Monday, 10 August 2009

Club Candy

I really need to think about posting an entry on this blog when I'm not drunk, however, you dudes need some rave in your lives and I am here to sort you out before the week is truly upon us! Let's get ready to skank!

Now I enlightened you with this absolute banger of a track just a few days ago, but there have been some serious developments since then. Mr. Dirty D himself was very kind to comment on the post in which his directed us all to a 320k version of the track, which has subsequently gone on to be broadcast for the very first time on the airwaves, on Kissy Sell Out's Radio 1 show last week.
Taking the best parts of each track, D, has managed to keep things fresh whilst still keeping the party going with this brilliant mash-up. Get onto this asap!

When I heard that a Dubstep remix of this track existed, I literally started foaming at the mouth with excitement and rightly so! Serious Dubstep remix of Proxy's huge tune from last year... Caspa's been rinsing this recently, and rightly so, its an absolute barnstormer of a tune.
Probably one of the most creative basslines I've heard all year, download link available from the page.

Currently getting played to death by everyone whos anyone right now.
There seems to have been a huge surge in tunes of late with this sort of sound... I'm thinking Pon De Floor and Knuckles huge remix of Blake as definiate similarities. Almost wobbled basslines with a huge ravey emphasis on high pitched whines. Kind of like a fox yelping, but without the annoyingness of it. If that makes any sense to you whatsoever. Also check out this guys MySpace... some seriously sick material from such a young producer!

I was directed to this through the wonderous Erol Alkan forum, from a very nice chap indeed!
He's quite new to producing but everything I've heard from him so far via the forum has really impressed me, and this is a perfect example of his unique sound. Probably one of the best remixes of Mars that I've heard, can't wait to play out that bassline :D

Rusko's bass thumping monster of a glitchy dub remix was finally let loose via download services today, with a 12" release coming along with Sub Focus' DnB take on August 31st. Please head over to Rusko's Beatport page and support him in the best way possible! His newest tune Rock Bottom with Caspa was also released last week :D

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