Monday, 21 September 2009

Club Candy

Afternoon all... got to be quite brief with this post, as I only have about half hour of internet in the Library at university (as Virgin Media are not installing my internet until Friday this week... 7 days after they said they would!) to get this beautiful selection of music to your ears. In the words of Kissy... "let's do it!"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (dangerDAN Remix)
A great new remix from one of my favourite producers at the moment, dangerDAN. Taking on a really positive vibe similar to the remix I enlightened you with last week of AVH's Funk Phenomenon. It starts off quite dark and chilled, with a rather soothing, rolling bassline that sweeps into the main beat. Karen O's vocals really compliment the excellent percussion work as well and the drop is rather Indian Summer-esc ;)... top effort!

Hostage - I Get High
I simply adore the big bass man Alan, far too much! He is simply a one-man-party sensation in action, and this is his latest track, currently getting much love from none other than the lady of the moment Annie Mac. Conjuring up a whole host of Kite-like renditions, then swooping into a rather tasty wobbly bass lick, I Get High really hits on all kinds of levels for me. The recognition Hostage is getting for this track is very long overdue and very deserved in my opinion.

Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club (Beatau Cue Remix)
Building on the success of their two recent remixes of Pon De Floor, Beatau Cue takes things a stage further with this new mix... feckin' massive! I literally can't wait for the opportunity to play this out... it is making me wet my little blue panties right now! Epic, epic stuff... much better than Renaissance Man's rather tame effort if you ask me.

Miike Snow - Black & Blue (Savage Skulls Remix) Switch's latest singing to his Dubsided venture show their true colours here with a cracking acid'y make-over of the latest single to be lifted from one of my favourite albums of the year.
If anyone makes a bassy, glitchyeryiness-kind-of tune that is as epic as this, this year, then please point it out to me. Jack Beats... cop a load of that!

rackNruin – Skitzo VIP
Currently taking a nice place on the most recent Orange Rockcorps ad, this tune with a tastier new take is making big noises on the club circuit at the moment and rackNruin's other material also has plenty of clout to boot. I'm not the kind of person to give away tracks like this, like some kind of 'blogwayman'. So instead enjoy the tune from the YouTube link above, and head here to buy it and support their work!

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