Monday, 6 April 2009

Back to reality...

Morning all, thought I'd check in to la-blog and give you all an update on what I think is kickin' it at the moment. I've finally managed to fully recover (I think) from a hectic week consisting of a lads piss up and girl hunting holiday in Magaluf, 6 solid days and nights of drinking, clubbing and full on raving. I also managed to lose my laptop charger, my iPod and my phone, as well as almost missing my planned flight home on Friday morning because a very inadequate hotel staff including one very unhelpful cunt, almost managed to lose my passport. Which, in turn made me miss my shuttle bus to the airport and I ended up turning up to the boarding gate, ten minutes before take off! Luckily, I got on board and made it home to get ready for the best night out in London that can only be Fabriclive, which featured an amazing night with The Chemical Brothers, A-Trak, Scratch Pervets, Riton and the very esteemed company of Green Money DJs, who Ben featured last week. This was then followed by Saturday night and all day Sunday working. Oh... Joy-To-The-World. Having said that though, it was however, one hell of a week to remember for the rest of my life, for many reasons, if you care to read the Magaluf part, very carefully ;).
Anyway, ranting over, lets get down to business!

Firstly, I'm really diggin' TADT (The American Dream Team) at the moment. They're fourth mixtape in their experimental series has recently been dropped and is available via their MySpace, but its their recent remix of Herve's project 'Machines Don't Care' that defines their sound. Lots of bass, loss of wibble, but also they possess a real nack for a good breakdown, and the vocals in the builds work really well together. As well as having the sickest bassline I've heard in a while. Turn this up very loud!

Machines Don't Care - Drop It To The Floor (TADT Baby Pop Remix)

Jack Beats is one duo that is set for a huge 2009, and they've just been confirmed to play Creamfields 2009, which don't happen just like that!
They're probably most well known for their Jack Got Jacked remix and their re-edit of the enigmatic remix of Where's My Money by Caspa, however, they're newest remix of Kidda's 'Feel Too Good' is another I've been feeling lately, and it works so well mixed into the TADT remix up there ^^^. It sees the duo taking on a more commercial kind of stance, after 'What' & 'Get Down', but its none the less a sure floor-filler.

Kidda - Feel Too Good (Jack Beats Remix)

One of the hottest dudes on the planet right now has clearly got to be Beardyman. The man was on the recieving end recently of a Breakspoll award for Best MC/Vocalist, which was as a result of his recent work with A-Skillz. However, we all know him best for his ridiculous talent with a Microphone and the holy Kaoss Pad. Annie Mac has clearly picked up on this hugely original style, and has found it fitting to present the world with the world's first Minimix that contains absolutely no electornically produced sounds or music, whatsoever. Everything within this minimix, was created solely by his mouth, then cut up, looped and FX'd to the max. This truely is one of the most amazing things I've ever heard. His imitation of deadmau5's 'The Reward is Cheese' absolutely blows my mind.

Beardyman - Radio1 Minimix (03/04/09)

Scatman John- 'Scatman'
Run DMC vs Jason Nevins- 'It's like that'
Deadmau5- 'The reward is cheese'
Aphex Twin- 'Windowlicker'
Leftfield- 'Phat Planet'
Unknown- '50,000 watts'
David Bowie- 'Let's Dance'
Chase & Status- 'Eastern Jam'
Radiohead- 'The National Anthem'
Pharcyde- 'Passing Me Bye'
Jay-Z-'99 Problems'
Dizzee Rascal- 'Fix up Look Sharp'
Chase & status vs. capleton- 'Duppy Man'

One of my firm favourites for 2009 is Hostage, who had a storming end to 2008 with some amazing remixes that included Acen's 'Trip II The Moon', The Streets' 'Let's Push Things Forward' and his original works 'Shake It','Ain't No Man' and 'The Slave'.
He's recently smacked it with a few new tunes to wet our appetites, including the rather tasty 'Murder Rocket', which Ben graced you with recently. However his remix of La Roux's 'In For The Kill'. It's nice to see a fresh take on the tune after Skream's mammoth rave tune. Mr. Hostage has also just let out his newest monster mix, which also includes his new remix of The Prodigy.

The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Hostage Remix)
Hostage - Concrete Mix

The Temper Trap - 'Science Of Fear (Herve Remix)'
Rico Tubbs - 'Lumberjack (Calvetron Remix)'
AC Slater - 'No Party For Old Men'
Bit Thief - 'Tidal Rave'
HeavyFeet - 'Killa'
The Prodigy - 'Take Me To The Hospital (Hostage Remix)'
Foamo - 'Wardance'
Milner - 'Freak Nasty'
Blackfinger - 'UMF (Supra1 Remix)'
Hostage - 'Murder Rocket'
Gtronic - 'Iron Man'
Jack Beats - 'What (Foamo Remix)'
La Roux - 'In For The Kill (Hostage Remix)'

To finish off, I thought I'd enlighten you with a little tune of my own... I've not gotten into hardcore producing yet, but I recently did a little mashup edit of Hervé's Re-Fix of Mars, which cuts in and out of the original, with a few tasty reverb's and with the original vocal sample that Hervé included in his version... Enjoy people!

Fake Blood - Mars (The Hervé Re-Fix with a Glitch-y make-over)

Hopefully, some other mixes from the other writers yet to join the crew, should be up and on board during this week, until next time... Adios

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