Friday, 18 September 2009

Introducing... Highbloo

Oi oi! Morning chaps... got a really special feature for you today on possibly the newest (and in many cases biggest) up and coming electro producer in the world in my opinion. He's scored heaps of praise from the likes of Louis Louis and Data Sapiens, and since then has seen his MySpace views double and I expect them to double again within the next month.

His own productions have really impressed me of late and I expect big things from him in the near future, so any willing promoters and label owners, sign this guy up ASAP!

He's kindly sent us over a bio and a tasty little mix

I'm Luca, I'm 19 and I've been producing electro music since January. I'm also the drummer of a rock band called romano nervoso so basically I've been making music since I was born!!! I live in Belgium in La Louviere and I'am a resident DJ at the only club in my city.
I've got a lot of influences, but the sound pellegrino stuff and its kind of tropical mood these last months has really interested me. I listen a lot of electro music, I think I spend roughly 4 hours a day downloading all the new music that's released... so I'm always looking for some new tunes.
Although, my music is more a mix of all the people I listen to, it's not really tropical music, but it has the same vibe with a touch of aggressive electro. I think to produce music in general u really need to listen to a damn lot of music. When I create music, naturally I'll put some of my influences and vibes in my productions. In my opinion Popof is just the best producer ever, but I'm also influenced by the likes of Crookers, Wolfgang Gartner, Noob, Renaissance Man, Solo, Mowgli, Style of Eye ...
I use Fruityloops to produce my tunes, usually the first think i do when I'm producing is the beat, after that I try to make a pattern with an oscillator that could stick in people's minds and after I just sample voices from old rock band or jazz artists. I love slicing sounds apart, messing them up and making a new sound, it generally works well with anything. I use the fruityloops oscilators, filters, a lot of compressors, slicers, samplers, reverbs, d blue glitch for the delay stuff, gaters and some free vsts. Then in the end I'll find a name for the song.
My main goal at the moment is to find a label to release my tunes on and then tour everywhere in the world, even at everybody's house hehe.

tracklist :

1. style of eye - grounded
2. mumdance & brodinski - eurostarr ( zombie disco squad rmx )
3. yolanda be cool - afro-nuts - (douster rmx)
4. maps - i dream of crystal ( solo rmx )
5. renaissance man - what is guru ( riva starr rmx )
6. kada manja - the very best ( tim green rmx )
7. popof - E-doser
8. autokratz - stay the same ( noob rmx )
9. daniel haaksmann - kid conga (highbloo rmx)
10. sonic C - Stickin'
11. noob & brodinski - peanuts club
12. underground mexer - seductive
13. highbloo - 50 cl
14. fever ray - seven ( crookers rmx )
15. jack beats - U.F.O
16. Sound of stereo - heads up ( the bloody beetroots rmx )
17. wlofgang gartner - fire power
18. sharooz - get off
19. D.I.M & tai - lyposuct

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