Saturday, 2 May 2009

Writers Wanted!!!

Hey all... very quick heads up!

We're looking for a couple of motivated writers... into electronic dance music, with a bit of writing flair... we'd love to have a girl ideally who's looks like Sarah Main and mixes DnB and Breaks, but you can't have everything hehe. few small requirements:

- Must be a DJ, of some kind, even if it's only at Bedroom status.
- Mixes DnB, Trance or Techno.
- Has a good knowledge of the current scene.
- Is up for meet ups and cheeky raving sessions with your fellow 'blogging buddies'... Insert 'LOL' here.
- Any age... any gender.
- Is willing to post ideally twice a week.

Many thanks!

If you're interested get in touch via our email with a short bio and a 30min mix!

SB Crew

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