Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Masters At Work

Got some awesome new material for you today, so sit up and pay attention carefully.

American house duo Masters At Work ruled supreme over the American house scene from 1990 onwards - today we've got two of their finest remixes for you. MAW's remix work was simultaneously miles ahead of it's time in production terms, and at the same time stand up to this day as classic house tracks. First up is their dub mix of Anane's Walking On Thin Ice. If 2009 was the year of the seasick synths (copyright Dan Hancox) then this Masters At Work mix from 2006 has to be the track that started that trend, albeit 3 years early. A rolling house beat coupled with Anane's vocals, the track wears it's grime and UK funky influences proudly, coupling all 3 genres with a skill that many producers can only hope to achieve.

The MAW mix of their own Nuyorican Soul project, which strived to combine real musicians and genres as diverse as latin, jazz, disco, house, funk goes for the same winning formula. This mix may come from 1996, but the beat owes as much to UK funky as the Thin Ice dub, capturing that same rolling vibe to it. Classic diva vocals courtesy of Jocelyn Brown are combined with a proper big room piano chords hook - this is pure house vibes, and it goes off in the dance big time.


  1. Masters At Work are geniuses. I fucking love them.