Friday, 29 May 2009

The Bleeps Week #3

This week I've got some real treats for you, and some huge bangers that have been making a lot of noise on the rave circuit of late, partly due to their disgusting sounds, but mainly because they fuck with your head!

Yet to drop on Diplo's Mad Decent label, I heard this a few weeks ago but was a bit undecided on whether it would do justice on a louder system. I was truly proved wrong at the Bugged Out! london party at the weekend, when I heard the tune played at least twice. The only way to describe how this tune feels would be to cover your head in blood and jump into a swimming pool of baby great white sharks. It's one of those sounds that is too disgusting to be real. I bum it!

First premiered on Radio 1 a few months ago, this is another remix that I was undecided on until I heard it on a big system, the first being the same night as the Jack Beats remix above. Its a return to the Crookers I fell in love with in their remixes of The Whip's Trash and Chemical Brothers' Salmon Dance. Purely good bouncing dancefloor fun, which has surely to send the duo to new heights!

Not an entirely new tune, its been around for a few months, but its the power of it when placed with the right tunes that can transform that good set into something special. This edit's more techy synths add to the already minimal feel, which take you on a real sensual Journey.

I may have just pinched this from the Noiseporn dudes, but I really could not resist. It's not typical Noisia as this is a bit more Housey than their previous DnB and Dubstep work, but it's really caught my eye as something oddly melodic, including samples from Justice's D.A.N.C.E.; I can't really say anything more than, what a banger!

Finally after months of waiting we are finally being treated to new Boys Noize material, which has been premiered in his DJ sets over the past couple of months. Starter is due to be released on his label on June 22nd with Jeffer on the B-Side, and the new album is aparently due to follow at the end of the year. I tell you, this tune is fucking unreal! It makes Justice and Daft Punk look like their still in kindergarden.

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