Friday, 20 November 2009

Gremlinz - Picks of dubstep, hip hop, reggae and grime.

Few new bits and bobs from me now - largely dubstep, hip hop, reggae and grime:

Classic grime tune from Wiley here, on a slightly different tip.  At the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003, as garage started to become less popular and grime developed into something definable, a sub genre of grime emerged - 'sinogrime', that took its influences from the Orient.  Wiley and Jammer were the main exponents of the genre, and this was one of the biggest tunes - check it.

UNTOLD // Stop What You're Doing (James Blake Remix)

This is one of the most extraordinary records I've heard recently - James Blake pulls it off again.  Now available on Hemlock as a 10" with the Pangea mix on the other side, this sounds like it comes from another planet - it starts off gently, but when it fizzles into life it goes off.  This quote from Ben Ufo, head of Hessle Audio pretty much sums it up for me: "the must utterly next level piece of music I've heard in years.  Please support Hemlock and James by picking up this 10" now: Boomkat.


Classic tune off the Wu-Tang Clan member's 2000 LP Supreme Clientele - it retells the pleasures and hardships of youth, accompanied by a classic rolling hip hop beat, produced by RZA.

DARKSTAR // Aidy's Girl Is A Computer

First featured on Hyperdub's 5, celebrating 5 years of the label, this then came out as a single on Hyperdub.  Faltering synth lines and delay infused vocals combine with a hypnotic twosteppy beat - a must have record.

YT // England Story

Reggae track from UK head Yt, documenting the story of Eighties UK sound systems such as Saxon, Coxsone, Unity, Volcano, Taurus, Jah Shaka, and of much-loved DJs of the era such as Top Cat, Tippa Irie, Macca B, Tenor Fly, Prento Youth and many more.

SBTRKT // rekorda

Great tune from sbtrkt here - 2step rhythms and clipped ravey piano chord stabs, this must be one of these future garage tunes everyone is going on about. Jittery, percussive and shuffley, this one is a must have -  grab this tune here.

JOSE JAMES // Blackmagic (Joy Orbison Remix)

I'm sure most heads will have heard of Joy by now, despite this being only his second release, but the boy is bringing some serious heat here.  Difficult to pin down but robust rhythms make a seriously spine tingling listen.  This tune doesn't even drop till halfway through, but when it does, it really goes.  If 2step rhythms and swirly house keys are your ting (if not, why not?), then grab this tune now:


Classic reggae cut from Sister Nancy, one of those tunes everyone knows. 

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