Monday, 24 August 2009

Club Candy

Rise and shine... another day, another week, a new start?

I can safely say I've had an awesome weekend, having played my first London gig and seen my favourite DJs live for the first time... my mood can kind of be summed up if I was to type holy sheet five billion times, but I will leave that analysis of expression up to you. To the tunage!!!

So finally, after over a two year wait for some new material we've finally had the third coming of the Northern Primates let onto us. This is a great glitchy housey/techy remix from a member of the Erol forum massive who has been gracious enough to urge everyone to blog about it. Seeing as this is a very good day for British music, I thought this tune was very necessary!
Hope you like it!

A really clever re-work here from the sheffield based lads, which they sent over to me yesterday. Hints of HiJack and Will Bailey for me, but keeping things have been kept fun and not too overbearing. It's a slight edit of the original remix, which sounds exactly the same until the middle when all hell breaks loose into downright jackin' lunacy. I love tracks like this, they don't take the music too seriously and aim to smash the fuck out of any dancefloor at the same time. I banged this out up London last week to devastating effect!

Now this track first came to my attention via Mr. K Sellout a few weeks back on his Rhaaadio 1 show, and upon enquiring about the tune from The Cheerz I was told it will be getting a full release as part of their new EP The Birth. It's soon to drop on .... and I'll give you a heads up when its released so you can a cheeky 320 sometime soon! Feel that bassline though... it kind of reminds me of the last time I ate a chilli pepper, my mouth was on fire and I managed to tip a 2 litre bottle of coke down myself while insanely fucked one night back at a mates house last year. If its good enough for Kissy, its definitely good enough for me!

Yet another fine remix from a UK Techno producer literally blowing up at the moment. You might remember I let onto you his exclusive remix of his own take on the classic tune The Trouble With Me by Black Legend. This one is a more stripped down affair, but nevertheless a good listen and solid remix.

Highbloo - 50cl [SqueakyBleeps Hot New Tune]
Finally... saving the best for last here with up and coming producer Highbloo. I came across this dude's myspace yesterday, and via a marvelous stroke of luck (at the same time) he ended up getting in touch with me and lacing a 320 of his killer tune 50cl over to my person.
Much respect to this 19 year old producer from Belgium, after only a year of producing tunes, he's managed to come up with this banger. It really captures the whole essence of the electro scene change this year from a jackin' sound to a more ravey techno based sound. Think Renaissance Man, Riva Starr, Jesse Rose, Mowgli and Boy 8-Bit's new Baltic Pine EP. Any record producers out there check out his MySpace and SIGN UP our man... killa tunes!

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