Thursday, 21 May 2009

Great Scott - The Grand Conspiracy EP

Got a great exclusive for you right here in the form of a big-beat fueled masterpiece from a dude who calls himself Great Scott, who's just released his new EP entitled The Grand Conspiracy. Check out his MySpace, where I was pleased to see he draws some influence from Junkie XL, The Crystal Method, BT and Hybrid... kudos to you sir!

There's been a few reviews knocking about on the web point towards a negative backward thinking mind in the shape of leading tracks Defcon and Theorists. However, these tunes have proved hugely refreshing to my ears, I've always welcomed producers who look to the old big-beat scene for inspiration among the ever Electro sounding Nu-Breaks scene at the moment. I personally love The Rogue Element and Plump DJs, but they have of late been guilty of neglecting a scene which they in ways helped to shape.
It's always pleasing to hear those old skool synths beat through the breaks, which what what you get in heaps and bundles on Defcon. Back in the B-Boy heyday what was always appealing to me about The Crystal Method, was their simply uncanny ability at mastering the Clavia Nord and make it outshine the 303, in a way that no one else could possibly attempt to. Theorists for me hints at everything I loved about the old scene, and it takes the best out of people like The Beastie Boys and splashes them with Fatboy's beats, but with the vocalist selection of TCM. This EP is one of the most original releases I've heard this year so far and well worth the price.

You can grab Theorists featuring Raga Nibo below, and if you're diggin' the sound then please head over to beatport and help support the man by purchasing Defcon or the whole EP here... I promise you won't regret it!

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