Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tune Tuesday

Been a bit quiet on the blog recently - it's that time of year when exams start to take over, but a bit of a break in the clouds of Uni work means normal posting resumes this week - tune action from Dizzee Rascal, Wookie, Wiley & Trim and Sam Diamond.

First up is the excellent Glasswerks from Chicago Skyway - Chicago seems to be bringing the exciting music in a big way at the moment, between juke and this Acid House project from Sean Hernandez. This tune is from the Wolfgang Hair Ep (Uzuri Recordings), you can cop the whole EP on vinyl here. Glasswerks combines vintage jacking acid rhythms with fragile melodies, and is well worth checking out - it takes the spirit and vibe of classic Chicago house without ever sending too derivative, and retaining a sense of originality.

Next up is more Chicago action, this time on the 160bpm juke vibe. RP Boo is often cited as one of the pioneers of the Juke sound, and this tune is a great sample of his sound. For some reason that I'm not 100% clear on the song is under the name Arpebu, although I'm assured by Dave Quam (who's a promoter/general Juke enthusiast from Chicago) that it is an RP Boo production. Like much of the Juke stuff floating around the interweb, no real information on the song, although it is taken from Arpebu's (RP Boo???) Dude off 59th Street mix, which is well worth checking out in it's own right.

Another massive mixtape has to be Roll Deep's Trim and his Soul Food Volume 2. War Report 4 is one of the highlights of that mixtape, featuring Eski Boy Wiley on supporting vocals alongside the very talented Trimbal. In a day and age where vocal grime is floundering and the Butterz camp of instrumental bizzniss is bringing the most exciting music (for me anyway), then quality vocal grime has to be supported.

On a mellower tip, Sam Diamond's excellent Aaliyah sampling UK house track has been doing it in a big way for me in warmup sets, combining the great R&B songstress vocals with a classic xylophone melody and a nice rolling beat. Check out Sam's soundcloud here, the excellent Goldfish Riddim is well worth checking out too.

Keeping it on a housey tip, UK garage legend Wookie has (much like MJ Cole, Sticky and many other UKG heads) turned his production skills to that murky area in between UK house and UK Funky, and Gallium combines the best of those two genres to great effect. Uplifting piano riffs sit nicely alongside catchy vocal samples and a steady beat.

Last up is an excellent sinogrime remix of Dizzee Rascal's I Luv U - this remix combines that classic vocal sample with new bars from Dizzee himself and a synth that comes straight from the Orient. Who would have thought that hi-energy grime smasher I Luv U could become a mellow sinogrime roller, taking the vibes of Wiley's Shanghai and Lewi White's Chiney Chin riddim but toning everything down and creating an altogether mellower vibe.

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