Wednesday, 29 April 2009

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Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve DJ Set @ Bloggers Delight @ Lock Tavern on Sunday 3rd May

Beyond The Wizard Sleeve is Erol Alkan + Richard Norris (from legendary English electronic group The Grid). It's free entry, Alkan is on from 5-10pm. They have remixed artists like Goldfrapp, Franz Ferdinand, Findlay Brown, Simian Mobile Disco, Late of the Pier, Peter, Bjorn and John. When they DJ together they play a mix of 60's pysch rock, disco, and their own remixes and re-edits. Facebook event page

Hardcore Continuum Discussion

Today (April 29th) from 2-6pm at the UEL's Docklands Campus, a group of journalists, DJs and bloggers get together to in association with the Wire to discuss the Hardcore Continuum - Simon Reynold's theory that 
the most urgent and innovative British dance music of the last twenty years – Jungle, Speed Garage, 2-step, Grime, Bassline House – belongs to a lineage that started with a mutation of rave at the beginning of the 1990s.  As Reynolds himself said:  “I call it a ‘continuum’ because that’s what it is: a musical tradition/subcultural tribe that’s managed to hold it together for nearly 20 years now, negotiating drastic stylistic shifts and significant changes in technology, drugs, and the social/racial composition of its own population. … And I call it ‘Hardcore’ because the tradition started to take shape circa 1990 with what people called Hardcore Techno or Hardcore Rave, or sometimes simply Ardkore.”  More info on the event here, and on the continuum itself here.

It turns out that The End is not actually closing... Well not as a club anyway, as due to lack of funding there wasn't enough money to turn it into flats, and it is now reopening as the Den.  More info here, but one can't help but feel that without nights like Bugged Out, Trash, Durr, Ram and FWD behind it, this new venue will never be as special as the End.

Got a brand new single from Embryonik on the email from the Noise Porn team today, and it's a belter.  I've included a 128k version, but if you like it please follow the itunes link, and buy it, and check out the Embryonik myspace

embryonik. - Hollywood - EP

I've had a couple of new Rebirth releases drop into my mailbox over the past few weeks as well, both of them absolutely quality, as I've grown to expect from the label who've released some cracking tunes by Adriano Filipucci, Djuma Soundsystem, Julian Sanza and Axus. Both were on a more disco tip than I usually expect from Rebirth, whose usual releases are on a more techey/tech house tip.

1 FancyBeat - Funk In.  

2 NUfrequency feat Snax - Passage of Time.

Must hears, especially the Juan Maclean mix of Passage of Time  and the Telespazio mix of Funk In.  Great to hear some more disco type stuff from Rebirth, and I'm clearly not alone - these two releases have been getting support from Aeroplane, In Flagranti, Matt Walsh, Grum and Boy 8 Bit.

I put up my new chart for May on my RA page (bit premature I know, but if we get any late belters coming through in the next couple of days I can always change it!

Hey, Mr. Lee here... few small items from me to round off the week in news!

Firstly, The Fat! Club launched a huge DJ competition this week, with the winner playing along side the legendary DJ Zinc, and rising UK stars Caspa, Rusko and Foamo during their next party @ The Arches, London.
To enter you need to make a one hour mix, record it to CD and send into The Fat! Club... the winner will play an exclusive one hour set in the main room on the night... All details can be found

It seems that lately a hugely disgusting fake HQ version of DJ Zinc's
Blunt Edge from his upcoming album 'Life Begins At Midnight' has been circulating the blogosphere lately. The file was downloaded from youtube and then uploaded to blogs @ 320kbps.
However, the funny part came when Zinc himself uploaded the full version of the song to youtube with a voice over that explains the file being a dud. The original file that was uploaded before was infact a 56kbps MP3, that some people have clearly converted to a 320 version... thinking it would make a difference to the codec and everyone would think a real version had surfaced! This serves as a warning to a lot of people and DJs as well that all the music you get from blogs may not always be in that saint like 320kb state we all love and crave.
In the spirit of things though...
Blunt Edge, which was included in Fake Blood's Essential Mix for Radio 1.... it an absolute banger! Also check out his new 2009 DnB rework of his 1999 Jungle Classic 138 Trek, entitled 178 Trek...

DJ Zinc - 138 Trek

DJ Zinc - Blunt Edge

Finally ending on a lighter note... Pictures emerged last week of a new Tatoo being sported by Mr. Zimmermau5, although its yet to be confirmed if its real, and whether he knew about the Space Invaders inspired tat that's used by French DJ Joachim Garraud as his logo... either way... it's shocking! I mean I'm a huge fan... but really what is that! He'll just have to hide it on stage now, by wearing a mask... or a giant green mouse head of some kind maybe... just a thought :P

Think that's all for this week, keep an eye out for artist features coming up on 

1  The Pipedown boys

2 Matt Cox who's had remixes out on Destination for Calvertron and AC Slater

3 Dean Tynan who's had releases out on Universal Records, Tunnel Vision records for Ludacris, Aina and A1 Bassline, and whose joint track with A1 Bassline We Love Pussy had to be one of the biggest tracks of last year.

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