Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tune Tuesday #5

New tunes for today... get on the download and check out the producers involved. Me and Ben will be playing at Oceana, Brighton tonight for Union... if you're in the area the come down and say Hi... details here. Anyway, to the tunes!

First up is LSMitchell and his awesome new tune Empire, which he kindly sent over today. Inspired by the productions of the likes of Hot City, Harvard Bass and I'm guessing L-Vis 1990's newer material, this new production has definitely hit a sweet spot from me.
With releases on Freek Records and RuNT already in the bag and this new production currently doing it's rounds on the blogs, 2010 looks to be a big year for this Jersey-based protege.

LSMitchell - Empire  by  LSMitchell

Next up is I Killed Kenny and their new remix of Lady GaGa... something not to be attempted with a faint heart or several pints slowly digesting through your bloodstream. But, they've given it a fair crack and in one in one afternoon at college, came up with this little gem. Pass it round, play it loud... cos in truth it's actually quite catchy.

Paparazzi has always been one of the better tracks (lyrically) off of The Fame, so I was quite pleasently surprised to hear a track of such diverse pedigree. I don't know if it was accident, but it's come out having a rather Sound Pellegrino edge, percussion wise anyway, which is never a bad thing and it's right up our street, now get on it.

Paparazzi (I Killed Kenny remix)  by  I Killed Kenny

Finally, last up is something a little bit more pumping from of Sweden's finest new producers Legobeat. Hailing from Stockholm with recent love from Discobelle, this production and DJ duo are making big noises in mainland europe and I foresee a big record deal for them this year. This tune kind of builds on lasts year's great explorations into more tropical and loved up techno, Douster clearly being a force of influence here. Yet there is something dark about their work, and I look forward to what comes of their sound throughout the year. This remix is for a remix competition for Ayoba! itself, I wish them all the best of luck with that quest.

AYOBA! (Legobeat Chop Remix)  by  legobeat

Bonus: Crookers - We Love Animals (Legobeat's 'Goat Horn' Remix)

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