Tuesday, 11 August 2009

New Hadouken! EP

Got some sick news for you today in the form of an impending EP from the one and only Hadouken!

I've been a firm follower of the band since they first came about at the end of 2006 and have managed to see them on a number of occasions including their sold out Astoria gig, and performance at Glastonbury 2008. Everytime I go back and listen to their old material, even their first release That Boy That Girl, it still sounds like it could have been released just last week. I even named my first club night I ran at University after their second release Liquid Lives.

I was really looking forward to hearing the new material after I was taking some work experience at their management company last summer and heard a few rough tracks, that they may have dropped. However, it seems they've kept things fresh with this track. It's good to see how they're always on top of every scene, I saw James (Singer) from the band at Count & Sinden's recent Mega Mega Mega Warehouse Party and he said he'd come along to see Plastician mainly, who coinsidently has remixed their new tune M.A.D, which is part of the new EP, with remixes also from Detboi and Phace.

It's set to be released 14th September on Atlantic, which will be their first release since Crank It Up last July. I'm really excited for the guys as it seems they've taken the time to reassess the scene and not rush a second album that was originally planned for release late last year. I interviewed James last year for a Podcast that me and a course mate done as a short project to get some experience interview wise with artists and he said that he couldn't see the band going for more than three albums, purely because he seems himself as more of a producer than a band member.

You can catch the Phace remix from the youtube video below and Plastician's remix can be streamed from the link below. The original track is also on their Myspace. Must admit as well, that's some sick cover art!

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