Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Urban Update

This is a new kind of post I'll be doing every Friday - as a kind of partner to Lee's Club Candy post. Rather than the more house/techno approach that Club Candy takes, this post will be taking in more of an urban kind of approach - dubstep, bassline, garage, UK Funky, hip hop.

The first track seems to more of a mix of all of these genres than any specific one - Joy Orbison's massively hyped debut single Hyph Mungo is out now to buy on vinyl on Hotflush, and will be on Beatport from Monday for 1 month exclusively.  Quite simply one of the most exciting tunes I've heard all year, Hyph Mungo is composed of pure euphoria.  That moment when the first beat kicks in is simultaneously so unexpected and so right as a contrast to the subtlety of the tracks info that it can't help but produce a smile on your face.  Anyway, nuff words - check this out: Vinyl from here, and youtube clip below.

Back in June this year I posted about an upcoming new Zomby EP - read here.  However I knew disappointingly little about the EP - no name, no actual music.  So I was absolutely over the moon to find the CD in Phonica the other day.  My first vinyl purchase since coming back from the musical wasteland that was my two month's in Greece, I'd had no idea that the EP was out.  A distinct contrast to Zomby's tribute to rave, Where Were U In '92, The One Foot Ahead Of the Other EP is more of a forward thinking EP - shuffling 4x4 riddims slot in between synths that could be straight from a game soundtrack.  Helter Skelter is immediately a standout track for me - each flurry of notes spiralling further and further away from what dubstep once stood for, this has to be another incredibly exciting release for UK urban music.  Another immediate favourite, Polka Dot starts slow and immediately falls into anarchy - this track comes the closest to advancing what Zomby was striving for on '92.

Next up we head into mix territory - one from me showcasing what I reckon to be some of the most exciting new talent in underground urban music (particularly fitting at this point, as I seem to have returned to one of the most exciting times for underground urban music in my memory.)

First up we have a mix from Hyperdub producer Ikonika - her debut 12" Please/Simulacrum remains to this date one of my favourite Hyperdub releases, and never leaves my bag.  This mix showcases a whole load of new songs from her upcoming Hyperdub release, as well as a whole load of fly tunes.  Get right on this:

The-Dream – Fancy 
Burial – Exit Woundz 
??? - ??? 
Joker & Ginz – Stash 
Darkstar – Out of Touch 
Seventeen Evergreen – Ensonique (Bi-Polar Man mix) 
Jordan Knight – give it to you (10 Degrees Below Steelpan vocal) 
Loefah – System 
Benny ill v Dj Hatcha – Poison 
Guido – Cat in the Window 
Untold – Stop What You’re Doing 
Freeland – Do You (Joker remix) 
R1 Ryders – Karnifour rmx
Bok Bok – I Want You 
Trg - Now You Know 
Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl is a Computer (Kyle Hall remix) 
Zomby – Pivot 
Artwork – Red 
Ikonika – Psoriasis 
Zomby – Bump & grind 
Wedge & Shadz – Running Away (Guido remix) 
Ikonika – Millie 
Burial – Unite 
Mala – Learn 
Madd - Reasonz 
Ghostleigh – Dleep off 
Mala – Level 9 
Martyn – Vancouver
Clouds – Napalm 
Zomby – Mush 
Ikonika – Yoshimitshu 
Madd – Starless night 
Joker – Output 1 & 2 
Kode9 & The Spaceape – Time Patrol 
Brackles & Greena – Fursty 
Ikonika – Idiot 
Mickey Pearce – Innami 
Ikonika – Sahara Michael 
Terror Danjah – Sidechain 
Kode9 – 9 Samurai 
??? - ??? (Yes I played it twice) 
Geeneus – Jamhot (Davinche RMX) 
Ikonika – We Could Be Ikons (Remix of Eero Johannes) 
Ikonika - ???

Last (but not least), a mix from me.  This mix is going to showcase the most exciting talent in underground urban music, as well as showcasing a new direction from me in production terms - which is somewhat closer to my listening habits of late (hip hop producers like Paul White, Bullion, Tayreeb, as well as UK Funky producers like Geeneus, Cooly G, Emvee and Julio Bashmore). I'll get right down to business with a quick track by track description, and the actual mix:

Ben White *  Blue Skies All The Way / Living In

Two new hip hop joints from me to kick things off.  Blue Skies All The Way is a dreamy Paul White style ting, vocal samples and lush piano to boot, while Living In is more of a crunky affair all together.  Grab them both from here.

