Monday, 14 September 2009

Club Candy

Hey... apologies for the lack of post from myself over the past week... I have one very good reason for this, and a number of slightly interesting, but also very cool ones.

I went back to University last Sunday and found that my new house does not have a BT phoneline, which has meant I've had to go back to Virgin for my internet, and they can't connect it until around next Monday, so I've had no internet. Secondly, because it's been university and all, the first week etc, I've been partying way too much and have been out and about for the last 7 nights out of 8 in a row... excluding yesterday due to the recovery process.

I've had 3 house parties in that process, been out in London twice and DJ'd at Ministry of Sound... holy fuck YES! I was lucky enough to open The Box... :O, for a student night called Kneez Up, which is run by my new employer Rough Hill.

I had such a great time and for just under an hour had the World's Most Powerful Soundsystem as my disposal... :D, I'll upload a piccy of the line-up later in the week... now on with the tunage.

After the recent news that FTL would be turning into a solo-act and Dom Smart had decided to venture into a new solo project of his own, I was intrested to know what would become of their iconic psychedelic enriched breaky-tech sound. Samples of new tracks were uploaded to Funkatech Records' Soundcloud page last week, which have got me all excited, with Bass Association taking the gold.

This reached my inbox this morning via Highbloo himself... an absolute banger. It screams SonicC's Stickin' to me, but the vibe doesn't really smack your face in, but forces you to yell "Holy Shit, I'm MELTING".
The second build is a right stonker also... this deserves a release, top work dude!

More of a minimal disco note here and a superb new take on the legendary Funk Phenonema by dangerDan who's hooked us up with an mp3 here. I love the leads on this remix, and there synthline in the background that vibes through to the foreground at 2:00... top remix!

I don't usually say this about Kissy's edit's, but this is a top top re-work by probably one of the hardest working DJs in the scene. The sheer volume of edits he now must posess on his hard drive is quite literally shocking. I'm talking in the region of probably 10,000. The man is god in my eyes and this edit of the 80s toon is no exception to his high standard.

I got this straight from Kissy's mouth last week from his R1 show... and OMG what a remix. There's a vocal rework before the drops with a female voice ushering the famous "everytime I look into your eyes, I see the future", instead of Tiga's, which really adds to the dynamic layering of sounds in this mix... this will go off!

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