Monday, 11 May 2009

Bangers & Mash Week 4

For Bangers & Mash this week I thought I'd put together a post to celebrate the release of the new Martyn LP Great Lengths.  Martyn has been one of my favourite producers in that kind of dubstep/techno/impossible to define genre for a while now, and I think this quote pretty much sums up his production style:  "Although it might sound a tad arrogant, I'd like to think of my music as 'Martyn music.' I try not to think of it as dubstep or techno, or house or drum & bass—it's not about genres, it's about music. This way I feel more freedom to make the music I want to make."

So to celebrate the release of Great Lengths (belatedly anyway, it came out in March), Bangers & Mash this week will be dedicated to tracks off Great Lengths.  If you like what you hear, then please buy the album here, it's on Martyn's own 3024 imprint and definitely deserves your support.

Martyn - Brilliant Orange

3 minutes of stupidly epic beatless synths.

Martyn - Right? Star!

An absolutely enormous bassline, this bubbley warm up tune has got to be on my favourites off the album.

Martyn - Far Away

Beginning with a heavily distorted voice reading out Martyn's imprint's name, 3024, and lush synths, this track soon dissolves into  a rolling beat driven track.

Martyn - Vancouver

The first track I heard off the album, Vancouver is an absolute stomper.  The pulsating bassline owes more to minimal and UKG than it does dubstep, and those funky shakers could be taken straight out of a UK Funky track.  A perfect example of why Martyn is so damn good - every track sounds like it's equally influenced by techno, minimal, Detroit techno, dubstep, UK Garage, UK Funky, the list goes on.

Martyn feat dBridge - These Words

Stunning vocals from dBridge - his tale of love and loss fits perfectly with those piano chords and funky beat.

Martyn - Hear Me

This track has enough smokey atmospherics to rival any Burial track, and those sub low frequencies manage to be velvety and dirty simultaneously.

Martyn - krdl-t-grv

A slow builder, but when those synths come in it makes the waiting more than worth it.

If I had more space I would have included so many more tracks - Bridge, Natural Selection, This Is Insanity.  Instead you'll have to buy the album and discover them yourselves.

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