Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Vinyl Week: Wednesday

So Vinyl Week has reached the middle point of it's 5 day stronghold (if you don't know what Vinyl Week means at this point you might as well give up, or just go here or here). What better way to celebrate the middle point of this acetate obsesssed period than by posting the ultimate vinyl geek's favourite genre.

A bit of Detroit techno for y'all today. I've babbled about Drexciya and Underground Resistance on the blog before (here if you were fortunate enough to miss that post first time round) so no need for introductions, just tunes - and Actuator is exactly that, a proper tune. A w0nderfully understated piece of dance music, UR leave the listener to fill in the gaps between those staccato claps and jittery synth stabs.

Keep yourselves locked to Squeaky Bleeps all week, got more rare vinyl goodness coming tomorrow!

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