Thursday, 20 May 2010

Pure Vibes...

Hey all... this isn't a new contributor to the blog... it's still Lee, just under a new username as I've got a new googlemail address.

Anyway... just wanted to give you all a heads up on a new YouTube channel I've setup, by the name of JustPureVibes. Basically, it's just me posting up new tunes I'm into to help promote them a bit, and support the artists. Music with Soul and Character is the name of the game.

My first featured tune comes via a new project from AC Slater and Udachi, called 92 Eternal. They've come up with a fantastic tune, titled The Feeling, and they handed it over to their good friend B.Rich, and under his new Kastle alias, he came up with this nugget of absolute gold.

You can also head over to the Just... Pure Vibes facebook page to keep up to date with all the tunes I'll be posting... it will probably be around two tunes a week, depending on what's about and what not. I hope you enjoy the tunes coming your way, but for the time being, enjoy this fantastic new blood from Kastle.

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