Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The VERY Best of WMC Miami 2010...

Ok so if you're like me... a small time DJ, slightly into production, but your pretty much at the moment, a nobody, then you've probably also been very fed up with hearing about Miami on Twitter, left right and centre all over the past weekend. So rejoice in the best of Miami WMC.

So to celebrate the fact that we are all NOT THERE... let's take a look back at the last four days, with the best pics and quotes from Twitter. Starting with yours truly Erol Alkan... followed by a couple of my favourite.
Erol Alkan: @iamfakeblood just dropped a track which goes 'Riverdance, Motherfucker'. And guess what. It samples Riverdance.

Seb Chew: If you're a dj and you're having a bad one at WMC you should just play @atrak 's remix of yyy's & loop it for an hour. U could do alot worse.

Diplo: All my miami dudes. If u don't sleep with a hot girl from @erolalkan or @anniemacdj s party.. Ur jus pathetic

Toddla T: the minute all the djs come in from the pool the hotel wireless goes slooowwww

Annie Mac: after my 900 pound phone bill after my last US trip... i had to have a word with myself..

Boys Noize: Ok, the first 10 that reply get a free guest list for our Boysnoize Records tonight at Louis !!!

AC Slater: why are @jackbeats wearing Armani watches?

Fake Blood: Having to walk it back from White Room cos of the shit cabs here. Awesome.
Here's Beni from Jack Beats, balls deep in a Mustang him an Naill hired out for a few days in LA before heading to Miami... swine.

By far the best picture I've come across though, comes from none other than the effect wizard James Zabiela, who showed off his record box before Miami, in style.

The best quote though comes from Jack Beats, and pretty much sums up the pointlessness of this post, but bit of fun anyway really.
Jack Beats: For all the peops at home hating on those partying in Miami this week... Good news- the weather is shit today! Beach party FAIL... Haha

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