Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Few Bits and Bobs

Got a few things I've been meaning to post up for a bit now, so I thought I'd make a proper go of it and try and post a good tune from pretty much every genre of dance music.  Well every genre I listen to anyway.

On the more techey side of things, Turbo have been absolutely killing it lately - the upcoming Tiga album, their Omnidance compilation, that Kolombo 12" with the hilarious sample, plus the new Tiga podcast.

Jesper Dahlback  has long been one of my favourite Turbo artists, and his new EP Cables & Things is class - proper acidic techno.  My favourite track was definitely Super Connector - 7 minutes of twisting synth lines and pounding drums.  Here's a 128kpbs mp3 of Super Connector, so you can get an idea.  If you like the track then buy the EP, 128kpbs definitely isn't suitable for playing out, and not ideal for home listening either.  Plus if any record label deserve your support, then it's got to be Turbo.

You can buy the EP here.

On more of a housey tip, Canadian Alias' new track is a must have - ghettotech chopped up female vocals repeating that hypnotic refrain over and over, with a droning bassline and the kind of beat that the term midget house (minimal fidget house.... to far?) was invented for.

(Hosted by the lovely Curb Crawlers blog)

If you like your house nice and bassy then Tomb Crew are definitely for you - they've got to be one of my favourite DJ crews, they mix together a bit of funky, dubstep, 2step, fidget, grime, drum and bass - pretty much everything, and their sets always seem to be absolutely massive, especially when they've got one of their MCs with them, Illaman particularly.  One of their new tracks mashes together Pharoah Monch and Beyonce, and totally kills it bmore style, some classic clattering bmore breakbeats, great horn samples, "if you like it then you should have putting a ring on it", and Pharoah Monch telling all the single ladies to "rub on your titties".  What more could you want from a song?

For more information on Tomb Crew, head over to the Chew the Fat blog for an exclusive track - Welcome to D-more (it's boss. enough said) and an interview with the crew.

Bassline has had a bit of a renaissance with me recently - I've got back into it after being thoroughly put off by a few too many female vocalists putting rubbish Uffie style party vocals over bassline tracks.  Nay Nay and Piddy Py are probably largely responsible for this - Piddy Py's Giggle Riddim 12" was probably my favourite bassline record ever, and this Deadly tune definitely falls into the same bassline vibe as that - a lovely 2 step drum beat, far too many basslines for its own good, some of which are far too dubstepey/electroey for a normal bassline tune, and my favourite vocal line ever:  "Don't wife dat, thats everyone's Pom Pom."

N.B. Funky's new 12" Riddim Box has to be one of the standout funky releases for 2009 for me - the flip side Nuts straddles bassline and funky, and pretty much kills both genres.  The A side Riddim Box was named by Squeaky Bleep's favourites GreenMoney as their One For Tha Money Single of the Week on their Ministry of sound Radioshow, and I definitely agree - that subby bassline, coupled with a drumbeat that reminds me a lot of what Roska was trying to do on his Climate Change EP, but N.B. Funky definitely pull it off better here.

(Hosted by the lovely Curb Crawlers blog)

I don't know if dubstep has spread properly to the states yet, but there are definitely a few American's getting in on the act - AC Slater, Drop the Lime etc.  Brooklynite Cobra Krames' is one of my old favourites as far as US Ghettotech goes - his Guns Up Anthem uses more gunshot samples than any song ever (citation needed?) and samples K Swift's Hands Up Thumbs Down with great results.  This dub from him has France's Tasty Took on vocals, and has a definite American influence to it - you can tell this is Dubstep from the other side of the Atlantic.

(Hosted by the lovely Palms Out Sounds blog)

On the higher BPM side of things, got a couple of things for you - a classic jungle track from Jungle Brothers - a long hip hop style intro just makes that jungle drop even better, and with a bassline that catchy, that's no easy task.

Second tune comes all the way from Eastern Europe - Crunkczar is a new musical craze over there, and taking a little bit from gabba, US hip hop, and Polish techno, it's as wierd as it sounds like it would be.  The template for Crunkczar seems to be hilariously high tempo beats (any beat will do, although my favourite tunes were definitely the donk ones.)  with synth lines that could come from a bad trance track, and massively pitched down vocals from US hip hop - A Milli and Smack That being two favourites.  I couldn't find out who made this A Milli mix, but it's absolutely terrifying - a fiver to the first person to play this out and video it.

My favourite part of Crunkczar has to be the drug rituals that go with it:

"During a squat rave, clubbers first take an extremely potent downer to numb their limbs and then later ingest a powerful stimulant to give them the energy to dance to the breakneck beats, which can be as fast as 200bpm. Currently, the most popular downer used is carfentanil, which was famously used to anaesthetise a T-Rex in Jurassic Park 3. Transdermal patches containing the drug are stolen from veterinary practices and sold on the black market for the equivalent of just under 20p a go. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, the user's limbs become so numb that it reportedly feels like they have transformed into a rubber-like state. Next, a powerful amphetamine such as Dexedrine will be taken, and the raver will embark on what is known as the crunkczar power dance. To me it looks like flailing around uncontrollably, but there you go.

The combination of these two drugs is terrifyingly hazardous and numerous incidents of people collapsing during crunkczar events have been reported. Ryszard told me that someone he knew broke an arm during a rave, but didn't realise until the next day." 

Guardian article on Crunkczar.

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