Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Introducting... Cavner

Today I want to introduce you to a great up and coming DJ/Producer by the name of Cavner (Dan Pitts) who I've had the pleasure of playing/partying with in the recent past. He graduated from my university (UCA) last year and has now set his sights on scoring some well deserved gigs around the country.
He's hit me up with an array of super hot techno productions and a new mixtape that truly speaks for itself.

First up is Supernova an 8 minute droning monster of a tune. If you're a fan of pumping but melodic beats then look no further than this. Think Tiga splashed with the trancey influences of the Chemical Brothers' Battle Weapon 8, and you end up with this dark, but spiralling, galloping, hypnotic masterpiece that is currenly on a very regularly repeat for me.

Next up is a journey into a new dimension. I first heard this about a couple of months ago after Dan played it at our student union. It's a long effort, but if your willing to give it a go, its the lead synth that your taken away by, as it soars and jolts through your system, as if someone is sticking a rather pleasurable knife into your spine and twisting it round just for the fun of it.
Please make a new edit of this tune Dan... it has some serious potential in my view.

This sounds to me like a slight variation on the synth used in Dirty Oven, but with a very clever percussive element underneath. Frustration and paranoya are words that come to me when I listen to this track. As if Dan is trying to release his emotions in the music, The perfect track begin closing a set with.

Dan has also recently finished a new mixtape, which is ready to download... you can grab it over at his soundcloud or from the link below, had a bang out with it last night... its very subtle for the first 20 minutes, building very nicely until the pumping beauty begins and ensues until the climatic ending, get onto this! Please also check out his other tunes, and leave some feedback. I urge any promoters get in touch with Cavner asap, a huge certain talent for the future!

1. H2 - Clocks
2. The Drill - The Drill
3. Martin Luther King's Last speech
4. Fergie - Blackeye-p
5. Wippenberg - Drumster
6. The Field - The Little Hearts Beats So Fast
7. Oxia - Domino
8. Zoo Brazil - Technik
9. Oliver Huntermann & Dubfire - Dios
10. Twin Peaks Monolouge
11. SQL - Distorted Reality
12. Bjoern Stolpmann - Virtue
13. Tiga - Shoes (Noob Remix)
14. Markus Lange - Ruhestorung Plattenbau (Oxia Mix)
15. Digital X - Exabaquerel (Bjoern Stolpmann remix)
16. Slam - Ghost Song (Joris Voorn Remix)
17. Modeselektor - 2000007 (Paul Kalkbrenners Tap that Bong Mix)
18. Meat Katie - Cracks
19. Xpress 2 - Smoke Machine (James Talk Mix)
20. Meat Katie & D Ramirez - Stop the Revolution (Jamie McHugh Remix)
21. Astronivo - Anything you Want
22. Christian Smith & John Selway - Total Departure

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