Monday, 31 August 2009

Club Candy

Some big news ahead this week in the blogosphere... Ben has returned to the UK! He's currently sorting his life (email inbox) out, but shall be writing posts here again very soon! Also Noiseporn finally completed their mammoth journey to Mongolia raising money for charity.

From their tweeting homeland: "arrived in Mongolia after 47 days on the road raising money for @savethechildren and listening to @mixtapemarathon. it's been mad!!!!!!!!!!!"
A very very very big congratulations to them!

On with the tunage...

I thought with it being Carnival this Notting Hill bank holiday weekend, and with there being a very special shank-up with Major Lazer in town this afternoon... some Samba was much needed
I've been a fan of Bonde Do Role ever since I bought a mad stash of promo's off ebay a few years back, in which Gasolina. Many happy times ensued. This is their first crack at the South American instiution in music. Many Kudos Kudos Kudos to them. It has brightened up my Sunday morning recovering from Eastern Electrics, which way the way was banging!

After a hugely impressive jackin' remix of Pon De Floor comes this slice of booty bass action from Sheffield based Skullduggery, who can do no wrong in my eyes. Opting to not tackle the mammoth task of altering the K-Hole Bass Riddim (and rightly so, leave that mother well alone), Skullduggery have decided on playing with the signature ravey theme sequence, which I heard yesterday all the way from Creamfields... even though I was actually in the kitchen as Pizza Hut in Dartford... got to love your mates ey, they know when to make you feel great! Anyway, download this immediately, purely makes you smile from ear to ear :)!

Little bit of funky disco here from our main man Alan Hostage, who is simply of fire at the moment, I envy his work ethic tremendously. Seems like there's a new track or remix weekly from the Scot.
Keeping things rather fresh a well with a tasty ravey breakdown and juicy lead synths off the back of a class funky beat. There's a whole host a new material from the man at the moment so I really urge you to check out his MySpace.

Clearly one of the tunes of the moment right now... Crookers here on the remix and a weird combination. The signature 2009 ravey electro sound, but on top of a generic housey beat, which kind of makes it sound really flat until the drop. Big ups to Electric Zoo for the upload.
Big tune... play it... learn to like it... play it... love it... play it some more... get sweaty for it!

The Raged - Home Experiment [SqueakyBleeps Hot New Tune]
An absolute techno monster here from The Raged, who I introduced you to last week with his superb remix of The Arctic Monkeys.
With support from Richie Hawtin and Joe & Will Ask? I could really see this track should going places if it's picked up by the right people. I thinking Hannah Holland, Meat Katie and Evil Nine would love this kind of track. Shit is banging, and I don't often say this about techno, but hear and feel that bass! I'm playing with DeepGroove in October so I'll definitely be introducing this tune to them... hats off to you dude! Home Experiment... more like Military Secret.

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