Friday, 1 May 2009

The Bleeps Week #1

Morning all... Another day, another post... and it's now officially THE WEEKEND!
Following on from last week's first Squeaks post... here's the first Bleeps post, aimed it focusing on five tunes that would typically be heard @ Fabric on a Friday night... down and dirty Electro, Breaks, Dubstep, DnB, and everything in between. Let's get to it!

This has been invading blogs over the past few weeks like a blood thirsty army on a crusade!
Just listen to that bassline... Jack Beats have done it again... I was never sure about the original... the breakdown just wasn't fitting for the drop, but this is booming insane, can't get enough of it!!! Be sure to catch them over the next month, they're playing @ Always Fridays @ The Egg tonight, and Matter on the 24th with Armand Van Helden, as well as a string of other dates over May and June in the UK.

Ok, ok, so this is old... but I needed to break it out of the 2008 closet and set it on fire once again... nothing gets me in the mood for a night out more than to hear those those bleeping leads and pulsating wobbly bassline. The purest tech-house banger out there, mashed up and given a whole new leash of life... if any of you (shame on you) have never heard this version before, then get right on it!

Here's a new one from the guys over at Noiseporn, possibly the best blog on the net!
I've only listened to this a few times since it was posted, but one thing that had an immediate impression on me was the kick drums, they are tonk! I could see this being played at an electro/breaksy night as well as at end of a Sci/Techy night. It reminds me of Shake It Down, just without that ridiculous synth. Honestly, this remix is the shit! Roll forward the techno revolution!

I've always had a bit of a thing for Myagi, and when his remix of TCM's High Roller was included in their 10th anniversary release of their debut album 'Vegas', I was officially in love with his sound. He's somewhere in between Dylan Rhymes, Elite Force, Plump DJs and Orbital all at the same time. Poising his breaks sound on techy beats and beautifully layered synths, and his basslines never fail to impress! This tune is no exception. Although the break is a simple one... its all about the synths on this one... especially the one you hear within the first 5 seconds.... tasty tasty!!!!!

Finally, possibly one of the most recognisable Dubstep bangers out there given a pure love or hate make-over by Prime Cuts. Personally I diggit, and the sampling of Jack Beats' What just gives it that extra sickening edge... "You fackin' prat!"... ahhhhh this is getting so abused when I next play!

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