Friday, 5 February 2010


Something a bit different today - heads like Jeff Mills, Drexciya and everyone else involved in the Underground Resistance collective have been pushing their own incredibly unique and aesthetically complex view of what music should sound like and how it should be presented since 1989. I thought it was worthwhile posting up a few choice tunes - unfortunately I'm far too badly informed to even begin to offer a reading into the philosophy behind Underground Resistance's methods, but if you want to get an idea of that, check out Kodwo Eshun's Fear of A Wet Planet article for the Wire. Only Youtube links today I'm afraid, but please support UR and Drexciya by buying some releases - Electronic Warfare 2.0 (2008) by Underground Resistance is available on Boomkat MP3 here, and there is plenty of Drexciya vinyl on Discogs - the Bubble Metropolis 12" is a perfect introduction - check here. Enough of that, onto the tunes.

LATE EDIT: A UR fan has put together an amazing YouTube video which summarizes the whole movement much better than i could ever have, and it's fucking hilarious!

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