Sunday, 13 December 2009

News Update

Bit of a manic week for me this week, so I haven't had as much time to post as I'd hoped.  Union at Honey Club with Pendulum turned out to be an absolutely epic night - lot of free drinks, too much foam and I was on just before and just after Pendulum!  To make up for the lack of tunes, thought I'd post up a couple.  If you're about on Monday I'll be playing at Fabric so pop down and say hello!  I've got a few other things over the Christmas holiday, like Poison at Cargo on the 21st of December for Niyi, and then back in Brighton after Christmas - got some massive gigs, playing for new Brighton night Aka Aka Roar on the 25th January supporting Untold and Shortstuff, and then supporting D'n'b heads TC + Original Sin at Strictly Drumz on the 6th February.

Anyway, on to the tunes. First up a new mix from me of Niyi's next single Jungle Fever - this has been getting reviewed all about, and is absolute tune - check Niyi's myspace to hear the original, and you can check Spotify here to hear the other tracks off the EP.  My mix bangs up the tempo and flips it into more of a funky thing.  

I've been promising that I'll be posting up more hardcore on the blog for a long time - it's recently found a real place in my sets, as it's much preferrable to playing the later jungle stuff (140bpm hardcore is much more in my range of mixing than 175 bpm jungle!) plus those ravey piano stabs and silly pitched up vocals do it for me every time.  Classic hardcore tune from Manix here, make sure you check out his tune Special Request as well, as featured in Zomby's hardcore mix (grab that hardcore mix from here)

Something on more of a garagey tip now - this tune was in Sinden's Fabriclive, and flips in between classic garage grooves and more of a dubstep feel. This tune is a must have.

Last up a tune that's been getting a lot of support from heads like L-Vis 1990, as well as all the Squeaky Bleeps crew!  Vato Gonzalez samples classic Pharoah Monch track and creates a massive house anthem.  

That's it for now, but keep an eye out for the epic Squeaky Bleeps best of '09 awards post that should be coming your way later this week. 

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