Monday, 13 July 2009

Hedflux & Tom Wilkes - Basscake

An AMAZING new tune... possibly one of the most anticipated breaks tunes of the year, definitely for me at least and the third release on Far Too Loud's own label Broken Robot, a collaboration between the acid-breaks master Hedflux and beat-junkie Tom Wilkes entitled, Basscake.

Hedflux aka Steve Young was first introduced to my ears last summer when I came across his monster tune Music is My Weapon... which was soon on repeat constantly, along with Far Too Loud's remix.

Much like many new breaks producers these days, including my own favourites Stereo:Type and Specimen A, Hedflux really hasn't gotten the praise he truly deserves, and I feel with this release he has really hit the ground running.
The release including remixes from Matthew McCurry (what a name) & Stephen Cole, and Plastic Shell has been let out to the world via Vinyl and Beatport today with other download services gaining privilages on July 27th.

I first heard the tune back at the end of last year when Far Too Loud included the tune on their November 08' mix, and then I heard it again when FTL took over the airwaves of NSB radio early this year. However, there were two stark contrasts to the two versions. The first included a vocal and the second didn't. Now, I'm also unsure as to whether the vocal was part of the song in the first place, as FTL could have just mixed it in, but I did think it suited the vibe rather well and it helped build to the climatic drop. However, it appears the vocal (whether legit or not) has been dropped and the original mix itself seems to have been kept vocal free. However, I am writing this post on Sunday evening and since the sample of the tune below does not contain the sample then I expect that when I purchase it tomorrow, it won't have one in it either.

It is although a little bit of a shame, but it also seems that in the finished version there are a number of extra layerd synth sounds, which kind of make up for the loss. Nevertheless it is a small debate, and I'd like to hear your responses on the tiny issue. Enjoy the samples of the original and the remixes below, and please support the fantastic work that Steve Young has been doing over the past two years or so by buying the release here, because he truly deserves it.

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  1. We were asked to take the vocal out by the label I'm afraid.

    It was taken from ghostbusters & it was a marmite moment...I loved it but Hedflux & the label thought it didn't work with the rest of the tune so it was dropped in the final version.