Thursday, 13 May 2010

Introducing... Faisal.

Got a wee heads up for you today and this is a quick post as I'm realllllly busy this week, but here's a couple of great tunes from an Erol Forum friend and top lad by the name of Faisal. He suffered somewhat of a setback last year when his hard drive failed and all of his samples/production work was lost.

He's steadily been getting himself back together, and the setback can't all be a bad thing, as he's managed to come up with these cheeky tunes. Clearly he's been hard at work since the turn of the year, and with current support from the one and only Kissy Sell Out as of later tonight on Radio 1, Faisal will certainly be moving in the right direction. Congrats, and please keep up the work dude.

Faisal - get down by faisal

It's not a style that I really post often myself on this blog, but these are some top tunes. Quite a different French house take to what I'm used to... but I'm a sucker for deep rolling basslines, especially when they're accompanied by the synths on Get Down. Quality stuff... and as for Faisal's take on Soulwax's of E-Talking, vocals, vocals, vocals... I love how everything drops off slightly before the drop too, unexpected and worthy of praise. The stereo width and the drumming production on this remix is also, spot on... Festival destroyer for 2010 for sure!

Soulwax - E-talking (Faisal remix) 320 mp3 by faisal

Download... download again... pass around, then download again. Massive.

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