Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Dubstep Dance (Over 75s Only)

A few weeks back I did a short post of an amazing video I found that was the best example of how to dance dubstep I'd seen :P. It was basically just a bloke doing crazy dancing pretending he was on K... but you know, it was a good laugh.
It gets better though, as Benga, Zinc and Skream found out last summer whilst sound checking in Barcelona. Possibly the grooviest old man to hit the dancefloor since James Brown!

Also a word about this weekend's clubbing schedule!

Wherever you go this Friday in London, your bound to have an absolute stormer! I'm being dragged to Ministry of Sound to see Armin Van Buuren @ The Gallery, due to the fact that I've dragged my mates everywhere else in the last couple of months, most notably Plump DJs' Headthrash night @ Fabric with Fake Blood and DJ Craze back in February. However, I suppose now it's my turn to 'learn' some new music.
Anyway back on topic... other highlights of the weekend include the April Playaz night @ Fabric, featuring Hype, Pascal, Andy C & DJ Die among others. As well as an exclusive guest performance from LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad in Room 2, whose been confirmed for Fabriclive 46, which hit shelves in June and NAPT headline Room 3, fresh from they're romping hat-trick of awards at this years Breakspoll.
Elsewhere in town Chew The Fat! are back with a huge lineup @ The Arches, Foamo, Lee Mortimer, Calvertron, Zodiac Cartel and the one and only Trevor Loveys provide the tunage. There's also the THIS IS NOT LONDON party @ Scala for the album launch of Who Made Who, and Sick! On The Dancefloor takeover SeOne with Will Bailey, 2 Bit Thugs and Matt Cox.

In the spirit of such an occasion such as Mr. Bukem @ Fabric (that I am very pissed that I'm going to miss) this weekend, I've managed to dig out an absolute classic in his legendary Essential Mix with MC Conrad for Radio 1 back in March 1996. Enjoy!

Dusted - "Access" (Good Looking) 
G-Force - "G-Force" (Good Looking) 
Johnny L - "untitled" (XL) 
Phil Basement - "A Jazzier Groove" (Good Looking) 
Jack Smooth - "The Genesis Project [Remix]" 
Shogun - "Together" 
Shogun - "Stretch [Remix]" (R&S) 
Universal - "untitled" (Good Looking) 
Voyager - "Hyper Sleep" 
Seb & Lotek - "So Long" (Looking Good) 
P.H.D. - "untitled" (Good Looking) 
Aura - "Aura" (Mo' Wax) 
Intense - "Only You" (Creative Source) 
Subject 13 - "Subject 13" (Good Looking) 
Crystal - "Mind Games" (Good Looking) 
Universal - "Groove Therapy" (Good Looking) 
UFO - "Loud Minority [Alex Reece Mix]" (Talking Loud) 
DJ IIs - "untitled" 
Life On Mars - "Cool Spot" (Clean Up) 
The Jedi Knights - "Solina" (Universal Language) 
Phungus - "untitled" (Reload) 
Voodoo Child - "Desperate" (Trophey)

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