Saturday, 18 July 2009

Out with the old... in with the new?

So I've had certain things pondering around in my head lately... thoughts about the future, about the fact that in two months time I'll be underway with my third year at university and starting to get to work with research and the first stages of the dreaded D word... yes DISSERTATION!
Holy sheet!
Now it's alright for Ben, he'll only be in his first year, so he can strut along doing what he does, making tunes and such, but me I'm gonna be slogging my arse off for 8 months straight! Just when things are starting to pick up DJing wise, I'm being landed with the most important year of study in my life... ohhh yay!

However, with this new found inspiration from various other things currently happening, It seems like I've gathered a new lease of life that officially starts today. This is more of a rant than anything but its good to get something out of your system. Starting from Monday, I'm going to start giving the blog a bit of a shake up, in the form of a new layout (which is long overdue), a new direction and a much more directed focus at what I really started this blog for, which was to review the music I give out to you, rather than just stick it on a nice hand-made victorian plate and go "here, gob it".

Coming tomorrow I've got a fantastic Dubstep mix coming from a very little known DJ by the name of DJ Umb called Apocalyptic Dubstep, then on Monday I'll be laying down a sweet little summery-ish mix for all of you that I'm just going to do in one take and save all the minute practising and piddle that usually goes into the niddy biddy-ness of tidying up my mixes.
Finally, from Monday we will start seeing a new range of posts aimed at getting down and dirty with reviewing music... specifically Singles and Albums, but also I want to start getting into actually reviewing mixes that get sent to me, because believe it or not I am supposed to be a Journalist, and I ought to start living up to the title. Oh and there's also the Club Candy post that came before this one that from now on will be coming every Friday morning, containing tracks I'm sent and mash-ups/edits that have been done by me and Ben. We've be greatly donated pictures for the posts by my very good friend Bim Hjortronsteen, a Swedish photographer from my University whose work has always dazzled me... please check out her Blog... it is in Swedish, but she's been very kind and offered an English translation tool ;)

So, stay tuned for much good tidings and happenings at this little site that I've come to love more and more the more that I write about it. Also want to take this wee chance to say a mahoosive thank you to all the people that have commented in the past about the blog, given us constructive criticism or through the process of mailing us content have expressed the love for this blog. I also want to say hello to Ben who is at the moment, who is somewhere in Greece, tanning up and "looking at the peaches, walking down the beaches"... GIT!

Oh and here's a fecking tune that get's a released on July 26th... BASSLINE!

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