocal hook create a truly epic rolling house track. The lead track off the EP, Love Pressure is an equally skillful combination of the styles that have made Hotflush so popular - techno, house and dubstep.

The other two tracks are no different, Down sampling the same vocal as Dubbel Dutch's recent Deep Underground tune, adding some driving, thrusting synths and broken, rolling beat.

Many people will be familiar for the EP from it's appearance on the recent Scuba vs SCB Resident Advisor podcast - and perhaps it is the dual nature of this EP that makes it so successful. The skippery, cut up vocal samples and atmospheric synths place the EP nearer to dubstep, however the rolling broken beats and the tempo place it nearer to the house/techno side of the 'nuum. The truth is this EP straddles both of these genres, making it as likely to appear in a Ben Klock or SCB set as they would a Scuba or Appleblim set.

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