Friday, 21 May 2010

Mindflow... switching it up.

Recently had this top video sent to my inbox from Mindflow... a Dubstep/Drum n Bass outfit from Norway.
Now first things first, there are no huge drops to send your brain into complete meltdown or any catchy hooks that will inevitably get boring after being played too often.

However, what this track does do is stand up as a kind of social statement for what the current state of dance music is right now. I mean without sounding too elitist and underground... and instead, speaking for the majority of people's taste in today's dance scene. We've had the wobbles, they're about as cool in 2010 as crocks have ever been, and now we're going through a sprouting of 'funky' drum patterns and more hypnotic basslines. Tunes that kind of hard back to the early days of Techno, rather than the heights of Acid-House which were more prevalent in tunes during 2008 and 2009.

I've been known so far this year to begin to get fed up with the almost over-used piano melodies of this new decade (we can thank Doctor P for that)... whatever this decade is going to be called... the Teens?
Yet, I've become rather fond of this track over the past 24 hours. It's straight up, no strings attached, summer fun, and for that reason I had to give you a heads up. Come the middle of the summer I might be so sick of pianos that I'll be ready to drop them all on a Morris Morinas in a fit a rage... But for the time being, lets all go out and buy a boombox, pop a few days, go down the park and have a good old knees up... anyone with me?

With heavy support from the likes of Annie Mac Mistajam, Caspa, Kissy Sell Out, Rattus Rattus, Flux Pavillion, Starkey, AC Slater and rather surprisingly Oneman... Switched be will released along with remixes from DC Breaks and Cutline on We Will Never Say Die. You can grab it on 7th June on Wax and 14th June Digitally... booya!

Also, here's a FREE 320 of a Mindflow remix which the kind man himself recently gave away via his myspace... enjoy!

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  1. Nice to see mindflow getting some big name support! I've been bigging him up for a while now, he's proper talented.