Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunburned but never Burnt Out!

Possibly one of the hardest working producers around is finally back with a new mix and some new tunes ready to state his claim to greatness once more. The glasgow based one-man-ginger-party Hostage burst onto the scene in 2008 with his monster productions Shake It, Ain' No Man and The Slave. In fact one of his very first mixtapes, entitled Does My Bass Look Big In This contained entirely his own material bar a Malente edit of his Roll On.
He's also notched up a sizeable remix catalogue including his massive bassy makeovers of Acen's Trip II The Moon, The Streets' Let's Push Things Forward and Altern8's Frequency.

His newest track Soundboy has just be unleashed to the world, and Special Brew has been around for a month or so, get onto these sharpish!

Then there's his mixtapes... after the one above came his powerful November mix, then his thunderous Hyper Mix, 27 tracks in 38 minutes, and his Concrete Mix, which cemeted not only his skills as a producer, but also as a talented DJ. His current gig schedule on his MySpace vouches for this with an upcoming tour of Australia in October this year.

He's recently just finished a new mix, which along with Solo's recent Fabriclive mix, Zinc's April mix and Fake Blood's Essential Mix for Radio 1, is definitely one of my favourites of the year so far. I was hoping he'd include some newly unreleased material in the mix and I wasn't disappointed with new tracks in Rudeboys and Pirates that I hadn't heard before. Along with well known tunes like Herve's Who Da Champ and Major Lazer's Pon De Floor are lesser known tracks in Heavyfeet's Raveline, Boltan's Braindead and Drop The Lime's Tabac Theme. He seems to have a perfect nack for picking out the most unique in the House and Electro rave scenes. Enjoy the mix... got some really exciting news coming for you tomorrow in some the form of some pulverising Acid-Breaks.

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