Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday Morning Hangover 5

Morning all... how are the heads?

If it feels like mine... then god bless you... you were smart and you were able to resist the urge to go out and party like a swine, and consume copius amounts of whatever it is that you consume, to assume 'the mode' in order to make it easy for you to 'party'. Alternatively if you ignored the advice of every health expert in the world, and did what I did on thursday night after handing in my last piece of University work for the year and decided it was a good idea to mix beer, cider, red and white wine, tequila and vodka, then also... GOD BLESS YOU!

I wrote this at around 6:30am after staying up all night to begin watching the 6th season of The West Wing that I put off for 9 months after the most ridiculous year of academic study I've ever had began in earnest. I'm just so glad that it's finally over and I can sit back and do something unconstructive (this word doesn't actually exist, but I was struggling to come up with something more 'appropriate' for the situation) without worrying if it's going to effect the size of my weekly collection money from the bank, after reaching the ripe young age of 75.

I decided to post some rather interesting tunes to let you lay back and listen to... some of it isn't even dance music, but I'm really in that strange kind of mood you get after staying up all night... the one where you don't give a fuck and just want to go to sleep, but also the one where you realise there are things to be done... even if it is something you usually enjoy doing.

Anyway, on with the purpose of this post, which of course be the purpose of this entire enterprise... music.

Enya - Orinoco Flow
This song featured on the Irish singer and composer's second album Watermark, which was released in 1988 and reached #5 in the UK. The album went onto sell over 11million copies and amongst other things is my mother's favourite album that she has a tendency to play every Christmas morning. There's also quite a sick mash-up with The Prodigy floating around on the internet as well if you give it a quick search.

Now my knowledge of Classical music is very limited at best, and probably the closest love I have for it reaches to Tubular Bells, so this is kind of an exception. Even though it probably has the best name for a song ever in the history of mankind, it is a rather beautiful piece if I do say so myself.

I believe this is the original single version that was released in 1974 on 7" in the UK, which didn't chart amazingly over here, but it contributed to the album's 15 million album sales worldwide, which won Oldfield a grammy award for composition. It's perhaps one of the most iconic sounds you'll ever hear, which famously took its place as the theme song for 'The Exorcist' in late 1973.
I've also embedded a youtube video at the bottom of a performance of an extended version of Tubular Bells, that I believe looks to have been played from Somerset House, although I'm not sure what year it was.

This tune should be pretty well known to most of you by now, but incase some of you have still to check it out, then I thought I'd post it. Its one of my favourite tunes at the moment for just sitting back and relaxing to. One quote I remember my mate Mark said one time we were listening to it... "I'm not relaxing mate, I'm Faxing", bit cliche-y, but it was funny at the time.

Easily their most recognisable song and definitely my favourite, this is the perfect wind down song and sounds nice when accompanied with a tasty sunday morning bacon sarnie and daddy's sauce!

Hope you enjoy the tunes... and now I've officially finished university, expect a lot more content coming your way... including some very exciting news from Ben!

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