Friday, 24 April 2009

The Squeaks #1

Now that things are moving along quite nicely one the blog, its definitely time to crack on with the first post in the 'Squeaks & Bleeps' series that I introduced to you last Friday. 5 Tunes aimed at getting you in the party mood for the weekend. 'The Squeaks' focusses on tunes of a more uplifting nature, the sort of tunes played @ The Gallery on Friday nights at Ministry of Sound or a typical night at the Techno capital known as Berghain in Berlin.

This week we've a real treat for you in the shape of a new direction being taken by the man most people know as Hostage. Alan Hostage as he's better known has recently taken to producing more Technoey based tunes under his a guise 'Alan H'. In a recent post on his Twitter he explained his reasoning:

"it is me - just under a slightly different guise - doing deeper slower grindin techno!"

One of Joel's newest tracks that I hear he's been banging out in his live sets recently, I hope he plays it when I get to see him in a couple of weeks in Camden :D
This track really strikes me as unique, it's tech-house in its core, but its also quite brash and in your face... almost like he's trying to bring an element of big-beat into the equation, and the bassline is gastly!

New tunes from Angello that's surfaced recently, currently getting a lot of love from Dave Spoon at the moment via his monthly Radio 1 slot.
It's a really interesting tune that seems to pin pick snippets from a range of styles including progressive, electro house, tech-house and the sweeping crunching hi-hats we've been used to hearing from the techno heartland of Berlin over the past couple of years. Don't miss this!

A storming mash-up here!

I literally cannot believe that I managed to miss the release of this tune... Dusty Kid is one of my favourite producers out there... such a tight tune!

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