Monday, 28 September 2009

Club Candy

Ok so I've just had an epic weekend... Orbital Live... saw Boys Noize for the first time... met my No. 1 DJ idol Theo 'Fake Blood' Keating... and finally acquired a Macbook... BOOM!
New tunes, new tunes, new tunes... Drop The Basssss!

Heard Steve Angello play this out a couple of weeks ago @ Ministry of Sound and upon enquiring the track ID from him... he was unable to remember the tune and I left a rather stroppy old sod. Then on Saturday I heard Riton play it, and upon following him up, he yelled only four words: "On The Run, Bitch!". A quick search on the hype machine enlightened me with the banger itself... revel in it!

Little bit of a closet monster this one that was upped to Noiseporn recently. Aparently found on someone's facebook page, but now floating in and around the hard drive's of many-a-people I feel. Propa epic bass... reminds me somewhat of 'Say Whoa'. Got to love the vocal work too... sublime!

Propa feel good tune right here and a return to form for Switch, who's been a bit pre occupied selling out as Major Lazer... hats off to him, truly deserves it!
However, I have missed the Switch swagger, and his awesome production. An awesome rolling build into a cheeky silent drop... so unexepected but so good.

Epic Dub here from a man so much in form, not even Skream could out do him currently. Tunes like this move buildings not just dancefloors, and the drum work here is so good it makes my panties all wet.

Found this track courtesy of Hush House... and holy bejesus wept, it is filth. Imagine a situation where Far Too Loud, Plump DJs, Bare Noize and 16-Bit would all be placed in a smoothie maker... this would be the product. A fresh as fresh comes layer of electro-breaks spread over a rolling wobbly bassline that just doesn't stop.

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