Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Do the Dubstep Dance!

If you like me are stuck under a mountain of university work, and feel like your whole world is crashing down right in front of your eyes, then the best thing to do, is take a break, crack on the Dub-step and learn how to do the dance. Now let's be honest, none of us really have a clue about how to really dance to that stuff, its good shit we all know that, but it does lack a certain how to put it 'decorum', in other words, something the queen would turn her nose up to as 'boom boom boom, nonsense. Ok I fucked up that description, I was trying to think of a fancy french phrase to describe something that lacks what people of a higher class would find suitable. Epic fail.
However, heres a beginners guide to dancing to Dub-step, plus the track in the video, which is rather sick! if I do say so myself.


Unitz - The Drop/Morning Blues (Rapidshare)

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