Thursday, 17 December 2009

New Bullion

It appears I've been a bit slow on this new Bullion single - as it's been announced for a while. Audio samples are already up on his myspace for the A-side (Say Goodbye To What), but it was Marie Ann Hobbs playing the dreamy B-side (Crazy Over You) that really caught me. This is on a slightly different, more melodic and less bass driven tip than Bullion's last release (Get Familiar/Rude Effort), but there's no harm in a bit of melody! Say Goodbye To What comes out on January 18th on Alex Chase's One Handed Music imprint (if you don't know this name, then head here: OHM is one of the most inspiring UK hip hop labels out there at the moment), and there's a pre-order link here.

Meanwhile, check out this rip from Marie Ann Hobb's Radio 1 show - just a taster as such, it's got Radio 1 idents and Hobbs' voice all over it, so please still support the artist and label and get this on pre-order now!

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