Monday, 25 May 2009

SUPRA1 Artist Feature

This week we've got the Supra1 lads representing Poland, with an interview, mix and a couple of tracks.

SB: I know your first break was to do with the Trouble & Bass Crew, Drop the Lime especially, do you want to explain how that came about?

S1: Last september T&B held a remix contest for one of Little Jinder's songs titled "Polyhedron". Anyone on the internet could take their best shot at it and so did we. That's how the Polyhedron remix came about and the T&B guys liked enough to make it a winning track (along with 2 or 3 other remixes). After that they asked us to do another remix for Blackfinger which turned out nice as well, and we've been working with Luca & Patrick of T&B ever since. Really happy about it!

SB: I hear a lot of varied stuff in your mixes - techno, funky, dubstep, wonky, house. Of the productions you've done so far, you've definitely touched on some of these genres - can we expect more techno/funky style tunes from you in the future?

S1: We don't plan exactly where we want to go in our production - we're mostly just doing what we feel at the moment. Same with our mixes and DJ sets - we like to mix and match, drop some funky, drop a little techno or play the whole set at 140 bpm. 
We're surely not gonna go straight techno or straight funky in our production but try to take influences from these or other genres instead to come up with whatever tickles our fancy at the moment.

SB: That Rookies track on your myspace, is that a hint that we can expect some original material from you guys in the near future? Is it going to be on T&B aswell?

S1: Yes original material is definitely coming, that's what we're working on right now. It will be released as an EP on T&B (tentatively sometime after the summer ). Don't think the rookies track will be on it though as it was more of a "good-bye" to a sound that we really liked (and still like) but felt was already explored enough too. Have to try doing things a bit differently. 

SB: I know you guys ran a clubnight called POW! in Poland, and some of the lineups and videos I saw of the night looked amazing, wish I lived a bit nearer! How did you get involved in POW!, is it still going on? That Crazy Cousinz video especially looked fucking heaavy.

S1: Yeah we started running POW! just a few months ago as felt like we lacked a regular , monthly event that would appeal to those digging a little deeper than the mainstream. And you're right about Crazy Cousinz, it was one of the sickest nights we've ever had, no doubt. Flukes and Play are amazing producers and DJwise they really know where to go in their sets, they can read the crowd so well.

SB: I think you've got to be the only polish producers/DJs I know of, are there any other Polish DJs/Producers doing it for you that we should keep an eye out for?

S1:Yeah people like Jacek Sienkiewicz or Marcin Czubala are simply mindblowing, you should definitetly check them out. Our mate Zeppy Zep is the one to keep an eye on too. Partywise Sorry, Ghettoblaster run probably the most succesful night around, if ever in Warsaw you should definitely check it out. 

SB: I've since checked out some of these producers, and I'm now repping Poland for life!  Zeppy Zep and Jacek Sienkiewicz are going to be big for sure.

SB: Who are your top 5 producers for 2009 and what are your top 5 tracks at the moment?

S1: 5 producers for 2009 ... think Dexplicit might be quite a surprise. UK House people like Karizma or Geeneus. Starkey's working on an album. Plus Drop The Lime obviously - watch his LP hitting shelves soon, it's gonna be a huge release !

5 tracks would be Sarantis feat. Warrior Queen - More Than Money ( Starkey Remix ), Crazy Cousinz - Inflation, Sticky - Jumeirah Riddim, Julio Bashmore - Around and Geeneus - Saturday. 

SB: You've played with some amazing people in the past year or so, acts like Artful Dodger, Dexplicit, Crazy Cousinz, Joker, Bok Bok & L-vis 1990 and s
Sinden. Who was your favourite?

S1: It's really hard to say as each and every was a little different. Artful Dodger were so much fun. Dexplicit was live... Played with him twice, both shows were really raw and crazy. Crazy Cousinz, oh my days. Just youtube it. Joker is in two weeks time ! Looking fwd to it. Bok Bok & L-Vis were really solid and tight. Sinden was quite special. It was in Budapest, last year in one of the sickest venues we've played in. His set was massive too.

SB: What're your biggest musical influences, both dance music and non dance music?

S1: People like El-B or Dr Dre, Early Roots, A tribe Called Quest, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Tomasz Stanko, Bugge Wesseltoft and the whole jazzland recordings crew, but also all the swedish electro pop easy listening stuff ... 

SB: Musical influences dead on there... Especially El-B, that Roots of El-B compilation on Tempa has to be one of my releases of the year so far.

First track is the lads remix of Polyhedron by Little Jinder - the first track to get them noticed by DTL and the T&B crew - its a reet dubstep banger, with some killer female vocals vibes and possibly one of the best breakdowns I've heard in a while.  Been a favourite of mine for so long now, make sure you get on this!

Next up is a lovely piece of bouncy house - channeling some proper wonky vibes and a lovely bumping 4x4 beat.

Make sure you also get your ears round their mix for the Stealth night.  It's got a bit of everything - dubstep, wonky, funky, techno, house, fidget.

1. Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit 
2. Lil Silva - Seasons 
3. Afefe Iku - Mirror Dance 
4. Hard House Banton - Grrrw 
5. Egyptrixx - Origins 
6. Gemmy - BK 2 The Future 
7. AC Slater - Calm Down 
8. SUPRA1 - Rookies 
9. Joker - Digidesign 
10. Mikix The Cat - Freeze ( Starkey Remix ) 
11. Little Jinder - Polyhedron ( SUPRA1 Remix / DTL VIP ) 
12. Cardopusher - Grasshopper 
13. Caspa feat. D1 - Victoria's Secret 
14. KP & Envyi - Shorty Swing My Way

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