Floating Points * Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub)

Budding scientist tries his hand at production - and happens to create some of the year's finest dancefloor hits.  Cosmic house/ blissed out disco style tunes of the finest order, the live show is especially of interest: Points plays live with a twelve piece band. Not to be missed.  Love Me Like This takes some chunky piano chords, combines them with analog filters, and creates something truly stunning.

Ben White * Waves

This goes hand in hand with another funky tune that comes later in the mix - this is more of a deep affair, with plenty of space.  Get both of them together here.

Silverlink feat. Badness & Jammer * The Message Is Love (Mumdance Remix)

Mumdance's remix of this Soca smash brings a carnival/funky vibe to it - the tropical 8 bar vibe is truly awesome.  No doubt most heads will already know about Mumdance, so in this case I'll let the music speak for itself.

Mount Kimbie * Sketch On Glass

This South London duo combine Mogwai and dubstep, and just about everything else inbetween - their music is highly experimental, and ranges from the more dancefloor friendly offering of Sketch on Glass to largely beatless tracks like Serged.  Micro rhythms and colourful melodies keep the dance progressive and interesting.

Zero 7 * Everything Up (Zizou) (Joker & Ginz Remix)

Enough words have been said about Joker - both on this blog, and many others.  His productions have seen him hail as one of the Purple trinity, and have seen him go from smalltime Bristolian producer to remixer of acts like Basement Jaxx, Example and Zero 7.  This mix absolutely destroys the original, pushing all the layers to 11, before toning it right back down and folding in on itself. Absolute class.  Cop the mix from here (Right click, save as).

Emvee ft Slick Don * Do It The Right Way

Emvee's debut single Glitch Dub was absolutely massive, both in the funky world, and out of it.  Out on Glaswegian label Wireblock, it got massive play from many DJs, including me.  Emvee's followup takes more of a bassline vibe, but still with a classic UK funky beat.  Absolutely class.

Zomby * Polka Dot

Head up to the top of this post to cop the tune, and read more about Zomby.

* Yo Mama (Alex Nut's Deese Nuts Remix)

Head of Eglo records, home to another of my top tips Floating Points, Alex Nuts also hosts a show on Rinse FM.  His shows take in hip-hop, grime, dubstep, house and soul, all impeccably mixed.  His productions offer much the same vibe, so check out his releases, show and his productions!

Dorian Concept * Trilingual Dance Sexperience

Austrian producer returns to Affine Records for his new 12" - arguably his most listenable and dancefloor friendly yet.  Pitch bent treble and fast forward synths make this  a must listen.

Moderat * Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix)

Don't think there's a lot to say about producer as well known as Shackleton - just listen.

Doc Daneeka * Funky Bit

Relatively new producer emerging from legendary Dubstep Forum - already got support from people like Marcus NastyL-VisBok BokBracklesFootlooseJackmaster and TRG to name a few.  Check out the post Curb Crawlers did on him for more info and other tunes, meanwhile cop Funky Bit here (right click, save as).

Zinc feat Aloe Blacc * All Your Bases

Another producer who doesn't need a lot said about him - he's progressed from jungle back in the day, to crack house these days, even running his own label - Bingo Beats.  This tune is a free download to help celebrate Rinse's 15th birthday, and is an absolute banger.

Ben White * Funkstep

More of a 2 step vibe, this funky tune creates plenty of heat in the dance, and you can cop it along with Waves from here.

Fever Ray * Seven (Martyn's Seventh Mix)

Martyn has been one of my favourite producers in that kind of dubstep/techno/impossible to define genre for a while now, and I think this quote pretty much sums up his production style:  "Although it might sound a tad arrogant, I'd like to think of my music as 'Martyn music.' I try not to think of it as dubstep or techno, or house or drum & bass—it's not about genres, it's about music. This way I feel more freedom to make the music I want to make."

Fantastic Fox & Mr Rich Reason * Plimsouls

Part of that Hemlock crew (James Blake etc), Fantastic Fox combines wonky beats with an IDM background and proggy electronica. Comparable to Zomby, Sukh Knight and TRG.

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